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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Another restless night. Uncontrolled thoughts alert me to unforeseeable concerns; good spirits do nothing to curtail these passionate thoughts that could easily double as paranoia. Across my flatscreen, talks of love, ideas about devotion and the temptations of perceived evil play out through the telling of true life stories. The effects of career choices, the joys of life and one’s life passion also find airtime during an episode of House of Lies. Of course this gets my already overactive mind entertaining the very same topics. Thankfully I have a South Australian angel and the 2015 Miss Galaxy Australia here to indulge me a bit.



Our angel is Colleen Boyle, of English and Irish heritage living in Adelaide. “Adelaide is such a small city, which makes it easy to get around,” Colleen says of the city in which she lives. She says the lack of traffic congestion helps give Adelaide a “homely feel.” A former tomboy, oversized earrings hint at a more ‘girlie’ element. “I love making a statement with my earrings,” she says pointedly. “I love high-waisted skirts and heels but around the house I love wearing my bikini,” Colleens adds about her fashion sense. And she simply never leaves home without her phone, wallet, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, water bottle and lip gloss.



Colleen admits she has always wanted to model which doesn’t surprise me. “I have always looked up to Elle McPherson and Miranda Kerr,” she recalls her younger years, “they are truly inspirational, showing that there is no limit to what one can achieve.” Meeting new people, making new friends have become her favorite part of modeling. Modeling is more than a goal; it inspires Colleen to be the healthiest she can be ands to stay fit. Victoria’s Secret, a staple in the female repertoire, is for whom she’d gladly employ her wiles and wear. “Isn’t that every girl’s dream?”



Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only brand Colleen specifically points out as desired employers, “I would love to work with a swimsuit company,” she says. “My favorite being the Australian brand ‘Veve’, also the American brand ‘Beach Bunny’.” Figuring out how to reach the ultimate goal of exhausting every opportunity, exercising every perk, traversing every corner of the world, taking her career as far as she possibly can; Colleen has done so already. “It takes commitment, passion and a great support group to succeed in the modeling industry.” But first it started by dreaming big. To date her greatest memory was when I was crowned 2012 Miss Australian Swimsuit model of the year award. “I was so thrilled, I couldn’t believe it.” She looks forward to representing Australia in the Bahamas once again this year.



“After a hard day of work,” explains the Australian beauty, “I love a nice long bubble bath and I love having my hair played with!” Once modeling ends, Colleen is every bit the angel she looks to be. “I’m passionate about being happy and helping others,” she says. “My ‘Hidden Treasure’ would have to be the charity work I have been recently undertaking. Raising money for Make-A-Wish Foundation has been the start of my personal growth.” Between the modeling and charity work, her interests in being healthy and learning about food and how they affect the body, she admits she’d like to improve on her time management skills. Since becoming a model, life has gotten incredibly busy. Then she still has to find time to bake up something delicious in her beloved kitchen. “I love creating things.”



Though she proudly represents South Australia, Colleen has a soft spot for a far off land. “I live in North America for a year and absolutely loved it.” A return is inevitable and the building excitement can barely be contain, anticipation being the instigator it is. “Heaven on Earth is being somewhere tropical with the people I love,” confesses our angel. The more she tells of herself the more beautiful she seems to become. “My definition of beauty is someone who is comfortable with who they are and who cares for not only themselves,” she defines beauty using her own words. “Beauty is shown in so many ways.” Does she see an advantage to being visibly beautiful? “I think beauty can be seen as an advantage at sometimes and I can say I have had my fair share of special treatment over the years,” she voices her observations, “however it can be a disadvantage as people relate beauty to someone who is materialistic and shallow and that is not a fair judgment!”



Colleen’s guilty pleasure is liquorice. “I love the meter rolls of licorice you can buy,” she says buoyantly. “The problem is I can’t stop.” We all have indulgences we find hard to resist. Mine is beauty. I’m obsessed by it. I find it everywhere. It brings joy when ugliness seems insurmountable. Colleen has a puppy that brings the same joy to combat the world’s negativity. She can talk about food and fitness ostensibly for hours on end, a trade we both share. “I love talking to people and finding out new things,” she says, “I love hearing other people’s views.” Her healthiest habit is drinking lots of water. “Keeping hydrated does so much not only for your body but for your skin and mind.”



It was such a pleasure being blessed by such an angel. The beauty who dares to dream big and hunt them down with calculated ambition. Tattoo free, Toronto, Canada loving, Goldcoast, Australia enthusiast, Colleen Boyle, though presently taken is every man’s dream; the perfect girl to accompany one on life’s journey, as we navigate our own emotions and ideals. She is charitable and sweet, thoughtful and adorable and we are happy to have her as an angel. She has one major fear that we hope she never has to endure, and that is the fear of being “unhappy”. And with that said I bring this interview to a close, wish nothing more than heaven for an angel.