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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Midnight approaches. To my right, cognac sits collected at the bottom of a whiskey tumbler. My thoughts relax yet remain fervently active.  My laptop beckons. I begin to type. Ashley Alexiss is our current angel interviewee. My tranquil yet vigorous mind appraises the words before me, words from a beautiful mind. We all have history and a future, tied inexplicably to each other by experience. These interviews, superficial at first glance, are peaks into the histories of ambitious souls searching to discover themselves. Souls that happen to inhabit the sexy frames of angels like Ashley.



“I had so many different stages,” Ashley’s childhood memories power this admission. “I was bullied really bad growing up so it was hard to find my niche.” She recounts going through her girly period, emo and tomboy days, and spending a portion of her adolescence as a nerd. “It's hard to find out what you want and who you are when other kids are calling you names and digging at your self-esteem.” What she says is true, it's very difficult to find yourself when everyone else has their own ideas about who you are. Despite a somewhat tumultuous childhood, Ashley has no regrets. “I'm happy with every decision I've made up until this very moment. It's taught me something and made me into who I'm becoming.” And since she sees beauty as “who you are, not what you look like” she may become the most beautiful of all.



Ironically today, as she heads toward becoming the person she is to be, she is motivated by those very naysayers and detractors. It’s these same folks who have always had negative, hurtful things to say that drive her ambition. “When someone says I can’t do something,” she ventures, “it literally fuels me to my core to go out there and do it.” The haters aren’t the only source of motivation. “Success also motivates me because I know success makes people look at you and the eye is on you to fail. I’m just a driven individual.” Driven to succeed, influences are that much more important to the ambitious. “My main influence is my mother,” Ashley admits. “Her strength throughout my twenty-one years of life helps me get through every day.” It’s during these tough times when doubts arise, a small familiar voice whispers ‘you can do it.’ That voice belongs to her mother. “It’s nice to have that type of support in such a cutthroat industry.”



A Beantown beauty who describes herself as “independent, unique and driven,” Ashley is a Sagittarius, so we assume that’s where the independence comes from until she confirms it. “A Sagittarius is very independent, loves to travel, outgoing, and loves to overachieve,” Ashley says. “That's me to a T.” Loving to travel, her ideal place to escape to for a little “me” time she says is Antarctica. “I know [it] sounds crazy but I just want to play with all the cute penguins,” she announces excitedly, “I’m obsessed.” Inwardly I laugh, thinking this declaration the cutest. “I’m me and that’s something nobody else can be.” Believing that being yourself is what makes each model special, Alexiss easily personifies her conviction. “They have that zest that makes them who they are and that’s a special quality,” she says. “I’m also not your typical model. I’m short, I’m curvy but my personality towers over me.”



Modeling, something I think she is absolutely great at, was a mistake not quite a decision. “I originally wanted to be a professional dancer like a backup dancer on Broadway,” confesses the curvy blonde. “But when I was fifteen I entered the Miss Teen Massachusetts Pageant and won Miss Congeniality.” Immediately I think of Sandra Bullock, wondering if she had to deal with anything close to the movie role. Having won the title, a modeling agency cast and signed her, arranged a few photo shoots and the rest is modeling history. It was this juncture when Ashley decided to pursue the world of cameras and lights as a profession. Within her newfound profession, she has developed a set of admirable standards. “I respect charitable organizations more than anything. That's definitely something I'm working towards getting involved in.” Once her beauty graces the cover of magazines such as Maxim, American Curves and Cosmo she’ll know her hard work has begun to pay off. The only drawback since modeling has been the lack of free time. “I almost don’t know what that is anymore,” she says, “it’s so worth it but it’s hard to make twenty-five hours out of a twenty-four day.”



A sexy transition from dancer to model, both utilizing the body but in different ways, Ashley has had to sacrifice much. “I’ve given up on having a normal social life, personal relationships, graduating on time with my friends, putting a strain on seeing my family and friends,” remarks the goal-oriented model. “But luckily my support system has my back one hundred percent.” That impressive support system I imagine to include her mother and each goal that Ashley reaches and surpasses becomes an unforgettable moment of love. “Every time I accomplish something and seeing that look of being so proud in my Mom's eyes,” she tells me. “It's indescribable.” She is loyal to those loyal to her; those who support her unconditionally. “I appreciate them every day for standing behind me and believing in what I’m doing.”



Because of the tight schedule she maintains, Ashley’s mornings are a struggle. “Didn’t… I… just… go… to… sleep?” she finds herself stumbling through this question on many a daybreak. She struggles with sleep so much that it’s become somewhat of a particular concern. “Now I like to sleep when I get the opportunity,” she presses. “Modeling, promoting, marketing and representing it all takes a lot out of you. Then all on top of that still being a full-time student… sleep doesn’t have a very big window in my time schedule.”



Boston bread, I almost expect sports to be part of her makeup. “Boston sports live and breathe inside of me,” the pretty girl exclaims proudly, “I’m such a sports fan and so lucky to come from a city that’s so dedicated to its teams.” I know all too well about Boston pride with one of my closest friends being a Southie native. Besides being from Boston, her nationality is a beautiful mix. “Oh boy we could be here for awhile,” she begins with a laugh. “I’m what you like to call a ‘mutt’. I’m Italian, Irish, French-Canadian, Native American, English, Portuguese and Swedish [deep breath].” After this, I may have fallen in love, something about being culturally mixed that mystifies and intrigues me. “It’s what makes me special. I’m able to be culturally diverse and relate to so many different types of people.”



When I ask what her ‘hidden treasure’ is, again there is cause for a pause. “Hmmm,” she opens, “this is a thinker. I’m a very open person so I don’t ever hide anything. My philosophy is that you need to show you and you entirely. If you don’t and someone accepts you then they’re not accepting you for all that you are.” She wants nothing more than for people to know her completely, loving all that she is… flaws and all. “No smoke and mirrors.” I’m certain whoever gets close enough to learn all there is know and love about Ashley will be pleased with her… completely. “I think both sexes appreciate my confidence,” she says of what guys and girls admire about her. “It’s refreshing to see someone confident and in love with what they do.” And that she is. “Doing exactly what I’m doing and being the reason someone smiles.



Ashley has eighteen years of dancing experience which contributes to her curvy well-proportioned physique. “Dancing makes you look and feel sexy!” Does her sexiness intimidate some fellas? “I think men are more intimidated when I open my mouth and they find out I actually know what I’m talking about and they can keep a conversation with me.” I compliment her brains and her beauty equally. Being called someone’s role model, being told you’re admired by someone else is the best compliment she’s received. “That’s such a big statement and I’m so proud and happy to be someone’s reason to want to succeed and push themselves.” She tells me there is nothing you can say to make her blush, so use trying I suppose but still, I would love to make her smile somehow.



A great girl, complete with beauty, brains, and personality. I enjoyed her interview though I now know she isn’t too fond of them herself. “I love them because I love people getting another look at me from a different perspective,” she admits, “but filling them out drives me nuts because I need to make sure I’m not offensive or sound too much one thing. I have to find a common, happy medium.” I think she did well. Then again we here at Angels Playpen don’t abide the rules of the common world. She is now an angel, a friend to the heavens deserving of platinum or golden wings. Me being the hopeless romantic I am, I’d hope to count her as a dear friend. I’ve learned having a beautiful woman as a close friend is also romantic yet without all the fuss. She does believe a man and woman can truly be friends. “One of my best friends is a guy and we’ve been friends for twelve years,” she confides. “I’d be lost without him and love him genuinely with all my heart.”



“Laughter is the best medicine,” says the girl who tries to laugh on a daily basis. Her idea of an angel is “someone who has a good heart. Someone who has the desire to help others any chance they get and do it to the best of their ability.” There is one thing Ashley would love to see happen in this world and one thing she can’t live without. She cannot live without technology. “It’s sad but I can’t,” she says. “I always want to stay in contact with my supporters as much as I possibly can.” And for her one wish for this wild world? “For people to stop being so damn judgmental and can genuinely be happy for those that they see succeed. Jealousy and envy in this world causes wars; it's disgusting to be completely honest.” Yes… completely honest. As if she can be anything other than an open book. Angels Playpen. HTM.



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