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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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After a long weekend, full of music, beautiful girls, and fireworks I am finally anchored in tranquility. Out on this small semi-enclosed terrace, the sky is full of clouds but not those depressing grey ones. These were the fluffy white type, which can turn an ordinary blue sky into a more textured vision of paradise. New South Wales is a place that has beautiful scenes to get lost in. From its beaches to its women, New South Wales offers an array of visions worthy of a gander. One such vision is Louise Taylor, a New South Wales angel who has been living in Perth for a couple of months now.


But I should be weary of calling her an angel. For her idea of an angel resembles someone else. “My beautiful sister Claire,” she says, “who passed away at the age of 5 from a brain aneurysm.”  She further describes her as “The most amazing little angel in heaven.” But she also understands that angels can come in many forms. “Also that friend who has always been there, knows everything about you and still loves you, [and] when you remember the best times they are there every time!”



She is an Aries; curious and direct. She readily admits, “I get bored with things quickly and am on to a new task pretty soon.” It doesn’t look as if she’ll get bored with modeling anytime soon. “My mum paid for a professional shoot for me as a surprise awhile ago,” Louise tells me of her start in modeling. “I had a great time and the photographer referred me to some agencies. I was in school at the time so [I] didn’t follow up. Recently moving to Perth and job seeking I decided to give it a shot and am really enjoying myself.”


“I like to get as much out of my life as possible,” she says. “I think that this is what motivates me. As much as I love sleeping, it gets me up in the morning and helps me to make the most of each day.” I like the idea of making the most of my days as well. “I love the beach,” she ventures. “I will get there any time I possibly can. I love the gym when I can get there and I love shopping.” Louise loves to travel too. She visited her sister in Los Angeles last year and “had an amazing time,” she announces energetically. “I 4wd across the country with my family growing up, now I have been to every state in Australia and am planning a trip to Bali for New years to catch up with old friends from New South Wales.” Her ideal destination for a little time to unwind for the weekend? “I would love to go to the Greek islands but I think I would need more than a weekend.”



On a day like this, a little adventure in shopping, add in good dining, would be perfect and tops it off with a night of drinks and music. But I would require the company of an angel like Louise. I’m sure she has her favorite place to go so I think I’d let her take lead. “I haven’t been here for long enough to explore Perth,” Louise begins detailing her favorite places. “But I love this bar in Freemantle, I don’t remember the name of it but it has every flavor vodka you could imagine; my favorite is Killer Python. And I love to going into City Centre to shop.”


A good friend I am but occasionally I can be insensitive and direct resulting in an apology or small gift of reconciliation. “A Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut,” she announces.”The ultimate apology.” I see she isn’t so high maintenance. However she can’t live without her phone. “Whoever invented the iPhone… genius! Those things do everything.”



“I come from a Scandinavian background on my dad’s side,” Louise tells of her lineage, “and Scottish background on my mum’s side.” For her growing up was the best, I think I would have loved to be her friend. “I had a great childhood,” she confesses. “We went 4WD a lot with a few other families all over the Country and Raised money and awareness for the Australian Kidney Foundation Fund Run with Extreme Outback travel and I loved it, most kids go to the City on their holidays, but I was exploring the Great Ocean Road, the Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. I was in the first Royal Flying Doctors Road Ambulance in Alice Springs after running into the back of a Camper Trailer at the age of 4. I have seen parts of this country that most girls my age don’t even know exist. I was a lucky girl to have those kinds of experiences growing up.”





As far as I am concerned, she seems like a sweetheart and any guy would be lucky to have her.  She imagines the worst that could happen on a date. “Tummy farts,” she says. “They always happen at the most inconvenient times and there is no way to control it.” If you’re blessed with the opportunity to have her as company for an evening, and your only wish it to please her, Louise has a vision of heaven on earth. “A never-ending beach party,” she proclaims, “With a huge fire, BBQ, fairy lights, all my friends and family and a free bar… and no sharks in the water.” Sounds like Angels Playpen to me. HTM.


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