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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Late hours, I am at ease despite the nondescript action film playing violently across the flat screen. I decide to devote my time, allowing these words to matriculate into a school of thought, centered unfailingly on an angel. Today’s angel is Xanny Disjad, a model living in Bangkok for more than eight years, though originally from the south of Thailand. Culturally this intrigues me, foreign beauty always does. I expected a language barrier but that never truly arrived. She answered my questions in the cutest way; words innocently misused and adorably awkward phrases. Most welcome in Angels Playpen.



Xanny chose three words to describe herself to me, “beautiful, funny and sweet,” she said. “Beauty is what you bring from inside,” she says now, defining beauty. “Mind your thoughts, your health, and your heart. Just stay positive. Everyone is beautiful but it’s how they bring it out, how people can see it.” She is a Pisces, and she admits that a lot of what her sign suggests is true. “Most things about my sign fit me perfectly,” she says explaining how she’s very naïve and trusting, more charming than beautiful and she and her family always moving. Her trusting nature has left her to be misused in the past. “I always believe in other people and let them take advantage of me.” Well, I tell Xanny now that will never happen here. We take care of our angels.



“A very kind, good and warmhearted person,” says the angel about angels. “Could be man or woman but this person is beautiful from inside, always has a smiling face, never get angry.” This person she says would be a charitable individual, rewarding good people for their deeds in a world where people profit more from evil. With hell all around us, we search for heaven on earth. “My heaven on earth,” Xanny tells me, “is a place full of greens, flowers, [a] very peaceful place to listen to the bird sounds mixing with the sea breeze and me laying down reading my favorite book. No war; people loving each other.” Her heaven on earth includes the rest of humankind. “I want people to stop fighting between religion and culture, no more war; only love each other before the day that this world end.”



As mentioned earlier, she lives in Bangkok, a city that has recently been dealing with some flooding issues which couldn’t wash away its lure. “Bangkok has food everywhere and twenty-four hours,” says the Thai Angel. “Bangkok is very convenient for transport because now we have the sky train and the metro. The weather is always warm. Thai food is amazing. The people are so friendly and smiling.” She loves shopping for her cute outfits and other necessities at Paragon and Chatujak Market. “There is my favorite restaurant called ‘Gray Hound’.” When in Thailand I would want no one but Xanny as my guide. I think she would be perfect. And for being such an angel, a weekend getaway to relax would be my offer to which she states she would “go to ‘Koh Kood’; a very and beautiful island in Thailand.”



Each day is she begins her day in angelic fashion. “I think here we go,” she says enthusiastically. “I start my new life again, every day I wake up I always start my new life, and I feel so lucky to wake up. So [I] get up and see what I can do for others today.” Hopefully one day she’ll wake up thinking of me and what she can do for Angels Playpen. Ha. Every day arrives and she knows that there is only one thing she can’t live without. “I can’t live without air,” she says jokingly. A few days ago she spent some time with her girlfriends, a time filled with uncontrolled laughter and fun. “We are all funny and we fit each other so well,” she points out. “We talk funny things all the time and use our funny body language.” I have a hard time imagining her body language being anything other than sensual. She is a sexy girl.



She knows she is sexy and is comfortable with it, however guys are sometimes intimidated and this raises concern. “This makes me think that sexiness could be very dangerous for the girls,” Xanny states rather seriously. She doesn’t work out to be sexy, it just comes naturally. “I don’t go work out,” she confesses. “I am too tired from work the whole day. I think every day that I’m gonna go to the gym. But I didn’t.” She has become accustomed to receiving compliments, some better than others. There is one she likes the most though. “Xanny, you not just look beautiful but your inside, your heart, very beautiful too”. Broken English never sounded more eloquent. What is it about her that both guys and girls like? “My curvy body,” she says.



Unbelievably she tells me that growing up she was “a little ugly duck, I was not anyone’s favorite little girl”. I find this almost impossible. “I wasn’t a cute little girl,” she continues thoughtfully, “but I loved beauty and then I started to look good when I became a teenager and very confident.” Suddenly the ugly duckling was a beautiful swan looking to spread her wings. “I was growing up with a lot of dreams,” she says, “the biggest was a model; the second was a singer [laughs]. I can sing a bit.” She was also a good student, who practiced meditation every night for half an hour before sleep. The first of her dreams came true three and a half years ago, uploading photos to Model Mayhem. “More people know me,” Xanny talks of the changes that came with becoming a model. “Sometimes I don’t feel really comfortable or be myself when I’m in the club,” she admits, “I’m afraid to dance like hell.” And for good reason, she has an image to uphold, even lending her beauty to helping those affected by the flood. “This job made my family very proud of me, and modeling is keeping me busier than before.”



I’m proud to have her as an angel in our playpen, proud she decided to share herself with me. We both share a love of philosophy, authoring books and films, and charitable behavior. Xanny even expressed a desire to be a nun, but then I would lose an angel. “I’d love to learn the way of Buddhist and stay in peace,” relays the hater motivated model. It’s the insults once received that push her to be successful. That and her family. Because she is not very tall and has a petite frame, she never does casting calls opting to get work on her own. “I am a simple girl,” she says, “many people think that models are always snobbish, high ego and only hang out with other models.” But not Xanny, she’s an earthly angel, sticking close to family. Career and personal life balanced. “My career is me, my personality; they perfectly suit. Confident, beautiful, sexy…” Yes, you are dear, yes you are.




Xanny is by far one of my favorite interviews, I like her a lot. Should we become close friends, something I would absolutely love, I wanted to know what gifts she likes in case I need her forgiveness. “Say sorry and never do it again,” she instructs, “if you’re acting stable for one week and never do anything to make me upset for one week, I will forgive you.” I think I can handle that though I’d still come, gift in hand. “I already forgive the first day but never forget and may feel a little sad,” she finishes and I realize I’d never want her sad, just loved. “When we hold each other’s hand everywhere we go,” she describes an unforgettable moment of love for her. “I love to be in the hand of a man I love, feel soft and protection. And a soft gentle kiss with a lot of sweet passion.” Like I, she is a bit of a romantic, loving the romance but hating the competition between lovers. Her key to a great seduction is eye contact. “I think the sexy way to look at a man could make him get hot straight away,” she suggests bewitchingly.  I’m not sure about you guys but I’m hooked.