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Angels - Interviews
Written by Bless Bey   
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As I take these trips to unchartered neighborhoods, visit new venues, exploring the arts in cities far from home, Hidden Treasures abound and I am in Angels Playpen. A place where there is much to discover about yourself, your surrounding and what it means to be a part of it all. To me it’s all a blessing… even the times lost to hurt only to be found in a better state. I learned to embrace the pain, how else could I truly appreciate the pleasure. And oh how I enjoy pleasuring myself. Ummm… not quite what I meant but I’m sure you get my intent.



I now ride the train, my trip purposely clandestine as to keep my current location top secret… my laptop sits atop my lap and I am joined in thought today by an angel from San Diego, California. Cathy Ma is a treasure I discovered while roving the internet undoubtedly on one of my excursions. She looks sweet in her photos; her conservative efforts do nothing to hide her sexiness, at least not from a pair of trained eyes.  “Actually, guys hardly approach me. I think my look is pretty average,” she says with a laugh explaining guys’ reaction to her looks. Her definition of beauty reflects her good girl disposition. “A great heart and personality,” she says. “As well as the looks you have on the outside.”


Since she doesn’t seem to believe men find her particularly sexy, what does she think they like about her? “My honesty, my determined nature and the fact that I don’t act like someone I’m not,” she answers. Respect is all but warranted at this point. “Exercise and eating right is the key to a great and sexy body,” she admits, describing her sense of self-conservation. If you manage to get this angel on a date she quickly points out, “[if] the chemistry isn’t there or if it feels awkward,” then the date is officially the worse.



Becoming a model signified a great change from the “dorky, nerdy girly-girl” she was growing up. “My confidence and self-esteem,” she says, “becoming a model has definitely made me more self-conscious of what I intake, keeping my skin nice and healthy, how I dress when I go out and getting plenty of exercise.” A smart girl she certainly is… brains are as welcome as beauty in Angels Playpen. Her idea of what’s makes an angel doesn’t differ much from her definition of beauty. “A person that has a kind heart, honest and doesn’t take anything for granted.”


A simple girl with simple wishes; Heaven on Earth for Cathy is something as simple as “to meet Taylor Swift and have a chat with her.” Unforgettable moments of love she admits are “spending holidays with family.” She has always wanted to go to Hawaii so I’m thinking one day I’d love to be the one to send her just to see her smile. “I laugh a lot,” she confesses her propensity for genuine laughter. No gray area when it comes to love and hate. There is nothing she has a love/hate relationship with.


“Someone left me this comment on my formspring.me account. The best compliment I’ve received so far,” she says is, ‘Hey Cathy, you are so great and I'm so glad that you are out there doing what you want, regardless of others' negativity. People are only negative because they are envious of your courageous and determined nature.” Indeed that is a great compliment. Enough to keep a person motivated however Cathy finds motivation in her mother. “She’s very supportive of my modeling career; she always makes sure I’m on top of my game. She encourages me to conquer my goals.” Though her mother is the source of her motivation it does become difficult at times to balance personal life with her career. “Yes… I do,” she affirms. “But I know my priorities,” she continues, “I always make sure to fit in some spare time with family and friends.”


Both of Cathy’s parents are from China. “I am currently living in San Diego.” Modeling was ca random act that has turned into much more. “I asked my twin sister to take some snapshots of me outdoors and ever since then I absolutely love being in front the camera,” says Cathy. “I really look up to Kate Moss, such a talented and inspiring model.” This random act make have taken on a life of its own, modeling isn’t all she’s about. “I have a great interest in tennis, sketching, wardrobe styling and off course make-up.”



Cathy appears as an angel of innocence. “I have never dated or kissed a boy before,” she mentions, uncovering her hidden treasure; sending me into a world of doubt. Then it occurred to me she had no reason to lie. The sexiest thing about Cathy is… her. “Be yourself and let it come naturally,” she says is the key to a good seduction. Then I suddenly feel I am no longer in control of this exchange. Have I been seduced all along? One may never know. Such are the ways in Angels Playpen.


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