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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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She never leaves home without mascara, lip gloss, money, keys, and perfume. This, to me, signifies her concern with appearance, odor, and access.  The simple joy of being alive makes her a kindred spirit. “[You] never know when it’s your time to go so I live each to its fullest,” Cavel, the Trinidadian beauty living in Bowie, Maryland tells me. Passionate about raising her daughter, family and achieving success, the flip-side of dedication is a developing fear of failure. “Not being there for my daughter and not being successful for her,” are the biggest fears she knows, not surprising given where her passions lie.



“Hmm,” Cavel begins describing her idea of heaven on earth. “Living a peaceful life without any stress,” she completes the thought. Next to heaven on earth, her guilty pleasure in life is watching the Golden Girls. “Kind of weird,” she says, “I can watch for hours. I sometimes stay up till 2 am watching it. No matter how bad my day was after I watch them I go to sleep with a smile on my face.”



As a little lady, she was anything but. “Growing up I was a tomboy,” she says ruminating over her earlier years, “and I played basketball in high school. Barely wore dresses; baggy jeans and big t-shirts were my thing.” Admitting to being very shy and wanting to work on this area of her life, it’s a surprise she got into modeling. “I really have to work on that and learn to speak to others and socialize more.” All the attention that comes with modeling is something she still has to get used to.



“Traveling and meeting different people,” she says is what she loves most about modeling. “I also love that I can be a different person. The person you see in my photos isn’t who you meet in person.” Filling in for a model who’d failed to show up for a catalog photo shoot started her career. “I was in the Marines at the time.” Being a former Marine is her ‘hidden treasure;’ that and the fact that she has a wild fascination with guns. Thinking I’m falling in love, she tells me what she thinks it takes to make it in the modeling industry. “Being patient,” she says, “having a great personality, being humble, understanding, strong and confident. The industry is very hard. You have to take things as they come and not let it get to you. You can’t get upset if you didn’t get picked for something. Everyone has a preference. You may not be what the casting agents or directors are looking for.” Models… Take heed.



Cavel can vividly recall one of her greatest achievements to date. “Being in my first national magazine; I will never forget that feeling, [it] was a great accomplishment for me,” she remembers. “Another great experience was being an extra on ‘The Game.’ [I] will never forget that one.” Modeling is just a starting point for the former marine. “I would love for my career to transition into acting full time,” she muses. “I love modeling but after being on set of ‘The Game’ television series, it made me want it more.” She loves to act so much she has already filmed two short movies and is currently developing a third. Mixing modeling and acting she wants to work with more directors, high-fashion magazines and clothing designers.



From the Island of Trinidad, West Indian with a Venezuelan flare thanks to her mother. “My mom’s side of the family is from Venezuela with everyone else from Trinidad.” The Caribbean beauty, living in Bowie, MD offers that the best thing about living there is the peaceful environment. “There aren’t a lot of kids hanging around making it noisy.” Favorite cities to visit are New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Puerto Rico, with New York being the best place to shop. “[I] can find great things there.” Atlanta and Washington DC tops her list for cities to party in and seek a little fine-dining. “I love to eat so I love that DC has a lot of restaurants.”



“I love shoes,” says our chocolate when angel defining her style. “I think I have close to two hundred pairs. My style is different. I tend to wear opposite of what everyone else is doing and wear pieces that compliment my body. I’m really not into wearing clothes that show too much. Gotta keep it classy.” Your fashion, I believe, is only as good as the accessories that compliment it. “I love watches and rings. If I don’t have on either I feel naked.” She says the way a person carries themselves, their distinct personality and confidence define one’s beauty which I see also influences one’s personal style. The lovely Cavel has come to appreciate all that being beautiful means; both good and bad. “It is an advantage and people abuse it,” she’s decided. “Me personally, I like to work hard for everything. I try not to take advantage of others because of how I look.”



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount in a beauty regime. “I try to drink a lot of water every day,” Cavel says of her healthiest habit. “[I’m] still trying to get a good workout routine. I also stay away from sodas and too much red meat.” A girl as beautiful as she surely has to deal with the advances of men; It’s his “confidence, smile, smell and hygiene” that’s most attractive about him she says. I asked her, being the sensitive yet secure man I am if she felt it was okay for a man to cry. “Yes,” she replies. “As long as he isn’t whining. Big difference!!”



After a hard day of work,” says Cavel, “I take a nap to relax me. Sometimes it turns into a full night of sleep.” Hopefully, on these nights she isn’t kept up by reruns of The Golden Girls. It comes as no surprise when she tells me her bedroom is one of her favorite rooms in her house. That and her kitchen; “Both for obvious reasons,” she says. Happy to have her as an angel and being nothing short of herself, we leave this at knowing what it is about her that makes her… her. “My personality and my drive,” she answers thoughtfully. “I am not like other models.”



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