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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Houston, Texas. Sneaking a peek at the refined yet explicit images of the beautiful women found in the pages of iconic men’s magazine Playboy may not seem like the place dreams are born for little girls, this is usually reserved for hot-blooded young boys. However for Houston, Texas model; Devrie Townsend, that’s how it all started. "I've always been a free spirit,” she says of her younger days. “It has gotten me into trouble growing up but it’s made me who I am today.” Today she is a popular model, hoping to work with the famed Playboy Magazine and equally sinister Maxim, and to one day start her own successful swimsuit line. “All the people who doubt me,” confesses the pretty blonde, “motivate me to be the best at everything I do.” You go girl.



Devrie has a thing for random compliments, loving “when a stranger stops me and tells me I’m beautiful.” She gets compliments from other women, extolling her best features. “Girls usually compliment me on my hair and big boobies.”  Guys she believes to be attracted to her down to earth personality. “Beauty is more about personality to me than physical,” she says. “You don’t have to be the prettiest girl in the room, but if you’re the sweetest, most genuine, that’s what stands out.” But what about this angel; what makes her stand out? “I’m beauty and brains,” she answers confidently. Thankfully her looks are heaven sent. “I’m naturally sexy. With my busy life I rarely have time to go to the gym.” Speaking on her looks I can’t help but wonder her nationality. “My mom’s side of the family is English and Native American and my dad’s side is German.”




Living in Houston, I’m sure there is plenty to keep her busy and entertained. “I love to put on my sexy dress and go to Washington Ave.,” Devrie says affirming Houston’s nightlife as the best part of living there. She also has her eyes on Vegas or Cabo, naming these two places as ideal for a weekend getaway. She is the mother of a two year old boy, who is obviously a large part of her life. “My two year old is my everything.” Other than this she loves traveling and enjoys “just hanging out by the pool.” Being a mother and model has to be quite  encumbering. “I definitely try and multi-task my personal life of being a mom, working full time and modeling,” she says sounding every bit the superwoman. “It’s difficult sometimes but all I can do is keep pushing forward.” Because of her busy lifestyle, heaven on earth is something as simple as her bed. “It’s really comfortable and fluffy.” Hmmm… sounds inviting.



Never one to leave out the angels in the world, I ask her what her idea of an angel is? “An angel,” she says, “is a girl who is beautiful and sweet.” Does this mean she herself is an angel? I ask about her zodiac sign, the old school in me taking over. “I’m a Taurus.” But what about being a Taurus fits her perfectly? “Taurus’s are said to be warmhearted and loving.” It would seem, if indeed she is as loving and warmhearted as her sign suggests, Devrie is too an angel. I pose my next question delicately, asking her describe herself in three words. “Fun, Sweet, Independent,” she answers. She admits to being sweet and I can see that she’s beautiful so… I think it’s safe to say she’s an angel.




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