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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Change is good some say. I guess it all depends on what you want. For Puerto Rican Bronx resident Jolie Dacosta, the changes that came with her decision to model were both good and bad. "My life has changed," she says. "I'm always busy, my popularity went from 0 to 100 real quick." Somehow her words play out in my head in Drake's voice. "I also lost a few friends and gained a few haters."



It's largely the choices we make that determine how our life will unfold. It was the choice of joining a friend on a photo shoot and loving the experience so much it changed her life. "My first fashion shoot," she recalls as if it were yesterday, "from the makeup to wardrobe was amazing." She admits that her favorite subjects to talk about all day happen to all be related to the choice she made to model. "Makeup, clothes and photo shoots." The art of beautification and makeup artistry finds a place among her passions, sitting prominently atop them all.



She knows she is beyond attractive, affirming her style to be "flashy" and ultimately accepts the special treatment that comes with it. "It feels good every time," she says pointedly. As flashy as she confesses to be, if at all possible, Jolie would love to do away with the world's poverty. Maybe one day when she is successful and has made a great company out of the makeup she one day wants to create, she can address the issue of impoverished people. "Life in paradise with no worries," our angel says imagining heaven on earth.



The best part to modeling, Jolie says is the "Dressing Up." Beyond the sexy outfits and pretty makeup, plans are in play, goals have been set. Ultimately, a modeling school bearing the Bronx beauty's name that offers classes aspiring models would be the final achievement.



A spontaneous girl; ending up at a club in Atlantic City is not unfathomable. It could happen. In fact it has happened. Spending a day shopping in Jamaica, an island she would like to visit, is a trip she would gladly take in a second just to visit the beaches.  Nevertheless, Jolie loves the city she lives in. "It's always something to do," she says. When it comes to enjoying the night out with friends or solo, Manhattan is where she likes to go; Upper Manhattan specifically.




"No Hidden Treasures," Jolie says, "but definitely hidden pleasures." She confesses that she secretly loves chocolate, it's her guilty pleasure and somehow I know this will make a lot of guys happy. She has come to understand the demands of beauty and it's definition. "It's not only physical beauty," she says, "but also internal."



When it comes to men, Jolie love a gentleman and absolutely despises the asshole. A humble girl with a big personality, her humility is found in the one thing that consistently brings her joy in this crazy world. "Seeing my daughter happy and not needing anything," she asserts. Amen.



Photography By: Desi Adorn