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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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“Is it sunny today?” the question initiates her day. An angel has awakened and heaven has become reality to some blessed soul. “I think an angel is a girl that is beautiful inside and out,” says Australian glamour model Mely Lee. Looking forward to discovering what beauty exists within our current angel, I absorb the essence of her words. “I’m really into spirituality,” she says stoking my interest. “I love Reiki, meditation and pottery.” This is only a preview. A broader view of who she is lay just a few questions away.


"I am studying to become a yoga and meditation teacher,” she tells me. I am most impressed by this declaration. More so when she expresses her wish to also become a holistic counselor. Mely loves to cook, swim and dabble in arts and craft. Something most wouldn’t believe about her is… “I have never bleached my hair and I have quite a large freckle on my booty.” I look for evidence of this freckle in her photos and fail.



Intimidated by her line of work, work that requires exposing her bare essentials and posing provocatively before flashing cameras; Mely Lee causes men to get a bit self-conscious in her presence. Shame. She is blessed to be naturally sexy, no need for a heavy workout regime. “I do yoga every now and then,” she says. Mely’s chosen profession intimidates men so much, it’s difficult to maintain a real relationship. “Not many men like having a girlfriend that is a nude glamour model.” I wouldn’t care about her proclivity for nudity; loyalty is all I’m concerned with. When it comes to loyalty, Meyle admits that her commitment, unshakeable as it should be, lies with her family and career.


“On my father’s side,” she says of her family heritage, “my grandfather is English my grandmother's heritage is Spanish and Irish. On my mother’s side, my grandfathers’ family is from Scotland and my grandmothers’ family is Polish.”



Fan mail has become much more of a concern these days signifying the change since choosing to model. She writes back to her fans, fans I’m sure will follow their favorite sex symbol wherever she may go. Whether working for Playboy, Hustler, Mayfair UK, Georgio Armani or some popular bikini company, her fans will support her. She won’t dance around what motives her. “Money motivates me to work; work motivates me to look good.” Whatever the motivation, I’m simply overjoyed to have her as an angel. “I saw an ad in the newspaper when I was twenty years old for a photographer wanting to update his portfolio,” she says of her start. “I did the shoot with my girlfriend. It was so much fun; I wanted to keep doing photo shoots.  Now I won’t stop till I reach the top.”



“I was born in Melbourne VIC, I grew up in NSW,” she tells me of where she’s from, “now I live in Brisbane, QLD, and this is the place I represent.” Her city she adores because, “I love the beaches, the hinterland and it has some great places to go out at night.” She was a very active little angel having grown up in the ‘bush.’ “I was a bit of a rebel,” she says, “got into trouble a fair bit and didn’t go to school as often as I should have.”


Mely has been fortunate enough to travel beyond her city borders enjoying shopping, her favorite foods and discovering new treats. “Thailand was a great place to party, shop and eat!” says the girl who absolutely loves to eat everything from fine dining to market stall food. “I love Thai food. I love Melbourne in Australia for shopping and European food. Lygon Street is great, I love the atmosphere. Queensland is great for steak and seafood.” Anywhere like “Fiji and Hawaii” where it’s “warm and tropical” would be the ideal place to unwind.




“Lying under a tree naked with a sexy man, eating fruit and drinking wine next to a crystal clear river,” says Mely describing her heaven on earth. The moment can only be made better, made into an unforgettable moment of love “When a man tenderly kisses me from my toes to my face,” she confesses and I find myself wanting to grant her wish. Drinking wine naked near clear water, being kissed ever so gently everywhere imaginable can only be ruined “When you drink too much and act a fool,” she says. If you’re looking to seduce a seductress you must remember a few things she says. “Confidence, charm and wit,” is the secret to an effective seduction. Late-night urges can make for an interesting time when one of you is asleep. No problem for Meyle though. She sees no reason not to take full advantage. “I like it because I feel in control.”



Quite the adventurous angel, I like her. Mely is the type of girl that can turn an ordinary weekend into a ‘great adventure’ which suits me just fine. She admits she like guys who are a bit wild, this could work in my favor for once think to myself with an internal smile. I would also have to be caring and compassionate which I am, just not all the time. It’s the times when I’m consumed by something that become a strain on any relation I’m in. I get a tad neglectful. Should she and I become close and my actions upset her, I would want to do whatever it took for her to forgive me. “A hug, an apology and jewelry is always a winner,” she valiantly proclaims. All three seems the appropriate response.


A little wild, caring and compassionate is the just the beginning of the equation, a guy needs to be understanding, funny, adventurous, spiritual and a great conversationalist. Before any of this can be learned about a guy, Meyle is first attracted to a guy’s smile and his hopefully bright eyes. “I love sparkly, friendly eyes,” she confesses. “Turnoffs are aggressive men, disrespect, stupidity, cockiness, immaturity and I don’t really like the hairy type.”




Down to earth, open and friendly, Meyle find both sexes like this about her.  I asked her to choose three words that best describe her; she chose five. “Cheeky, crazy, unpredictable, indecisive, adventurous.” She prefers her time spent drama-free, drama can bring the ugly out of anyone. “Beauty comes from within,” she reminds me, “a beautiful person is happy friendly and compassionate. It is nice to be important but more important to be nice.” I like when she says this. It’s cute. In fact this statement is so close to her heart it appears to be what she wishes the whole world would undertake. “I would love to see the world become more compassionate and less judgmental.”



“I am a Gemini, I love to meet people, I am witty, cheerful and flirty, curious and restless,” she tells me about herself. “Yes, I do have multiple personalities, which can make me indecisive and interested in many different things.” I consider the implication of her words, their combined meaning showing me what makes her different. Surprise to me how she feels about being any different from other models. “I don’t like to think I am separate I feel all beings are one.” Her words were more serious than I’d expected however I appreciated her honesty.



Laughter comes easy for the angel; her friends and family are the main sources of her spontaneous elation. She calls them hilarious. “My daughter makes me laugh every day. If I, for some reason can’t make her laugh, I would love to make her blush with a compliment. “I am a truly beautiful person inside and out,” she recites the compliment I should repeat to make her blush.  It pales in comparison to the greatest compliment she’s yet to receive. Someone once told Mely that she has a ‘big heart’ and her smile would take a long way.



Music for most of us set the tone of any particular instant, even going so far as characterizing it. “Ministry of sound makes me want to go out and party. I love all types of music from blues to rock and roll. It just depends on what type of fun I want to have.” Friday evening, pre-gaming before a night out, I can see Mely Lee dancing around in something skimpy and incredibly sexy listening to Ministry of Sound. She knows this is her sexiest time when compared to a Sunday afternoon where she’s dressed down but still sexy in a large tee. “Sunday morning I am usually very tired,” she says truthfully. “I have never really liked Sundays. There are people everywhere. A lot of shops are shut and there are lots of people about. Friday night is a lot sexier!”



I feel blessed having learnt all that I have about Mely Lee. Maybe one day we can be friends and I can tell her about me and my much storied past. Not everyone believes a true friendship can exist between a man and a woman. “Not really a pure friendship,” she says, unwittingly in agreement with so many before her. “I think girls like to have guys as friends but I find that the guy still wants something more, even if it is just one off sex.” Think that’s what they call friends with benefits. Ha.


Photography: Danial Gowans | Julian Z | Fashion Grafix | Stan B | Rod Talbot

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