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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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The storm explains the previous day’s humidity. The smell of a skunk’s defense mechanism hangs in the air despite the wind and rain; the fact that I’m able to sit outside in a rainstorm and not get wet fleetingly intrigues me. I power up my laptop, I have an angel on my mind. I begin to type. Her mother is African and Native American, Black Foot to be exact and her father is white. Her looks are nothing short of foreign though she’s an American girl. Name Nikole Milan, she currently lives in Milwaukee WI but is originally from Minneapolis MN. Today she is in Angels Playpen.





Since her senior year in high school, Nikole has been urged to become a model. “I was voted most likely to become a model.” It wasn’t until her first photo shoot that she realized what she was meant to do. “I really look up to Tyra Banks,” says the exotic beauty. “She has boobs and a booty yet she has graced the cover of almost every magazine and worked with every company. She is real, driven, humble and caring.” Nikole goes on to tell of Trya’s penchant for not limiting herself to one field. “She goes for it all; multitalented. We are very similar.” Nikole’s other talents include but are not limited to… “Photography, graphic design, reading, travel and shopping.” Yes I believe travel and shopping to be talents. Some people pick the worse places to visit and simply have no sense of style. They are cursed. Yes Nikole is blessed with these talents. “Vegas,” she declares as her favorite city to shop, dine and party. “Hands down for all of the above,” she says with a laugh.



Growing up she was “reserved and shy,” wore baggy clothes, hair in a ponytail and was as she puts it “tall and skinny.” Nowadays Nikole style has changed quite a bit. She no longer wears baggy clothes but most importantly, “I am definitely not shy anymore.” All this came because of her modeling, including “more opportunities to travel.”  She is a public figure now and that brings admiration from guys and gals. “Guys,” she says, “besides my beauty and body, when they can hold a conversation with me and find out how humble I am. Girls,” she continues, “my strength, drive and determination as well as my beauty and body.” Well I can tell you I like her beauty and body too. But I also like how she answers my intrusive questions but hey… someone’s gotta do it!



Her multi-tatted body is curvy; perfect for a night of movies and spooning. She admits she doesn’t work out too much to maintain her physique. “I should make more of an effort to because it is healthy for you no matter how in shape you may look,” warns Nikole. “But thanks to my mom I have an awesome metabolism. I am so busy that I hardly sit still in the first place. However when she does find time to exercise, “I like to bike ride, and go for long walks, and lift weights.” Wonder if she needs a spot.



Her beauty is striking. “Morning-Noon-Night I look like a model,” she says. “I do not have to rely on PhotoShop or tons of makeup. People tell me I look better in person, I take that as a huge compliment since my photos are stunning as well.” Being a model is a full-time job but real work with a company that you’ve always wanted to would be a gift. “Victoria Secret would be amazing,” she admits, “Maybelline, Gucci or Dior.” Her choices show her recognition of great companies… which means her choosing to be a part of angels Playpen brings a smile to my face.  Beauty has its own meaning to us all. “It starts on the inside and makes you glow on the outside,” says Nikole. “Everyone is beautiful; everyone has the ability to glow.”



Since I find myself liking her so much, a free trip to a place of her choosing to unwind doesn’t seem farfetched. In fact, I’d love to. “I would definitely go overseas to Greece or Italy,” she tells me. But should we become close and I inadvertently cause her discomfort, a gift of reconciliation is not uncommon. But would it work on Nikole?   “That's a tough one; it really depends on what it is,” she answers. “A simple apology can go a long way, a shopping spree, jewelry or dinner could work, or it could end the relationship. Hard to answer. I do not put up with too much.” Whoa, okay so she is a little tough. I like that. Insecure guys are intimidated but not I, I would love to have her on my side. If I did manage to get her on a date, I have to be wary of what she hates. “Him asking for gas money after the date, or her has to leave early because he has to give his mom car back to her by a certain time,” she laments. “A yes I have experienced both.” She gets a little romantic when discussing unforgettable moments of love and the art of seduction. The key to a good seduction she says is ‘that magic touch that can make your heart beat so loud that you cannot hear.” And that memorable moment arrives, “when you kiss for the first time and nothing else in the world matters at that moment.” Yup.



“My sign is Pisces,” she tells me of her astrological marker and why it fits. “I am sensitive, creative and trustworthy.”  A simple girl begins to show herself when Nikole talk about things dear to her heart. Her cell phone is the one thing in her life she can’t live without. Heaven on earth for the mixed beauty doesn’t get much simpler. “It’s a tie between a hot shower, and milk and cookies.” She makes sure to genuinely laugh every day. “I surround myself with people who bring it out of me.” When her mother told her how proud she was of her, which easily became the best compliment she ever received. She is motivated by family, success and surprisingly her talent. When she thinks of an angel she thinks of her daughter. When I think of an angel… I think of Nikole.





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