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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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The sprinklers were a pleasant surprise. Out on my terrace, I’d just opened my laptop, when the air around me on this miserably hot day dropped a few noticeable degrees. The mist from the watering system felt most welcome to my skin. Working perfectly with the spray, the sun’s rays produced holographic rainbows that appeared and disappeared like miniature apparitions. I was surrounded by phantom rainbows. Feeling celestial, I decided to open up my spirits to our next feature angel; Mercedez.





“Hello,” she says. “My name is Mercedez and I am originally from Lorain, OH.” Hello Mercedez. Welcome to Angels Playpen. Mercedez now lives in the city of Columbus OH. “Columbus is so great cause there’s a little of everything. Easton and Polaris, but then campgrounds and lakes,” Mercedez tells all she loves about her city. “And of course the spirit of OSU makes it a one of a kind place.” I’m guessing I should visit; even if it’s just to see Mercedez.  Though she loves where she lives, there are a few other cities worthy of her presence. “NYC has my heart,” says the Ohio beauty. “I love Miami,” she continues placing special emphasis on the word love, “and [I] absolutely adore the Bahamas. I am hoping to visit Vegas and San Diego this summer and I couldn’t be more excited.”



Traveling isn’t the only thing that gets Mercedez excited. “I’m graduating from Ohio State. I have a big interest in a career in law. I love working at bars and doing promos. My younger siblings are my biggest hobby and run home to visit my little sister every chance I get. Sports Center and UFC are the only things on my TV.” Since she loves to do so much, motivation is key. She admits to being motivated by her and her little sister.  “I’m from a small town; everyone wants to leave, but nobody ever does. I’ve always been motivated to see more, do more. I don’t see anything wrong with the small-town life, but I just want to see and do everything before I settle down and stay in one place.” The girl makes sense.




She doesn’t find it very hard to balance her personal life with her aspirations. “My career as a model,” she says, “is a big part of my personal life and I have a supporting boyfriend and family.” I get a little sad at the mention of a boyfriend, but there is something special about wanting something you can’t have. Still I wanted to know what’s the worst that could happen on a date with her? “Hmmm…,” she begins thoughtfully. “Probably a bad kiss. Not like he did anything wrong, everything was going great but instead of the kiss making it better it just killed the mood. That or a guy who stays on his cell.” When I asked if men were ever intimidated by her she quickly responded “not any man I would be interested in.” This brought a smile to my face.


Growing up she admits to being a tomboy. “You have no idea! I didn’t wear girl’s clothes until my sophomore year of high school. I played football and rode BMX bikes with all the boys.” Today she is a model and with that comes a few changes. “Not too much,” says Mercedez, “just had to replace the basketball shorts with lingerie.” As a model, it’s not her looks that separate her from the pack. “There are so many other beautiful models with aspirations and motivations. I’d say the only thing that may separate me is exposure to loss. I feel like I experienced a lot at a very young age, so I don’t take life for granted. I don’t have time to be mad or hold grudges, life doesn’t wait for you.”



Her grandmother is her “Angel”. Peanut butter Cup ice cream is her “Heaven on Earth”. Her unforgettable moment of love? “Seeing the boy, in the airport, just back from Iraq. I can’t describe it.” No need. Mercedez is a Leo. Everything about her sign fits. “My zodiac is right on target,” she says. She genuinely laughs everyday and the best compliment she ever received was “You inspire me.” Two things she has a love/hate relationship with? “Buffalo wings and my freckles.” Her ‘Hidden Treasure?’ “Umm… I was Valedictorian of my high school; most people are rather surprised to hear that!” Well. Beauty and brains: An awesome combination. The key to a good seduction? The Massage. Whoever said foreplay was overrated wasn't doing it right. Mercedez is Irish and Italian thought she readily admits, “The Irish seems to show itself more.” Her idea of beauty she says is “being comfortable in your own skin. Being able to walk around in lingerie or just an old t-shirt and feel good.” Looking at her images it’s not hard to tell she knows she’s beautiful. Angels Playpen. HTM.


Photos By J. Scott