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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Beauty should be appreciated for more than its physical attributes. There is beauty all around us, heaven on earth exists and we here at Angels Playpen are driven by this pursuit. It is our Weltanschauung, our personal view of life and the world around us. We believe beauty does more than just arouse the physical, it uplifts the soul. “Beauty to me,” our current angel says answering one of my favorite questions to ask, “is displaying an attitude and personality that makes everyone around you feel amazing no matter how they felt before they got to you.” Her definition of beauty closely resembles her idea of an angel; “Someone who comes into your life and has a lasting positive impact.” Let us discover what impact this particular angel may have on us.




Whenever I come across an angel who is without question beautiful, it does something to me; something I fear uncommon. Unlike the usual urges of most men, a degree of which I too endure, I also have this irresistible urge to know more. Here with us presently I have Tiffiney Cornish, indeed a beautiful girl and as this interview, I believe will prove; also someone worth getting to know and maybe even like. “I think people like me for my personality the most,” she says. “I am very easy going and willing to help anyone if I can.”  An irony in terms, she admits to being a caring Cancer, very befitting of her zodiac sign. Her self-diagnosis, summed up in three words is as follows; “Strong. Confident. Determined.” Sounds like my kind of girl.



A fan of confidence I am and apparently her as well. It’s one of the things that are a turn-on for the confident model along with style, honesty and intellect. Hmmm… “Cockiness, laziness and stupidity are huge turn-offs for me,” she contrasts. Tiffiney also credits confidence as the key component to a worthy seduction. “When you are confident it lures people to you.” Truthfully it was that confidence that originally ‘lured’ to her photos. It is evident in every frame. Confidence and the rest of her turn-ons she outlined all follow the lead of what catches her eye first. “Posture,” she declares somewhat stoically. “You can tell a lot about a man by the way her stands.” That man if she were to date can expect to be taken advantage of as he sleeps should the urge arise. “Why not,” she deadpans. “What’s his is mine right?” Yes dear.



Tiffiney C. is a model of mixed heritage, born in Baltimore Maryland, currently living in New York City. Her heart will forever align with Baltimore, the place she grew up as a complete tomboy. In New York City, it pleases her to no end to be able to find any food, any time. Italian restaurants are thoroughly enjoyed, with the small seafood restaurant chain Mo’s being a favorite. I wonder which of the five locations she enjoys most. Aghhh… I think I will spare her. Funny thing is Tiffiney has a love-hate relationship with seafood as she is allergic to the former seafaring morsels. “It’s my favorite food but I’m allergic,” she affirms, “always break out when I eat it but I eat it anyway.”



Within our individual histories, we each have demons we deal with and where there are demons surely there are angels. The demons drive us as much as the angels guide us, both play vital roles.  “Having a rough childhood,” Tiffiney says detailing what motivates her, “and a lot of non-support from the people whom I loved most pushes me to strive to be the best.” Still, demons or no, Tiffiney regrets nothing. "If I hadn't done everything the way I have," she tells me, "I would not be where I am today." As a model, your motivation needs to be internally indefectible and unable to be derailed by any outside force. Her motivation should take her on a journey where she works with companies she loves. “I would love to work with Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, and Estee Lauder Cosmetics.” All great choices. After choosing to model and subsequently becoming one, the tomboy admits she also became more conscious of her appearance. “I can’t just throw on a cap and some sweatpants all the time.”




With every choice there comes a sacrifice, it’s the nature of making one, choosing one thing over another. “I spend most of my time traveling so I do not get to spend as much time with my family as I’d like.” A choice she makes recurrently is to address the head of any organization; bypassing entry-level folk who most likely can get nothing accomplished and would waste valuable time with empty promises and multiple false starts. Experience teaches these things when you spend as much time networking with industry professionals as much as Tiffiney does. “I don’t party, I’m all business,” confides Tiffiney. “I spend my time networking with industry professionals, and marketing myself when I am not in front of the camera.” Influenced by shapely mainstream models like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and a personal favorite of mine, Laura Stone, our angel’s modeling began when a friend with a camera expressed the desire to become a photographer.



The last truly genuine laugh, as of this interview, came at the mercy of her three-year-old niece. “Kids always say things that are so simple and complex,” she says pointing out something I’ve always known yet somehow sounds like a new idea when stated by another. Moments of love that become future endearing memories are infrequent which is why we hold on to them so closely. For Tiffiney these moments usually include visiting her great-grandmother; a woman she noticeably adores. “Every time I go to visit…” she begins, “she talks to me for hours about everything and is so excited she won’t eat or sleep while I am in her presence.” Suddenly I miss both my grandmothers.  Speaking of grandmothers and back to Tiffiney’s lineage; a veritable gumbo; she offers a clearer view of her cultural makeup. “My family has a lot of different nationalities mixed together including Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian, Caucasian, and African American.”



Visibly smart, Tiffiney also attended college to become a Biomedical Engineer. “Science is my passion, I love anatomy and physiology,” she says perhaps saying the sexiest thing I could hear from a sexy girl. She has noticed guys are intimidated by how sexy she is; literally. She tells me she is sexier Sunday in an oversized tee than Friday night in a black dress. She has a great healthy shape, perfect I’d say and rare in supermodel types. She walks regularly and remains fairly active which keeps her in such beautiful form. A form that attracts the attention of men and a few women I’m sure. Yet the best compliment she’s ever received was about her career choice. “I was told that I am good at what I do because I clearly enjoy doing it,” she recalls. “It made me smile.” Usually, something “corny or cheesy” like some a line from a movie gets her blushing.



Yes. it was great to learn what she felt about beauty and angels. To learn what drives and inspires her. To learn what she wishes for the world around her. “I would love to see parents step up and teach kids morals and values the way they used to, everything else would fix itself.” To learn that having her family, to which she is immeasurably loyal, around her “laughing, joking and enjoying themselves” constitutes heaven on earth for the angel. To learn that if she were offered a free trip to get-away she’d readily choose St. Thomas for its “clear water” and “beach.” With this interview, I feel like I established some spiritual long-distance friendship with an angel. Most of her friends are men, so maybe I could be one of them. I’d like that. Should I make her mad after we’d gotten close, the situation would require nothing more than my word to never repeat the transgression; grudges are never held she says. I like this above all. Why? Because a person who doesn’t hold grudges, usually operates in a higher place, a higher state-of-mind if you will allow, where petty feelings couldn’t survive. Here’s to holding no grudges.




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