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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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A broken heart leads to a gorgeous girl into the world of beauty and glamour. For a girl who could probably find a guy anywhere, it shows a vulnerability usually reserved for the truly unworthy, something she is far from. What makes a beautiful girl end up with low self-esteem? I have always been puzzled by this, however, when we talk of emotions and the humanity that is supposed to be in us all, mysteries persist and abound.



“After my ex cheated on me I had low self-esteem,” says Alexis Lee of Las Vegas. “I started modeling to boost my self-confidence.” I have something against the power people have over others. The fact that a beautiful girl like our current angel would question her worth after the careless actions of a lover perplexes me. After the initial pain and disappointment, life goes on. Humans are not the key to happiness for other humans. Finding out Alexis is actually a “tough girl” who was once in the military and as she says “kicked ass in pt,” further confounds me. Fuck him. Thank him. Why would I thank him? For liberating this angel to seek heaven on earth, welcome to Angels Playpen.



Unlike other models, Alexis’s drive is stronger, “I want it more,” she states firmly. “I want to empower young girls to be more confident in themselves so that nothing or no one will bring them down.” To achieve her goals, major sacrifices were made. “The ability to eat whatever I want and I stopped drinking because it’s hard to stay in shape when you drink.” She has learned a very valuable lesson in the industry, one she won’t soon forget. “Take care of yourself and not to trust people so easily.” She has taken consideration in the types of companies she’d love to work with. “Let’s face it,” she starts, “my body is not built for high-fashion so I’d like to continue working for Playboy and hoping to get a Maxim spread.”



She talks of childhood circumstances, detailing the type of girl she was. “I was the plain-jane type,” she says. “I was chubby and I wasn’t very pretty.” Maybe the situation with her ex helped usher in the new Alexis, the self-confident girl who knows guys are intimidated by how sexy she is. “Of course they are,” she tells me rather sternly. The Alexis that emerged after the heartbreak believes, “beauty is as an awakening of the senses. It’s more than just superficial appearance. Beauty is an emotion.” When I examine these words she offers, I see where her emotions were damaged and repaired and the ‘awakening’ that came with modeling. She found the beauty in herself, emerged stronger and wiser; determined to put herself together. Still, she regrets nothing “I’ve made plenty of mistakes,” she says, “but that’s just part of growing up.”



Alexis is originally from the San Francisco Bay area and says the best thing about living in Las Vegas is its affordability compared to where she grew up. “There are so many amazing restaurants, all the designer stores you can think of and it’s the place to party,” she says of her favorite city to eat, shop and let loose that happens to also be her home. However, when it’s time to unwind in a little paradise, Alexis chooses St. Maarten, the smallest island to ever be divided by two nations; the Dutch and the French. Oh, and she insists on a beachfront resort.



“My mother is Chinese,” her heritage explained, “and I grew up without my biological father. I was raised by a family member so I wasn’t close to my mother till recent years. I strive to learn more about my culture and heritage. There ‘s so much rich history and tradition that embody the type of person I want to become.” That type of person, she says, is to be patient, virtuous and truthful.



The Virgo who tries to get along with everyone, Alexis describes herself as reserved, reliable and kind. She is unshakably loyal to her morals. “I believe in Karma,” she says. She has amassed a following that had become a tad overwhelming, she had to disable her Facebook fanpage. “I was getting more attention than I wanted,” admits our angel, “I’m a pretty private person.” Having struggled with her weight since eighth grade, Alexis admits to having a love-hate relationship with her body. “I’d be a liar if I said I was naturally thin,” she confesses. “I watch what I eat and work out a couple times a week.” Still, she is aware of what most people like about her, “As cocky as it sounds, I think a lot of people admire my body.”



Not so much a morning person, the first thought that comes to mind when she wakes is going back to sleep. Sunday morning in an oversized tee is not her thing; Friday night in a sexy black dress is more of her style. A morning watching her pug chew a hole in her blanket draws a genuine laugh, “she’s a little clown,” she says. “The day I picked up my Pugly from the airport,” she recalls the touching moment, “it was love at first sight.”  So much love that she wishes she’d invented a vaccine for valley fever. “My k9 baby Lady was diagnosed with valley fever and she has to be on medication for at least a year.” Her love for her dog extends to all dogs as she loves anything that has to do with them. “I’m a wonderful doggy mom,” she self-appraises. “I enjoy cooking and baking for my K9 daughters.” Her K9 daughters, Pugly and Lady, both motivate her to be wildly successful so she can continue to shower them with gifts and great meals.



Heaven on earth for our angel, playing with puppies until she tires, shows the simple love that resides in her heart. She sees an angel as someone who is honest and kind and I see her as just that. She could have become a little devil after the emotional bruising at the hands of a boyfriend, instead, she wishes for world peace and wants to inspire girls to avoid the injustice. A friend I would love to have someday, she doesn’t see that as possible. “I used to believe that but now that I’m getting older not so much anymore,” she says, “if the guy is gay then of course.” I guess I’m rare as I am not gay and have many female friends; in fact, they’re all I have. If we should get close and I made her upset unintentionally, I would want to give her a gift to show my remorse… however, an apology is all she demands.



When it comes to men, those she could never befriend, she first notices his good looks. Then comes his height, hygiene, and smarts. She has a boyfriend, whom she credits with giving her the best compliment ever; that she was the hottest girl he’s ever been with. “Mental stimulation,” she says is the key to a great seduction which would explain her fondness for smart guys. “[The] brain is the biggest sex organ,” she asserts. “Any man that can throw in a little danger while making you feel safe is sexy. Fear and arousal are registered in the same part of the brain.” To make her blush, you would need to avoid talking about sex. “Very few sexual innuendos will make me blush,” admits the Asian beauty. “Depending on whom they’re from, it might offend me. That being said, what really makes me blush is when a man notices my character.” Well here in Angels Playpen, whether the intention is to make a lovely girl blush or not, we notice both beauty and character. Here, we cannot have one without the other. Thank you for being an angel.



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