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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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When a tragedy befalls us… we feel a weight and burden that seem insurmountable. I have learned that tragedy and hardship has positive side effects. Most tend to build character and strength; great causes in society are very often centered on tragedy. Throughout human history, hardship has repeatedly led to a time of rabid creativity and unrestricted productivity. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I have come to appreciate the hard times that influenced me to make critical decisions and take certain roads in life. Laura understands this all too well.

“Interesting story actually,” begins the exotic beauty. “My mother passed away from illness when I was only eleven. My dad and two younger sisters were devastated. My father was not familiar with the particular needs of three girls, so he enrolled us into a ‘young lady’ instructional program that taught us many girly things, including social etiquette, hair and make-up, design and fashion as well as modeling.” Though Laura’s sisters did not take to well to the ‘program’ the grieving daughter admits she “Loved it!” At the tender age of eleven: “being around all of the sophisticated adult women really made me feel grown up.” For a child in mourning, the program provided the perfect distraction from her mother’s passing. “From that point on it parlayed into modeling competitions and fashion shows.”



Her mother’s early departure brought with it conscientiousness and clarity in lieu of two younger sisters she had to help raise; she grew up fast. “I guess you could say I was more responsible and focused than most girls growing up,” she says.  Laura focused heavily on her modeling and with such early beginnings -“I have been modeling so long that it really does not feel much has changed at all”- this is nothing new to the Brazilian born model. “I was born and raised in the heart of Rio de Janiero along the beaches of Ipanema.”


Laura currently lives in Los Angeles. “Specifically in Hollywood. My sisters still reside in Brazil and I go back home often.”  The best thing about living in Los Angeles she says… “It’s definitely all about the weather. No humidity, no rain, no clouds; only sun, fun and beaches: hard to beat.” On a recent trip to Paris, she then discovered the city to be absolutely amazing and so it has become a favorite. “Also,” she says, “Chicago is a great US Midwest town that I have been introduced to recently that I enjoy; great down-to-earth people.”



In life, enthusiasm for living can come from a variety of places. “Learning and education,” Laura details her interest in history, politics, cultures and science as her life’s motivations, “and bringing education to those that are less fortunate.” Career-wise she is open to working with a variety of companies from fashion to advertising. “I am into classy vs. trashy and also enjoy making more moderately priced fashion look amazing. I want women of all ages to feel they can look great in an outfit without having a second mortgage on the house.”


This beautiful girl comes with more than the pretty face and hot body you see in her photos and projects. “From a professional standpoint,” she tells me of her other endeavors, “I design, produce and sell my own collection of swimwear which I import to the US from Brazil.” This is also what separates her from her competition. “I am not only a fashion and swimwear model but also a swimwear designer. This gives me an interesting perspective in regards to how a particular piece that I am modeling should look and feel.” Not only she so much more than her looks she has her own definition of beauty. “I think beauty is a state of inner self. If you are conceded, disingenuous, mean-spirited, self indulged, egotistical, or any of the above, you are not beautiful. If you are the opposite of any of these adjectives than you are – most likely - beautiful.”



For the few times we exchanged words; laughter peppered our conversation, ideas were shared, passions confessed… I felt a connection. Nothing sexual, just an honest liking for the lady with the voice of a Brazilian Angel. Her accent is simultaneously thick and smooth. I like when she says “Bless.” It starts off sharp then stretches and kind of fades away at the end; lovely to my ears. It’s easy to hear her voice and see that pretty face and simply fall in love. However there are treasures beneath and beyond her veneer, unbeknownst to most. “I guess the two most unexpected qualities that people seem to be most surprised about are…  One,” she says, “[I’m] all natural; no hair extensions, nips/tucks, or facial surgery.  Two; there is more [to me]than just a ‘pretty face’, I have graduated early from high school with honors, attended Law School in Brazil, and still continuously thirst for knowledge.”



For Laura there are two things in this world she couldn’t live without and two she thinks the world would be better without. “Food and water,” she states as her must haves. What would she love to see happen in this world? “For Sarah Palin and Glen Beck to go away,” she answers with vehemence. This brings a sly smile to my face. It was a surprising look into her personality. Laura isn’t much into astrology so nothing to be gained there… all I had were my questions which was also something she do without. “I love talking about myself,” she laughs as she says this, “but after question twenty I am feeling a bit self-absorbed.” I guess this would be a good a time as any to end my interrogation.