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Welcoming Beauty & Great Company Ft. Yelinice | Raliegh, N. Carolina PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Not all angels are created equal. Each is endowed with unique special gifts, which allow them to have a desired effect on a specific set of circumstances or person. From what I've gathered, Yelinice’s gift is of inclusion. Somehow her beauty is inviting as opposed to causing one to stop and stare, the usual corollary. Her energy is complementary, her willingness to accommodate, offering herself to probing so her admirers can learn about her makes her almost irresistible. “I’m down to earth and don’t have very many haters,” she says honestly. So it’s not just her amazing looks and that impossible figure that invites us in; it’s… her.



As beautiful as she is, the best compliment she remembers receiving is that she’s “cool as fuck.” This has to be further proof that her beauty lies in her character, though those eyes are worthy contenders. Beauty, by her definition, requires a good heart and taking care of oneself. Yelinice’s sex appeal is all natural, a blessing requiring little maintenance but a blessing that can be problematic. It is said that beauty gives unfair advantage to certain individuals. “Sometimes it can be helpful,” she says, “at other times it can actually be a bad thing.” For our angel, being beautiful, being successful and the accompanying money that usually follows equal heaven on earth.



At the age of nineteen, though she may not, I do regret she was unable to describe an unforgettable moment of love. “[I] haven’t experienced anything super amazing yet,” she accepts. Well I don’t accept this. True love, in any of its many forms should be experienced by all. And I’m not talking the run-of-the mill, commonplace love, it’s like she said… anything “super amazing;” where time is suspended, your thoughts are aligned with your heart and nothing else matters. Compliment her sincerely and you may make her blush, however you have a lot of work if you’re looking to have her fall head-over-heels in love with you.



Yelinice is well aware of that some men are intimidated by just how sexy she is. Lucky for the gentlemen she sees and likes and happens to be single, it’s clear she doesn’t have a problem making the first move. “I smile and wait for a reaction,” Yelinice describes how she would get their attention. “If it’s positive, I’ll either wave them over or walk up to them.” Being confident, speaking in a sexy “low voice almost to a whisper” and throw in a sexy outfit, smoky eyes and a tantalizing fragrance all create the perfect recipe for seduction. “Fast cars” and “chocolate” are certified turn-ons while “lazy slobs” and “ignorance” simply make her stomach turn.



Italian and Puerto Rican, Yelinice is originally from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, also known as ‘The Diamond of the North’ given its location on the island. Today she lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, a small city where, she says, the majority of people are “nice.”  Prior to adulthood, she was “super smart” and didn’t deal with too many others. “I was the emo girl,” recalls the former outcast. I’ve heard bands look back to their emo phase with distaste, but not Yelinice. “I regret nothing,” she admits.



Today she is a breathtaking model, having left behind the emo phase and embraced a more contemporary version of herself; she insists much hasn’t changed except her popularity. Influence by her mother, modeling came as a desire to prove herself, a need to break free of previous inhibitions and become the woman we see now. To achieve this, time was sacrificed and motivation was found in her solemn quest. “People can be really fake,” she says telling me what experience in this industry has taught her, “…and to properly sort out true friends from the rest.” Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and La Perla are three brands she looks forward to working with. Using her curvy frame and gorgeous eyes when working as a model is expected but it turns out Yelinice likes to work with her hands as well. “I love to learn about cars and work on them,” she divulges. She also has an interest in photography, looking to lend her talents behind as well as in front of the camera.



Each blessed morning, while thoughts of a wonderful hot shower dominate her pretty mind; the girl who wished she’d invented “Facebook” awakes to her destiny. Her down-to-earth personality is appreciated by all that admire her, a comforting thought to wake to I imagine. If it’s a day to be spent home alone, whereas I would eventually sit down to watch some dark and twisted film, Yelinice is more likely to watch a comedy film or Family Guy if there is nothing else on the television. Family Guy makes her laugh every time.



She is the cool girl I like to hang with, not too serious but far from goofy. She says her favorite party is Miami, her favorite place to dine is in Italy and “Paris has the best places to shop.” Seems like an international itinerary would be ideal. After a particularly long stretch of work and stress, Brazil she says is perfect for getting away. Hating to see kids suffer, Yelinice has just one wish for the world; “Families only have kids they can actually take care of.” She has a childlike puppy, a relentless tongue-wielding pooch that is both pain and pleasure. “[I] Love her but her licking is annoying.” Funny.



Yelinice describes herself as ambitious, fun-loving and kind; being nice and caring for others are more admirable qualities. A magnetism persists about her, perhaps attributed to her being a Scorpio. “Everything about Scorpio describes me,” she says. This could help explain her inviting persona. Drawn in, I find myself seeing her as a dear friend someday. I like her. She is the gift of welcoming beauty and great company, my favorite combination. All I would have to do is gift her with items to fuel her hobby, working on cars, to keep her happy. If I make her seriously mad for any reason an auto related gift will only do. “If it could be anything a car,” she directs, “but more realistically something to add to my car.” Mentally noted. Thanks for being an angel.




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