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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Was I just a little intimidated? Admittedly yes. I mean… she was beautiful. She’d already worked with Maxim and Playboy, could I convince her to indulge Angels Playpen? I wanted her to be an angel so bad. Then old and familiar feelings of confidence began to emerge. What the hell was I being timid for? My words are but a painter’s color selection and she an exquisite work of art; we belonged together. I wanted to paint a picture of her for you, with her help of course. My index finger once shivered as it dangled over the enter key; not anymore. I pressed down quickly and uncommonly firm, overcompensating for my earlier moment of weakness. My request made its way to her box. Now I wait.



The wait is over. Today is the day I get to tell you guys a little about this Houston angel; Jennifer Vaughn. My initial intimidation is somewhat validated when she reminds me, “I’ve already shot with Maxim and Playboy internationally.” Angels Playpen is nothing near Maxim or Playboy, yet she decided to grace us. I feel blessed. “Those were the main companies that I wanted to be a part of,” she continues. “Now that I’ve accomplished that I’m targeting more international companies.” Targets locked, Jennifer aims to be the best at what she does. “I had always done beauty pageants while I was younger,” she says. “It wasn’t until about three years ago that I really started taking modeling serious.”



Unlike so many of the beautiful girls who have come to be in the Playpen, Jennifer didn’t start modeling at the urging of friends and family. “Someone told me that I wasn’t good enough and that’s what triggered me to dominate. Since then,” explains the assertive beauty, “I’ve been featured with some of the top named magazine internationally. I’m the one laughing now.” This kind of conflict can make separating career and life very difficult. “A lot of people don’t understand what I’m trying to do here,” says Jennifer. “So at times I really have to fight for what I believe in with my personal life.” I’d say it’s a worthy battle, fight on love.



“I’m an all natural model which is incredibly rare to find. I believe that gives me an extra edge on other models. Everything that I was blessed with was god-given. I’m very fortunate.” And indeed she is fortunate. Jennifer enjoys an occupation that allows genuine laughter. “The girls I work with have me in tears laughing more than half the week,” she admits. “I literally work seven days a week every week so my hobbies outside of working are reading a good novel, going to the range, hanging by the pool, traveling and sleep.” See. Blessed.



Ambitious like her sign would suggest, Jennifer is a Leo. “In charge. A go-getter. Domineering.” Being a go-getter she says ultimately means being concerned with “Being the best.” But modeling isn’t the only thing she is good at. “I’m a sharp shooter,” she says; her words quite surprising to my ears. “No one would expect me to be such a bad being as girly as I am.” True but… she is from Texas. Growing up in Texas, Jennifer wasn’t always so girly. “I was a tomboy,” she confesses. “But once I started modeling I became more intact with fashion, hair and makeup. I gradually became more girly over the years. I grew up with two brothers and I looked up to them. Everything they did I had to do also.” Well, on behalf of all who love her images, glad she came to her senses.



Jennifer admits guys like her for her looks and the gals love her personality, seems reasonable though I’ve heard the exact opposite from some of the other angels. Three years ago she experienced an unforgettable moment of love to the chagrin of her many admirers. “The first time my guy and I laid eyes on each other,” she tells me. A flare a jealousy ignites and dies within seconds. I imagine being on date with her where the worst that could happen, would happen. “Farting,” Jennifer acknowledges. There my dream quickly becomes a nightmare.



She was born and raised in the 4th largest city in the United States: Houston. “There’s always something to do,” she says, “and there’s never a dull moment.” Sounds like a place for one of my adventure laden weekend getaways. But what cities does the natural beauty like to visit for her personal adventures? “Miami. San Diego, Los Angeles and New York,” Jennifer answers. Her ‘Heaven on Earth’ is someplace as opposed to something or someone. “A beautiful white sand beach,” she says ponderously, “with clear blue-green water and lots of sea shells.”



Beauty is important to HTM and Angels Playpen, less for its superficial attributes and more for its ability to affect a person’s psyche. Beauty for Jennifer is about “Confidence in your own skin.” In a world wrought with ugliness and devilish individuals, I look for angels everywhere. “When I think of an angel,” describes Jennifer. “I think of all the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angels.” Blessed with incredible genes she hasn’t had to work out in years to maintain her curvy and nimble frame. She admits guys aren’t really intimidated by how sexy she is. “They seem to be more intrigued than anything.”




Jennifer has a strange love-hate relationship with lingerie shopping. “I swear I own so much lingerie but I never seem to wear it. I could probably go a few months and never repeat a bra.” Hmmm, I wonder why wear one at all? Sarcastically she tells me they only thing she can’t live without is air yet her answer signifies her detachment to earthly possessions. Her wish for the world further illustrates her angelic tendencies. “World peace,” says the Czech, Italian and Spanish seraph. “As cliché as it may sound, it would be amazing.” Happy to have gotten to know a little about the Houston beauty, the sharp shooter emerges when asked what gift I could give if I should find myself seeking her forgiveness and it is said often enough by scholars alike forgiveness doesn’t have a price tag… Jennifer agrees. “No gift would be respected. An apology would go a long way and your actions after the wrongdoing would mean more to me than any gift ever could.” Maybe I’ll just get her some lingerie then. Ha. AP.



Photography provided by: Jose Luis and Diedra Wilson