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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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Heaven on Earth. Words so close, so near our hearts here at Angels Playpen. Life can sometimes be hell, warranting an escape. In the face of hell, nothing else will do. It must be heaven. Unadulterated, unequivocal heaven.  For this reason I urge all to discover their personal ‘Heaven on Earth’. For Philadelphia model, JEM, heaven on earth is some sort of utopia. “A place where we didn’t have to work for money but work for and live off each other” she explains cautiously. “We could each take part and it would be lovely.” Sounds communal.





JEM’s idea of heaven on earth beckons my next inquiry, what is her idea of an angel? “Someone who inspires you and teaches you and guides you through life,” she answers.  I have had numerous angels all around me throughout life, teaching me and mentoring me through each and every step. Angels are there to help you and protect you and to always lead you in the right direction...” I may have to agree with the girl who believes so deeply in inner beauty. “Beauty is in your heart, in your soul. I believe beauty comes from deep within. Beauty is not just skin deep. Some of the most beautiful people have ugly souls.”




German, Czech, Swedish and Indian, she is an exotic cocktail allowing her an almost chameleon like ability to morph in her images. Her foray into modeling is a story told few times in this industry. “I was just in the right place at the right time and got saw by an important photographer.” JEM’s modeling extends beyond the glitz and glamour, or rather digs deeper. “I have a much defined goal with my modeling. I don’t want what most girls want out of modeling. Every step I take is properly planned out and leading to the next step.” She has a very firm guideline for her career. “I know exactly what I want and I am going to get it. I am very determined and disciplined.”


“I would love to work with art galleries around the world. I would always love to do more fashion and commercial work for magazines,” she tells me earnestly. “But my passion lies in artistic work.” Art is a major part of the world of Angels Playpen. You can say it drives us. JEM is most welcome. “I get so inspired by art,” she says, “and it motivates me to be more creative and achieve more. I’m always looking for new inspiration in every aspect of life. I also thrive off of other people’s energy. I love being around other people in the industry and art life.”



Art may motivate the expressive model, but she still enjoys life’s most basic institutions. “I like to hang out with friends. I like watching movies, going on walks, shopping [of course] and going out to eat.” Her favorite places to shop, eat and hangout? “I love New York City,” J E M states. “I also like San Francisco. I actually like every city for different reasons, shopping is good everywhere, then you get a variety of styles and designers. Food is definitely delicious everywhere… I just love nice restaurants.” Me too JEM. Me too. Maybe I can convince her to hang out with me. We can search for heaven on earth together



The more I learn about her the more I see we have in common. Like her I too cannot live without music. “It’s such a wonderful thing,” confesses JEM. “I love every kind of music. From alternative to rock, RnB to techno, pop to country, rap to heavy metal. There is different music for every kind of mood. I pretty much soundtrack my entire life.” Even her childhood draws similarities to mine. “Honestly, I was kind of a nerd growing up at first,” she says prompting visions of my younger more cerebral years. “Then I grew up a little bit and school became less important. I always had lots of friends, but I switched schools several times so I was always making new friends. ” But she is not the same little angel from Minneapolis. “I’ve grown up a lot. Traveling the world by myself and being so disciplined has taught me a lot. I feel I have experienced so much in such little time and I feel so lucky for all of it. I have become more passionate for people and I have a much higher respect for artists and career men and women. I know some people become obsessed with the glamour and the industry and become a different person, but that’s just not me.” Her words resonate within the realm of my soul. She then continues. “I am so fortunate to have had this experience and I want to share it with as many people as possible. I really do thrive to be a motivation and a mentor to others. I have learned so much and I just keep learning more each day. Life is a beautiful thing and I learned to not take it for granted.”



Something else we share: The city she calls home is the city that birthed me; Philadelphia. “Philadelphia is amazing,” charged words declaration from the sexy girl. “It’s so artsy and beautiful! There are painted murals on tons of building, colorful flowers and statues everywhere.” Yup, that’s my city. She has a special mention of the people of Philly that warms my heart. “The people here are pretty awesome too; usually. Lots of artists, creative people: like minds!”  JEM is from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, where so many of my family members migrated but live in the Chicago-Milwaukee area for a few years before settling in the city of brotherly love.




With so much in common JEM could easily become a close and dear friend. What is it I like so much about her? “I’m real,” JEM exclaims. “I’m intentional with my words and I’m loyal. I don’t act fake to impress anyone. I’m always me and I’m happy with that. I’m confident and proud. I’m fun and outgoing. I strike up conversations with anyone and I’m always comfortable in my own skin.” My loyalty is unquestioned, but should I make her upset what give would she accept as forgiveness? “Hmmm…,” she begins, “maybe a gift certificate to an awesome store! Shopping always makes me happy.” Different though she may be she is still a woman. JEM would someday love to see peace come to the world; it’s imperative she says. “Fighting is unnecessary. We are all on the same team… we’re all human beings. I know it’s an impossible thing to wish for but I think it would be a beautiful thing.” That to me sounds like ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Angels Playpen. HTM.


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