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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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At some juncture, we inevitably become aware. This awareness is not always permanent. It rarely is. Most of us live our lives in some form of denial; very few of us accept wholly who we are so we ignore certain parts. Self-awareness is a powerful and compelling state that causes minds to choose acceptance or denial. At some point, Katie Maybee became aware of the power of her sex appeal. “[Growing up] I was a tomboy if I’m honest,” she says, words organized in such a British manner. “I became more girly when I met my first boyfriend at fourteen and realized the attention I got. From then on I took pride in my appearance.” After this awareness change becomes a certainty. “My attitude to life has changed dramatically. I’ve learnt to take compliments and accept knockbacks. I never dwell on anything and try to make the best out of a bad situation.”



After learning about the power of sex appeal, modeling wasn’t a far stretch. “I’ve always wanted to model,” Katie relays. “I think when I first realized I wanted to do it I was 15; the first time I looked at a Playboy magazine I was pretty blown away by the girls featured in it. They were hot.” Following a friends suggestion, she finally tried it but mostly for fun. “I started getting approached with amazing opportunities that made me take modeling more serious.” Being told she wasn’t good enough became a source of motivation to succeed. “I believe you can do anything you want if you put your mind to,” she says. I hear her words as clear as my iPod on a quiet night. Committed to modeling, her personal life has stalled but she isn’t necessarily looking for anything special. “At first it was hard,” she confesses, “but my family and friends are really supportive with what I do, so they understand my work is a big part of me and accept I rarely have time to socialize. I’m currently single so I have no ties and to be honest I haven’t experienced enough to even consider the thought of settling down yet.”




Katie is from Essex, a county just outside London in the UK. Where she lives; authenticity is commonplace. “Everyone is upfront and honest. You rarely find a fake person.” I find this hard to believe as I run into phony people all the time. She is a self-described ‘close to homegirl’ so all her favorite haunts are in London. “The boutiques and restaurants are just amazing there,” she says proudly. “The nightlife is fab too.” According to Katie, it doesn’t matter where she is; a good time comes with great company. However, there is a place that is ideal for getaways; The Maldives. “I’ve heard how beautiful it is there. I’ve seen pictures and dream about lying on their beaches.” This is her ‘Heaven on earth.’ “Heaven on earth to me,” she says, “is white sand, clear waters, sun every day and an ice cold drink; bliss.” Her words bring visions of gorgeous sun, long stretches of sand and blue waters to calm my restless soul.



This pretty British blond model of angelic rendering, who admits to being unable to live without her cell because it’s a direct line to her family; takes the time to describe a few unforgettable moments of love. “My most unforgettable moment of love was when my eldest nephew was born,” she tells me. “Until him, I was the youngest and had never experienced a baby in my life and the day he was born it was instant love like you can’t describe. I now have 3 nieces, 1 nephew and another nephew on the way; I was struck with love with every one of them when they were born.” When she says this I began to like her immensely. “The most beautiful thing I’ve seen has to be a newborn baby, their so innocent and pure,” Katie explains. “There’s not a thing about them that isn’t beautiful.” With her ideas of beauty and love I next wanted to know how she felt about angels. “I believe an angel is someone who inspires you, guides and teaches you lessons in life,” she ponderously declares. “So as my sister is in every way all those things… to me, she’s my angel.” Well said, love.



When I look at her images is see a cute and sweet girl; I wanted to know what lies behind that pretty exterior. “Well no one expects a girl like me to know pretty much all there is to know about cars which is how I joined the ‘Full On Show Girls’ company,” she tells me, however, I have no idea what that was. “We travel across the UK to different events [such as] modified car shows.” She labels her dad as the source of her interest in cars. She also lets out that she can sing, we both consider this a hidden treasure. There is nothing like a sexy girl who sings you a song. A real people person, she enjoys getting together with friends. “I’m so busy lately it’s a rare thing these days so getting the chance is a luxury.” Because of a tiresome workload, Katie’s other interest is sleep. Since she works so hard as a model, I think that weekend getaway is warranted.



I begin to think of her out on a date. What does she like? What would be a complete turn off? “Going by experience,” Katie admits, “I’d have to say the worse thing is bumping into an ex-partner really puts a downer on the evening.” Funny. Because she is a model and obviously sexy, guys can be a bit intimidated. “That I’d say depends on the man himself,” she says, “I’ve known men who were intimidated by me and some who think they are a match for me. Personally, I don’t think there is a man out there that can handle me.” Interesting; honestly… I think I’m too much for her, ha. If she and I were to get close, being too strong-minded people, clashes are inevitable. I would never want that to come between us so I would seek to win her back, showing up with gift in hand. “I don’t really care for gifts,” she laments, “I’d rather a sincere apology, means more than any gift could ever amount to.”



Well I know I like what I’ve learned so far. “Men like me for my looks mainly and a rare few for my charm.” Rare I must be because I like her charm, yet she is hot. I wonder what girls admire about the UK model. “Girls admire my down to earth personality and how comfortable I make them feel around me.” I love a girl who can make other girls feel comfortable. Curves in the right places and an ability to work them must take some upkeep. “I can honestly say I don’t work out,” she explains her maintenance routine. “I love my food, always have. There’s been the odd occasion where I get the urge to go for a run but [it’s] mainly for stress relief.”  Recently, while out on a date Katie experienced one of the funniest moments in her life. Her date was trying to impress and something went terribly wrong. “I won’t say what,” she teases and my imagination gets a jump start. I find my seduced and wanting to know what made her genuinely laugh that evening. “[The] key to a good seduction I find is don’t be shy,” explains the secretive model. “And always have some mystery to yourself. Not only will [you] seem irresistible but the mystery about you will leave them wanting more.”




Photo Credits: Lee Smiles | Malcolm Bailey