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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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It was a Starbucks I hadn't visited in some time. Her name I believe is Mary but I distinctly recall singing 'Maria Maria in her honor.' I remembered each day would start with ‘Good Morning America’, her coworker’s name. I would chat with her when I should be working and she as well. Today after having not seen her in awhile, she somehow looked… refreshed. And so I told her she looked great. She replied it’s good to get a compliment every now and then. Giving the compliment felt just as good I imagine as it was for her receiving it. As I now sit in front of my laptop, steaming cup of Zen green tea to my right, our brief exchange holds me. Compliments carry a certain indelible weight for all parties involved. It feels good to give and equally felt to receive.  I throw them out as ice-breakers and often am compelled to compliment at the mere sight of beauty. Like now for instance…. Meet Rachelle Ryerson.



Before me is Rachelle Ryerson, a beauty and angel from Las Vegas, whose desirable looks invite compliments I imagine to be outlandish and surprising at times. “Recently a woman told me that I looked like Daryl Hannah,” she tells me and I instantly see why. On the other-hand, I see Rachelle clearly. With playful eyes, she looks sumptuous; her images provocative in every way. She describes herself as “Sincere, confident and charismatic.” The confidence is evident. As this interview proceeds I’m sure her charisma will show itself more so and her sincerity would have to be learned through experience.




Rachelle deserves a compliment when it comes to doing what’s right in your heart and holding true even when the decision is germane to your career and livelihood. “I would like to work with any company that stands up against animal cruelty,” Rachelle remarks. “I would like to become an animal rights activist.” When she says this I am impressed with the sexy model influenced by none other than Marilyn Monroe. She has sacrificed quite a bit to achieve her goals. “I cut animal products out of my diet, she says. “I stopped wearing fur and leather jackets. I did this because every person counts and that’s one less fur coat that sells in stores.”




After receiving tons of compliments and people suggesting she model those heavenly hips, motivation materialized and she decided to try. Now she is motivated by herself. “I see myself as my own competition,” she says, “I like to do better than I did before.”  Unlike many models, Rachelle enjoys the pleasures of trying something new with her look from time to time. “I like to experiment in different hair colors and styles. I like variety.” In this case she’ll love Angels Playpen. For us there is no beauty without variety. For us ‘heaven on earth’ is beauty in abundant diversity.



Coming from Las Vegas, “The ‘Live Entertainment’ capital of the world” she says, Rachelle was the kind of little girl who wanted to look older than she was; she started wearing makeup very young. She could be found frolicking on the beaches of Florida in a bikini. “My grandparents lived in Orlando.” Obviously nothing has changed since becoming a model. “I am still the same person that I always was,” she admits. She turned down any thought of a free getaway on me; I’d honestly wanted to know the place she’d choose. "I don’t think I could accept,” she answers and for a minute I am stunned. Then I smiled. No female would ever turn down a free trip to any place of her choosing. Or so I’d thought. Nonetheless she did tell me her favorite cities to party, shop and dine are Malibu, Key West and Las Vegas and ‘heaven on earth’ for her is anywhere “warm and stress free.” Feeling as though I’d made some sort of indecent proposal, I learn Rachelle does believe a genuine friendship between a man and a woman can exist. Continuing to show her obdurate mind set, she tells me no gift could buy her forgiveness should we become close friends and I made her upset. I must simply and earnestly apologize. I actually appreciate her stance on sincerity; it’s now evident why she described herself as sincere.



Rachelle Ryerson also goes by Rachelle Cherie. Cherie is French for ‘darling’, her mother is French and her father is Armenian which explains her slightly exotic beauty. She doesn’t have to work out to achieve her curvy frame, it comes natural. “Happiness and health are most important,” Rachelle says defining beauty. “Then natural beauty. The type that can roll out of bed and look fabulous.” She has yet to notice if guys are ever intimidated by how sexy she is. The epic debate of when a lady is sexiest, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized, is addressed. Rachelle energetically declares Friday night the winner. “I would hope so if I took the time to get ready,” she asserts. As beautiful as she is she can easily be made to blush with continuous compliments. I find this adorable.



Equipped with everything a temptress needs to attract and seduce, Rachelle states the key to a good seduction as a really nice bottle of champagne by candle light and well prepared meal. The things that turn her on are “cool cars, exotic locations and sense of humor.” She loathes rudeness, crude language and constant complaining. Upon introduction, it’s a man’s eyes, their very color that catches her attention first. Sad for so many of us, she is married. Her husband provided her with an unforgettable moment of love. “The first time I met my husband I couldn't stop kissing him.” Though she is unavailable, a friendship is always possible right? Isn’t that what she said? Ha.



A Cancer, Rachelle says being intuitive with a nurturing personality fits her perfectly. It’s her ‘nurturing’ personality that the men and women she meets admire most in her. She is very dedicated to her vegan lifestyle and religion, also very admirable. There is something Rachelle would love to see happen in this world; “That there can be a solution to help all of the homeless people get off of the streets.” At this, I find myself liking her all the more. I want to pay her one last compliment. I think it wonderful that she cares so much for what happens around her. From animals to the homeless, Rachelle seems to have a special place in her heart for the weak and defenseless. And because of this she will always have a special place here in Angels Playpen. Love Life. Live Love.


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