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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Sun Valley, California. A tomboy once existed. She was really into sports and cars. She liked cars so much she thought of becoming a mechanic. “I did not hang with girls because they were not into what I was into….,” says this long ago tomboy. I look to her photos and secretly joy enters my heart that lying on her back with oil on her hands and face never came to be. Where a tomboy may have been instead now there is an angel. Her name is Jessica Y. Muniz and we should welcome her wholeheartedly to Angels Playpen; her new home.



Happy that Jessica is here with us, lets learn more about this angel. My questions set forth, her answers enlightening, her speech articulate and irreverent, we move forward in our desired direction. Jessica speaks well, I like that. Her answers are thoughtful and responsible. If I like her this much I’m sure others do as well; male and female. “I think I’m a leader of women,” she states matter-of-factly. “Women seem to look to me for answers and guidance. Guys admire me because I’m strong physically,” she says noting she is stronger than she looks.  “They know I can hang with the boys when we party and because I don’t have some of the silly hang ups a lot of women have to live with daily... Guys like a woman who is not so prissy all the time.” On this point I must agree, I need a girl who isn’t afraid to burp after a beer.



The Sun Valley angel now calls Redondo Beach home and loves the versatility of the city of angels; Los Angeles. “L.A. has everything you could want,” she confesses, “and I live by the beach so the sun shines every day. If you live in L.A., you can make it in any industry you choose.” Jessica even credits Frank Sinatra with telling her if she can make it there she can make it anywhere. “Well New York isn’t the only place you can make anything happen.” But when it’s time to party… “Vegas Baby,” she extols excitedly. “I love to eat and party in Vegas and rent out those cabanas. I love to hit the clubs like Moon and The Playboy Club at the Palms.” Living in L.A. means shopping in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Her parents migrated from Mexico before she was born but that has done nothing to keep her from her culture. “My parents really helped keep me in touch with my heritage while letting me be accustomed to the American cultures that surround me.”



With her tomboy days resembling something of a past life, Jessica has become synonymous with sexy as a model. Technically she is still a tomboy since she hasn’t really changed. “I’m just busier and I don’t have a lot of free time,” she tells me. Her modeling career began with her offering her angelic beauty and charm to help a friend. “I had a friend who owned a motorsports company and her was going to represent the product at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas,” her story goes. “He asked me to be a spokesmodel and I fell in love with having my picture taken by professionals. I loved being the center of attention and helping him attract so many people to his company.”Jessica had then learned of her ability to market a company’s product; something that came easy to the pretty girl. I’m just hoping to have her lend her talents to HTM.



At times her beliefs guide her business sense, attracting her to companies such as Gaspari Nutrition; a fitness supplement line named after Bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari. Also making her a fan of Jamie Eason, “I just love her,” she says, “I love how she goes about her business, how much respect she gets in the industry and how she can influence others. Not to mention her bombastic figure.” Visions of high-fashion swimwear collections donned on the runway power some of her dreams. “I’m 5’8 so I just might sneak my way on the stage,” she says with a laugh. “I would also love to model Vera Wang wedding gowns. That would be awesome!” She is a great candidate for any company looking. She is not a “flake”, as she has heard the stories of other models bad behavior. “I expect a level of professionalism from the photographers I work with, so I offer the same. I believe that the harder you work the easier work becomes. Dedication to learning the craft of modeling and becoming the best Model I can be is daily activity to learn and I work at it daily.”



Heaven on earth comes in many forms, usually changing from person to person. Jessica admits she is a “tropical girl” who loves places like The Bahamas, Tahiti, Acapulco and Jamaica. “Yes I would love to go to France or Italy,” she says about the ideal place to unwind, “but send me to the beach where the water is 80 degrees and people ride jet skis all day and I’m happy.” However this is not her heaven on earth.  “There is this seafood market by the beach where I live,” she begins, “and I will go with a good friend, order a king crab to share, a bowl of lobster bisque, a pound of jumbo prawns with very spicy cocktail sauce, and a 22oz Corona with lime and salt…We sit overlooking the boats going by with the sun in our faces and I feel like I’m in heaven.”



She describes herself to me… “Honest, Sincere and a Bad Girl.” Her description raises some alarm, she is honest, sincere yet a bad girl? How does such a mix work? Jessica is a Gemini, and maybe this has something to do with it. She lets me know that Gemini is a masculine sign which may explain her tomboy days, but more importantly that Gemini’s have 2 or more personalities. “I have two,” she admits. “I have a very sweet and outgoing personality ninety percent of the time, but mess with me physically, mentally or emotionally and my out-of-control twin Erica comes out for ya!” Hoping to never anger an angel, I nevertheless am fully aware of my penchant for being… ‘difficult’. I usually offer a sign of remorse, a gift for forgiveness. If Jessica’s out-of-control twin emerges, what could I give to get my sweet Jessica back? “Time,” she answers, “a gift won’t give me amnesia. If I care about you, I will forgive you in time but a present is not going to do it. I’m not that shallow.”



A pretty girl like Jessica with substance is my idea of a great combination, perfect to accompany me on some adventure or another. If she isn’t up for a little adventure then perhaps a lunch or dinner date. If so, whats the worse that could happen? “Don’t be too romantic too soon,” she instructs, “I don’t know you yet and I’m not ready to be romantic with you. When I am ready to be romantic you will know it. And don’t bore me,” she adds. “Sometimes guys try to be so romantic they become boring and cheesy.” Hmmph! Well I like cheese Jessica… Thinking of her on a date, I imagine some guys being intimidated to even ask her out. “I guess if a guy is intimidated by me then he won’t come speak to me and I won’t notice him,” she says. “The guys who approach me don’t seem overly nervous.” She doesn’t take too much BS from guys though. “After I give them that look that says ‘Oh really, am I supposed to buy that?’, then sometimes they seem a little skittish,” she says jokingly. “Just be yourself and I won’t call you out on your BS…”




The angel within decides to speak, words of altruism slip out when discussing the world and what her heart wishes. “In America I would like to see political parties stop arguing so we can accomplish goals as a country,” Jessica expresses her innermost worldly desires. “I would like to see the Middle East and west come together and put aside their differences.” Jessica is well aware of their long bloody history so she isn’t too confident that will happen in her lifetime. “I know I want a lot for the world but I really want to see civil wars in Africa come to an end. The issues they fight over are absurd.” Her concerns make her an angel in my view. Some many of us simply don’t care. She says an angel is “someone who watches over those who need watching over. You can be an Angel to one person and not to another. So, it’s about being an Angel for someone.” I would love to have her be my personal angel but I think the world needs her more, so I will suppress my selfishness.




A sexy woman indeed, but it doesn’t come easy. “Oh I have to work out or I get really skinny,” admits the hard trainer. “I eat 5 times per day and work out almost every day with very heavy weights just to keep my weight over 120lbs.” Jessica’ beauty is much more than skin deep, it colors her spirit. She believes beauty has to do with “being sweet to people who need a little extra love in their life.” There she goes talking like an angel again. “Being honest and cognizant of other people’s feelings,” Jessica continues to explain. “If you’re a mean or rude human being, you are ugly no matter what.” A girl as sexy as she needs very little to seduce. “Eye contact,” she professes as the key, “You have to be almost telepathic with your eyes. I can seduce any man with my eyes… in person.” Actually she does it with her photos just as well.



I spent the better of the last few days with Jessica, learning and discerning intimate knowledge through her answers to my open ended questions, finding out she has the voice of an angel when most around her have yet to learn this heavenly tidbit. “I can sing like a champ,” she utters. Soon discovering her love-hate relationship with “Red Velvet Cake”, her unshakable loyalty to her family and her penchant to say something out of the blue just to lighten the mood. “I believe laughter is so important in your day to day life.” Her days usually start with thoughts of work and achievement. Her career is her personal life, she wants nothing more than to make the people she loves most to be proud of her. “I want people to know me and know my work ethic,” she says. We know you Jessica and soon the world will. Thank you for being an angel. Continue to watch over us. HTM.