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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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The night ended well. She had managed to get me to finally admit I liked her. Now what? As my green tea, steeped accordingly, sits adjacent to me and directly next to my laptop, I run over the events that led to this point of contemplation. I was in love. There was no denying it. At some juncture she turned to me and simply asked, ‘Why do you like me?’ and for one of those rare occasions I was speechless. My reasons defied words. I just knew it all starts with the way she makes me feel.



Reasons for liking a woman vary but usually are contingent on circumstance and desire. As we delve into the life of Brittany, I’m sure we’ll discover more than a few reasons to like her. The half-Italian, half-German playful angel is indeed likeable. “Guys always tell me they love my legs,” she says addressing the topic. “Girls love my hair and the fact I can keep a conversation even thought people say I look like a dumb blond.” Well it’s obvious she isn’t stupid. Something I personally love.


“When I tell people I live in Tennessee they automatically assume I have a southern accent which is not true,” Brittany confesses. She now lives in Nashville but Brittany will “Always be a Jersey girl at heart!” But Nashville isnt all bad. “I love the nightlife,” she says. “Even on weekdays there’s always a party downtown!” Who doesn’t like a girl that knows how to have a good time. “I love NYC and Miami,” adds Brittany. “I would love to go to Vegas to party this year.”



When I was asked why I like the girl that currently holds my fancy, yes I was momentarily speechless but when vocal chords relaxed I muttered “I like being with you.” This wasn’t received as well as I’d hoped however a girl like Brittany would have adored this compliment. “I prefer someone compliment something other than my looks so when someone told me I’m fun to be around and make them laugh,” she says, “it was the best compliment.”

Brittany moved to Nashville five years ago and started a love affair with modeling. “I look up to Heidi Klum because I always thought you had to be tall to be a model but she’s only 5’7 and me being 5’6 knew I would have a chance.” After meeting a few photographers Brittany began submitting her photos and entering contests. Not long till she found herself winning quite often thus launching her modeling career. Brittany isn’t like all the other girls looking to make it as a model. “I think what puts me a little higher than the rest is that a lot of models are stuck up,” she tells me. “But I’m really friendly; the life of the party.” She hopes to one day work with such notable companies as “FHM, MAXIM, Victoria Secret and of course Sports Illustrated!”




What guy doesn’t want a model for a girlfriend? The girl I sat with earlier this evening is an aspiring model, so maybe that’s one of the reasons I like her. “The guys I date are excited to be dating a model,” admits the blonde brickhouse. However having a model as a girlfriend is anything but typical. “I have noticed it’s a lot harder to date because some guys just want a normal girl.” Maybe I should take the hint. When out on a date, “I’ve had a guy spill their drink on me,” says an excited Brittany recounting her worse date then continues, “If the guy is talking about sex to much or a messy eater I think that would be awkward.”

There are plenty awkward moments to be had when a guy really likes a girl. Even I, as confident as I am, tend to loose my cool when in the company of a girl I see as more than a fling. Since becoming a model, Brittany has noticed this. “I have a noticed a lot more guys are shy around me… maybe they don’t know what to say.” It wasn’t always this way growing up. “ I was always really shy,” she says, the memory clear for her. “I don’t think I ever talked to anyone until 12th grade!” These days, “I get recognized a lot people always want me to host their parties.”



Looking at her photos, it’s her frame that holds the picture. “I work out to stay toned,” says, “but I won’t if I stop for awhile I won’t get fat.” See another reason to like her. I like her so much I hope we become close friends, a gift never too far away. “Ummm…,” she begins pondering her gift selection. “If you’re rich I would say a car,” she says, “or you could give me a new outfit!” The idea of dressing her up is appealing.

As a Virgo, Brittany admits to being “really picky, outgoing and a perfectionist.” The one thing she can’t live without is her Camaro and if I could send her anywhere she’d choose “Hawaii or Mexico.” Her heart shows when she imagines a world with “no more homeless animals and for all the owners of abused animals be put in jail for life.” Brittany further details her sentiments. “If you can’t play with them, walk them or at least show some affection and not leave them tied to a tree their whole life then you should give them away to someone who will care for them.”


I’m sure there are plenty reasons to like Brittany, a girl with a love/hate relationship with chocolate; last genuinely laughed while watching Ben Stiller’s Little Fockers and has her own idea of what equals beauty. “I believe beauty should be inside and out,” she points out. “So I would say to look healthy, happy and have a nice personality.” As for this angel’s ‘Hidden Treasures’ she confesses “I don’t know how to whistle but I can use my tongue in unimagineable places.” Interesting. AP | HTM.