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Anything is Possible ft. Laura Elisabeth Moro | Shreveport, Louisiana PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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“Right now I am just chilling in my cute little apartment watching CNN about the election,” our current angel says giving a screenshot of her current set of conditions. I picture the blonde, perched, feet up with cute socks, eyes fixed intently on the television screen. I decide to let her introduce herself. “Hi,” she says, “I am Laura Elisabeth Moro and I’m from Shreveport, La.” Her guilty pleasure is ‘red velvet cake’, the only thing I can see missing from this picture.



Growing up, Laura admits she had plenty of fun. “I grew up in the country riding four-wheelers with my three older brothers and having paintball wars and learning to be very tough,” remembers the sexy angel. “Since I was the baby I was sometimes tortured by my older sister by having ice cubes held in my belly button.” A mischievous grin grows on my face like a pleasant rash as I am reminded of the things I used to do to my little sister.  Laughingly she says, “Told you I was tough.”  Her family’s heritage is comprised of German and Bulgarian ancestry. “That’s the reason I have the tattoo on my side in Serbian,” she details, “[it’s] a language they speak in Bulgaria.”



Currently living in her hometown of Shreveport, she regularly ventures to different cities. “My favorite places to travel so far have been New York City, Grand Bahamas, and South Beach Miami. Although I do get to go to LA, Cali next month and Japan in January.” Despite the draw of these other cities, Laura still loves her city. “The best thing about Shreveport is we have tons of casinos which can be very fun but not so fun at times,” she says. “I am a roulette girl myself. I’m always getting lucky at it.”



“My idea of heaven on earth,” details our present angel, “would be living in Hawaii with my one day lover, lying in a hammock, listening to Reggae music and drinking a Bahama Mamma and just enjoying life.” The scene she describes is a perfect picture, one painted with a yearning for peace of mind and a love to last a lifetime. This is all we really want but we have become accustomed to the harshness of reality. This is why Angels Playpen advocates finding one’s heaven on earth, pleasuring oneself like a kind of existential masturbation. “Something that brings me joy daily in this world of negativity,” says our angel, “is how awesome it feels to be independent. Just to know you can do anything you want without depending on anyone else.” Oooh, how orgasmic.  Still, this isn’t simply about ‘self-pleasure’, it is more about love; doing something you truly love with someone you truly love. What could be better? “Don’t get me wrong,” Laura concedes, “I want to meet that special guy that will sweep me off my feet and that would love to take care of me.” And what guy wouldn’t want to take care of his angel?



Laura’s favorite places to shop; if you’re blessed to become that guy to take care of her is Guess and Bebe. “My style,” she says, “I love to mix it up. I love rocking converse shoes and wearing bandanas but I also love to dress up in dresses and heels. I love Bebe dresses.” Accessories, I’ve learned, add personality to any outfit. “Bandanas and designer heels are my favorite things  to wear,” she admits, “not necessarily but you get my point.” Shopping isn’t just a hobby or activity for Laura, it is a sincere point of interest. “One of my favorite topics to talk about is fashion,” she confesses. “I love fashion and could talk about it all the time. I love to shop.” As a model, the opportunity to work with her favorite fashion brands is a bonus. “Some brands I would love to work with include Guess, Dolce & Gabbana and of course Victoria’s Secret.”



Though she is already an angel as evidenced by this interview, there is another kind of angel she longs to become. “I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret model.” Laura seems to know exactly how to get there. “To succeed in the modeling industry one must always strive to better their work and never give up. Network, network, network!” she outlines energetically. “Meet as many people as you can.” When looking to sign up for a contest, Laura needed professional photos which jump-started her career. “It was fun and I just started getting offers for paid jobs and I was like heck yea,” recalls the siren. “It just kind of blew up from there.” More than anything, “the best thing about modeling is getting to travel to other places.” Traveling and meeting new characters excite her as well as learning “new fashion poses.”



“Besides modeling,” Laura talks of her other interests, “I am a student majoring in Speech Pathology and enjoy horseback riding, cooking and just spending time with all my crazy friends. I am also an MMA Ring Girl and enjoy doing commercials.” Memories collect as her career grows. “My most memorable modeling experience was just recently when I did a shoot-video for Mixed Magazine. It was so fun in Orlando and the photographer was just so fun to work with.” Fun aside it’s still work and work can be tiring and mentally draining. “After a hard day of work I like to come home, go for a nice run and drink wine. I love wine,” she says ending with a smiley face.



Passionate about modeling, Laura is also dedicated to receiving her college degree. She will need her brains to get her degree and certainly require her beauty for modeling. Maintaining her beauty is very important; a point she is well aware of. “One of my healthy beauty secrets is always drinking as much water as you can and get plenty of beauty sleep,” she states. “[Also] running and always using facial lotion and cream.” Though she practices healthy habits, there is still an area in her life she would like to improve on. “One thing I would love to improve o is my workout schedule. I am working on a six-pack right now.” Ironically Laura, so am I. “Beauty,” she begins explaining how beauty can be an advantage in the world, “can be determined by many things but as far as being beautiful on the outside as well as the inside… then yes. It will get you almost anywhere you want to go. As long as you have inner beauty as well, your opportunities are endless.”



“My definition of beauty is not only what’s on the outside,” the sexy model wants people to know. “Beauty consists of being a considerate person and always willing to listen to and not judge other people and of course having a sweet outgoing carefree personality.” Laura has learned a lot of life lessons since becoming a model. “I have had a chance to travel all over the world and experience new things,” she says thoughtfully. “I have learned if you really want something, then set your mind to it and get it. Anything is possible.” Sure is, I think to myself as I end this wonderful interview. Thanks for being an angel.