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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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As the smart phone sat in my hand, I thought about talking to Adela a few days ago with La La. La La thought it would be great if she introduced us, hoping we would hit it off. And we did. Adela is easy to talk to which can be rather addictive. I looked forward to our conversation. A short scroll down my Blackberry phonebook, there her name was; Adela. I had made my customary cup of tea and was now ready to learn more about the angel with the voice of heaven.



The voice she speaks with is open, fun and vibrant. Immediately I am transported to a world of tear inducing causes like “God’s Kitchen;” her philanthropic mission feeding the hungry and homeless. Engaged in conversation, we are headed towards a marriage of ideas and passions. It literally feels like I can talk to her forever. She has a tireless sense of altruism and I am increasingly inspired by the things she says. She is an angel, full of spirit, wanting to bring positivity and good feelings to humanity.





Her music is the sound of today. Pop appeal oozes from her voice like the creamy filling of your favorite pastry. ‘I want [my music] to be relatable to everybody,” Adela tells me. Her music plays in the background as we speak. When it becomes clear to her that it’s her song “No Other Love” that’s playing, she gets emotional. “That’s my baby,” she says, “[Its] as if I carried it for nine months.” Adela is emotional. “Sometimes I cry while feeding the homeless.” This touches a special part of me as I have found volunteering a worthy endeavor.


I need not search for further evidence of her passion; music. A promising career in medicine became second to studio sessions and photo shoots. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology. “I could have been a doctor,” Adela admits. Whenever she is having a bad time in music, she finds herself having a “doctor pity party.” She is a fan of Nas same as I. I am impressed, an R&B artist with a crush on an emcee of such esteemed caliber. For the past seven years she has worked with StreetRunner, one of my favorite producers. It’s obvious she has a great taste in music. “It just needs to feel good,” she says.


On the outside, success seems like an overnight occurrence to the uninitiated. “Every success is a long road,” says Adela. “A lot of people fall off the road.” Because, as Adela puts it, “nobody is as passionate [about your music] as you are,” she is a one-woman team. Her time in the industry has taught her “people sound like cars salesmen, she says, “always giving me a pitch.” StreetRunner she admits “is one of the few people in the industry that keeps it ‘one-hunned.” He has produced a number of hits for Adela including “Just Feel It” featuring Lil Wayne.




A believer in the institution of friendship, amazingly she is still in touch with friends from the third grade. What makes this ever so significant is the fact that she is from South Africa. She now lives in South Florida and confesses the she and her friends don’t talk every day. They have the type of relationship that allows you to call whenever you feel the need; good days and bad days.


Adela grew up in South Africa during Apartheid, having endured the turbulence of that era until she was nine, she knows strife first hand. This beautiful angel with the pop voice is not just another pretty face and sexy body. She was born not too far from the same place that Ludacris filmed the video ‘Pimpin’ All over the World.’ With no apparent accent, finding out this beautiful girl whom I now have the pleasure of speaking with came from such a place with a rich history as South Africa was indeed a revelation. It’s a culture thing.




Adela is looking forward to her music has a huge impact on the industry, especially with Multi-Platinum Grammy Award-winning producer StreetRunner in her corner. There is no question in my mind, with our conversation coming to an end that I would keep up with the beautiful songstress. In many ways, she is a treasure, an angel in an industry ripe with devils. I am already anticipating our next conversation, this one being so full of quotable moments. Adela will undoubtedly continue to make her feel good music, spreading that good spirit like only an angel can. Angels Playpen | HTM.


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