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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Casey Barker, a model from Lancaster, Ohio, joins us. It's a cool thing to have this lovely lady stop by Angels Playpen to tell us a little about herself. What could possibly be better? Casey describes herself as “Down to Earth. Adventurous. Classy.” It was my decision to have her limit her description to three simple words. As for what it is about her that both guys and girls like, she says it’s that she is” independent and caring.” Casey’s sign is Scorpio and just like her sign suggests she is, “Loyal to everyone, passionate to everything I care about, observant, dynamic and fiercely independent.” All these characteristics are great, reflecting all that she is, which make Casey a plus in my book.



Of course I wanted to know what her idea of heaven on earth was. “Ha...” she starts with a little laugh, “my heaven on earth I think would be for there to be no worries, to be able to live life happily and be successful, but then again nothing comes easy and the easy isn’t worth it.” Her words make sense and I applaud her vision. While known to live in heaven, few exist here on earth and wherever heaven is found, angels are always a prerequisite. “An angel,” describes Casey, “to me is a woman who is herself at all times, is beautiful, sexy yet classy.”



Living in Lancaster, Casey is happy that her family and friends are near. These are the best things about living in her hometown in addition to her gym’s convenient location; its right down the road she says. “Growing up I was in every sport you can think of,” recalls Casey. “Along with singing, I tried guitar, always went to summer camps out of town, mission trips with my church and I have always been independent mostly.” She further admits she could never live without her grandparents and father. Loyalty permeates Casey’s entire life, she is loyal to her dreams, her family and responsibilities. This may be because of she is a Scorpio.



When it comes to food I love cooking for myself but love taking women out to eat. Carey seems to be the type of girl who prefers a home cooked meal over dining out. “I eat at home,” she says, “I stay on a strict healthy eating type of schedule. If I do go out I usually get Subway but that’s rare.” She also doesn’t party and isn’t a particularly obsessive shopper. “I shop anywhere from forever 21, Tilly’s, online mostly [and] to thrift stores. You never know what you’ll find,” she says a tad excited.



Casey says that “genuine people that do what they say, positive people” are a total turn-on. “Liars, cheaters, [and] negative people who never do what they say” does the exact opposite to her. It’s usually a guy’s personality that draws Casey at first and his sense of independence. If a guy wants to make her blush or even smile, “a cute funny joke, nothing nasty, just a good joke to make me laugh probably” would make this happen.



While looking at old photographs with her grandmother, Casey found her laughing at the images of herself. It was a hardy, genuine laugh that escaped her lips that day she remembers. “I don’t regret a thing,” she says of her past and some of the decisions she’s made. “You live, learn and move on.” Her life and the love she receives and gives to her grandparents and father, the time she gets to spend with them are all moments she cherishes most.



Each day she wakes, her thoughts gravitate towards the day’s accomplishments. She is an upcoming model, so I would imagine somewhere during the course of a day she’d address her new career. Booking photo shoot, getting interview by media outlets like Angels Playpen and more. “What got me into modeling,” she says, “was my interest I’ve always had and realizing that I have a good look so I can go far with anything I put my mind to.” Influenced by “anybody who works hard for they get, good, positive spirited people all around. And of course my grandmother,” she says, Casey became a model.



Since becoming a model some changes have occurred. “The fact that I pay very close attention to how I portray myself to others because I believe that’s extremely important,” Casey explains. “You need to have a good image. It’s not so much [that] you care what others think about you but to a certain extent you have to.” She would gladly work for any company that can help boost her career. “Any,” she says, “that will allow me to get my feet off the ground. No nudity though. That’s my personal rule I go by for myself.” She’s made a few sacrifices in furtherance of her modeling as well. “Some sacrifices I’ve made to achieve my goals are… I’ve been home-schooled since my freshman year, haven’t hung out with any of my friends in the longest. All my paychecks have gone to gas to give my dad to take me to my photo shoots to build my portfolio. So that’s a few of the things I’ve done in order to get where I need to be because I realize what’s more important and what will benefit me in my future.”



From the industry, you must pull lesson that will help you to succeed she has learned “that it’s not going to be easy, there is so much competition because it’s a huge industry but I know that I have the potential and I will strive to be at the top.” With beliefs and the ambition to back them up, Carey will surely make a name for herself in this ever-competitive market.



Outside of modeling, Casey’s love of sports dominates. She works out five days a week, “five hours a day usually.” With such a demanding exercise regimen, it begs what else does she have time for? “I love doing things for other people,” she says, “I’m a very caring person so anything in that range, like volunteering for my church. I [also] like to sing, rap, write music and travel.” She has a love-hate relationship with “the gym and my hair” she says laughingly, “because of the fact that I basically live at the gym and because my hair is pretty naturally curly but it is a handful sometimes.”




A curly haired beauty, Carey feels beauty is “standing out from most or all, in a good positive way, being yourself at all times of the day.” Instinctively she understands that beauty shouldn’t be homogenous, variety is the spice of life. Her beauty isn’t the only that helps her stand out. “All I can say is that I have the most upbeat, bubbly, down to earth personality.” This bubbly personality would like to see the world improve upon itself, “for everyone to get along. There’s so much violence, if everyone was to do something nice for a day it would be great.”



“Television,” she says talking of something she wishes she could have invented. “Because it’s such a huge product everybody has… just about. Very successful.” Smart, this shows that she has grand thoughts which can lead to tremendous accomplishments. But one must stay motivated. “What motivates me is myself,” she remarks, “knowing that I can be where I see other people that are already there. I believe I can be right there with them.” And we here in Angels Playpen see a bright, heavenly future for Casey. Why? Because like someone once told her… “I am not like most other seventeen year olds. I seem to act as if I am twenty-five or thirty when it comes down to it but I still have a good bubbly personality.” Yes indeed.



Photography: Chris Epp & Epphects Media