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Olivia Nguyen's Biggest Fears | Columbus, Ohio PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Many of us have fears, fears that we have to conquer or accept. Please excuse the somber tone of the words as they come together, expressing thoughts of mine and those of the angels I interview. My biggest fear is of not living up to my full potential; therefore I am unafraid trying things most wouldn’t. For our current angel, Olivia Nguyen, her biggest fear is of losing those that she loves most. “I’d be a wreck,” she says. I have been losing those closest to me for a very long time which acclimated me to the pain of burying a loved one so early that a fear never developed. Instead, a desire to live life to its fullest festered and fear has become nothing more than a precursor to action.



Deviating from our deepest fears, Olivia tells me what she is most passionate about in life and here we come to common ground. “Love,” she announces earnestly. “I love with everything that I have and even though that makes me vulnerable sometimes, I think it’ll be worth it in the end.” Reminding me of myself, the problem is I am also reminded of how often I fall in love. I fall in love with beauty daily. I regularly find that I have into a slight trance completely engrossed by a beautiful woman, incredible landscape or some far-off wondrous horizon; ahhh… always in search of heaven on earth. Surrounded by family and friends constitutes heaven on earth for the lovely angel. “Nothing beats that feeling of safety,” she says, “happiness and that pain in my side when they make me laugh so hard I’m crying.”



Olivia is from Columbus, Ohio, a city she loves mainly because of some very special reasons. “It’s home,” she says, “where my family and friends are and I think it’d be really hard to leave this city; not because of Columbus but because of the people in it.” She has lived in a few other places but no place is like home. "Even though I've strayed from the city and moved to Louisville,  KY for a little bit and then to Cincinnati, OH," she points out, "I always end up coming home to Columbus and will always rep the capital!" Florida, Chicago and Seattle are Olivia’s top three choice cities to visit when she does leave Columbus to travel. “I love beaches and cities. If I’d been to Cali or New York I’d probably be in love with those places too.” She may be from Columbus but her parents were born and raised in Vietnam. “I am proud to say I’m 100% Vietnamese,” she states. “I was born in America but I can still speak, read and write Vietnamese fluently.”



“I like to stay up to date with trends and the colors that are in,” Olivia says about her fashion sense. “Skinny jeans are my favorite to pair with dressy tops, but I can also be that girl sitting around in yoga pants and a t-shirt most of the time.” Olivia clearly doesn’t know about my infatuation with women’s yoga pants the vision her words project are nothing but heaven to me. “But on the other-hand, she continues, “I wish I didn’t have to do laundry all the time. Like, I kind of wish I could just be naked all the time. But I’m sure some people wouldn’t be too happy with that…” I wish you could too angel. Damn the haters. She shops at Forever 21, “because there’s such a huge variety and I change my style so much that it’s nice to be able to buy a huge amount of clothes instead of one top for like 200 dollars that I’ll probably wear once.”

Frugal yet fashion conscious, a “cold drink” is her true guilty pleasure; whereas music is something she never tires of listening to and talking about. “Music never gets old for me,” she says. “Analyzing songs or just simply enjoying them, I could talk about music forever.” With so much negativity in the world, what brings our angel joy each and every day? “My best friend,” Olivia decides. “She’ll listen to my rants over and over again and no matter what situation we find ourselves in, she always finds a way to make me laugh. Nobody can talk me down like that girl can.” It’s a friendship that balances the one area in her life she’d like to work on. “I wish I wasn’t a pushover,” observes the Vietnamese beauty. “I definitely let myself get taken advantage of sometimes and have a hard time saying no.” Her words mirror feelings of my own, but hey, that same naiveté opens us up to the suggestions of wonder and amazement as well.



Recently I had to say my final goodbyes a close aunt, funerals I avoid as the tears and the pain that comes with them are unavoidable; I’m quite the crybaby. “I think its okay for anyone to cry,” Olivia says of whether men are allowed to cry. “But I also feel he needs to be strong for his loved ones sometimes, anyone does.” I tried. I really did. She likes guys with pretty eyes and great smiles, if he should shed tears from them, an angel like her would be the perfect reason to smile. “Personality wise,” she furthers, “anyone who can make me laugh like an idiot at absolutely nothing has my heart.”



A little girl at heart, “always have and always will be”, Olivia was incredibly shy growing up. “Ooohhh man was I shy,” she says with palpable excitement. “I was that little kid that hid behind my big sisters and smiled at you but could be obnoxiously loud and crazy at home with my family or best friends. After growing out of being the quiet kid I was crazy social though. For the most part, I could get along with any clique and it was easy to make friends which definitely made getting through school easier.” I was pleased to hear her childhood was so much like mine. I rarely share this much in common with one of the angels.

Her metamorphosis into a social butterfly preceded another change as a result of becoming a model.  “I’ve definitely got a thicker skin since modeling and becoming a public figure,” says Olivia. “I am now used to people being judge-y and scolding me about what I do. I can now confidently say, ‘Well it makes me happy and if you don’t accept that then… sucks to suck!’ I used to be worried about what people think but I’m now happier and more confident in my own skin.” The shy little girl who once hid behind her big sister now is a sexy outgoing promotional model. She joined a promotional modeling team after a few friends and fell in love. “It definitely pushed me to pursue modeling and see where it can take me.” She loves “that feeling when you get those pose and your facial expression just right,” she says stretching the word just, “and the photographer says ‘We got it.’” And just where would she ultimately take her modeling? “I want to be internationally published and be able to travel everywhere just shooting and promoting,” she responds.



Olivia’s adorable beauty seems to be the perfect companion to her “thick skin and dedication” which she says is the key to making it in the modeling business. She hopes to one day work with Maxim or FHM, however, being featured as 'Miss COED' has been her most memorable experience so far. “I took a picture of it and screamed in my apartment by myself” she recalls. “I’m sure my neighbors thought I was getting beat or something. But it was the first time that I realized what I’m doing, I’m actually doing right.” Her beauty advantageously advances her everyday living as well. “Sadly beauty is definitely an advantage in this world,” she says, bringing our interview to a close. “I’ve gotten discounts on things or people are nicer to me because of my looks. I also think that's the reason for girls being snobby though. They know they can get their way because they're cute, so I try not to depend on it toooooo much… but it doesn't hurt too sometimes.” We’re sure it doesn't angel. We're sure it doesn't.

Photography: J Scott | Epphects Media