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A Beautiful Gift - Jacqueline Boudreau | Vancouver, BC, Canada PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Some say I have a gift for articulation, some say the gift of insight, with a very dear friend and past love once telling me my gift was the ability to see the best in any situation. Funny how all these gifts were noticed by women. I am on a search for my ‘Hidden Treasure’, a trait not readily apparent or is outwardly a surprise. “Hmmm,” our newest angel says pondering her own hidden treasure. “Well I sometimes have the sense of humor of a man… embarrassing but true.” A laugh escapes as punctuation to her statement. In contrast some say I have a gift with women. Never knew why but I certainly would not be here, rare best male friends excluded, without the women in my life. The is no 'Heaven on Earth' for me without my angels. Bless them all.



So, it should be no surprise that any chance I get to talk about a woman whom I like, I take it. When a photographer named Torquille De Jonge contacted Angels Playpen about featuring a model he knew, I grew nervous. Then I saw her, Jacqueline Boudreau and I fell in love as only I can. No I don’t want to marry her or never would I stalk, I just wanted to talk; talk about her. She comes from a town in which she no longer lives. “I grew up in Fort St. John, BC, currently living in Vancouver.  We have an awesome balance of nature and city,” she says about the city she lives in. “I love camping and beaches in the summer and I’ll attempt to snowboard in the winter.” She says this jokingly with a little laugh before finishing her thought. “And our city is entertaining all the time!” The city she speaks so proudly of is Vancouver, a beautiful coastal seaport city that is often called ‘Hollywood North’ because of its many film production studios.



Jacqueline admits she hasn’t done very much traveling, “but I’d love to go anywhere with hot with pretty beaches.” Cuba she entertains as a possible future destination with its pristine beaches like the Caya Santa Maria. For partying she keeps it local, venturing to a place she loves like a place called Whistler. Wherever she does go, Jacqueline has noticed the somewhat special treatment she receives because of her beauty. “It’s unfortunate really,” she says regretfully, “but physical beauty does get you special treatment from others. Whether it’s in work or if it’s social, people respond to beauty.” Beauty, she personally believes, is internal. “The most beautiful looking person outside can become so ugly to me if they are ugly on the inside.”



She has benefited from her beauty in many ways, even getting the attention of Tina Lovgreen, “a lovely photographer” and model as she describes her. “She saw me on Facebook and asked if I’d do a shoot with her. I did and after that I couldn’t stop,” Jacqueline relays in memory. “I love the camera,” she adds. “The hair and makeup is fun but being in front of a camera is so much fun to me.” Ironically, as a little girl she was shy and reserved, a quiet caterpillar who became a beautiful butterfly. “Modeling brought me out of my shell and made me confident and a lot more outgoing.”  Tina Lovgreen may have given her a start, however it was others who provided the greatest memory. “Shooting with Torquille De Jonge and Carolina Sanchez at the Shangri La [in] downtown Vancouver,” she proclaims. “So much talent and fun in one place.”



“You have to be tough,” she answers when asked about succeeding. “There is a lot of competition out there. The modeling industry is a vicious industry. You have to expect to be rejected and picked apart but never let it discourage you! I am too short and not as thin as an agency would like but I’ve never let it stop me from modeling!” With this in mind, becoming Victoria’s Secret angel would be a dream come true. “Isn’t it every girl’s dream to work with Victoria’s Secret?” Jacqueline asks rhetorically. “I honestly never saw modeling as a career for me. I fell into it, I enjoy it and will do it for as long as I can. If it takes me farther, that would be amazing.”



Being the dreamer she is, Jacqueline admits she easily engages in even the loftiest of topics. “I’m a huge dreamer, so I can go on and on about anything,” she says enthusiastically. We talk a bit about the world around us, its abundant negativity and how to balance it out. “I keep my circle of friends small,” says Jacqueline, “I am all for quality over quantity. Seeing or talking to any one of them always brings me joy.” Whenever she’s home and wants to unwind she heads to her most favored room in her house, the bedroom. “It’s where I go to relax.” After a long day of work, nothing works better than a glass of wine, a nice warm bubble crusted bath and “curling up with someone I love” to ease her nerves.



“Confidence, not cockiness,” she says about what she finds attractive in a guy.  “There is a huge difference.” She also likes a sense of humour in a guy. “What is that quote?” she asks. “If you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything.” Laughing for pause, she adds, “A man that smells good is very attractive too!” Is ok for a man to cry? The question is posed. “Most definitely!” is her spirited answer. “It’s heartbreaking to see a man cry but everyone needs a good cry once in a while right?” Ummm… depends. Ha.



Jacqueline describes herself as a simple girl when it comes to her sense of fashion and style. “I’m a girl that loves t-shirts, jeans and cardigans,” she admits. “Shoes is where I experiment; love shoes!” Surprising because she’s never been into accessories but then again shoes are an essential. As of late, there are a few accessories that have grabbed her attention. “Lately I have been trying them out a little more,” she mentions. “So my favorite accessories are bracelets and scarves because it’s cold out there. I’m loving the faux fur scarves right now.” Even though she loves shopping in general, she confesses to being a “huge fan of H&M.”



Jacqueline may not have physically traveled much but her beauty’s reach extend beyond the borders of Canada. “I am German, French, Irish and Russian,” she says of her cultural makeup and lineage. In Angels Playpen, we place a huge emphasis on a person’s origins especially our angels. We celebrate all that contribute to individual beauty and charm. Each of us, though there will be similarities between us, are unique due to the results of how certain ingredients are combined. Somewhere in each, there is a treasure, hidden from unsearching eyes but evident to only a privileged few. Her gift, I suppose, is her ability to represent parts of the world she has yet to visit, via her DNA. For culture is a gift, a gift of collective views and the comfort traditional values. For us here in Angels Playpen, Jacqueline is nothing short of a beautiful gift. Thanks for being an angel.



Photography: TDJ Photo

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