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Stop in Style: Bus Shelters Transformed into Living Rooms PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bless Bey   
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IKEA is at it again, filling select metro waiting areas with comfortable couches and interior design-themed wallpapers. The effect is both expected and surprising:  the spaces feel more cozy but also look less out of place than one might have guessed.

Adam Neate 3D Paintings PDF Print E-mail
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Self-taught painter and renowned British ‘street’ artist Adam Neate has a new exhibition at Elms Lester Painting Rooms. With a very distinctive style, his ’3D’ paintings look like a modern remix of Dali, Bacon and Picasso. Neat’s used to give away his work to friends and donate it to charity shops, until he realized  the charity shops binned these offerings rather than selling them. After realizing this he started leaving them in the street instead, for any discerning passer-by to take. Over a 5-year period he left thousands of works all over London…



Experience | NYC Featuring John "Red" Shea PDF Print E-mail
Arts and Culture - Experience
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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John "Red" Shea @ Williams Rogers Hotel | NYC

Ultimately... You are what you experience. Ask yourself; "Who are you?" If you don't find the answer to your liking, there is a simple solution. Do something different. -Bless.

I met with John at the Williams Roger Hotel; located at 131 Madison Ave., just blocks from the Empire State building. I’d taken the train into the city from my hiding place in New Jersey only to arrive in New York to be played by a taxi driver. I didn’t know exactly how far the hotel was from Penn Station, apparently walking distance, and the driver took $17 from me to drive a mile and a half. In my excitement to spend the weekend in NY my street smarts vanished. I was also in a rush as John had saw fit to reserve a table for us at the world renowned Nobu Japanese Restaurant in uptown. Before dinner I had arranged a photo shoot with HTM photographer Davy Pena who was waiting patiently in the lobby along with HTM loyalist Ginally.


Ragnar Schuck Still Photography PDF Print E-mail
Arts and Culture - Photography
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With a pretty eclectic portfolio, German photographer Ragnar Schmuck has some great still life photography, here are some my favorite.

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