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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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As day gives way to night, we come to the subject of Ashley Graham. The day has been rather peaceful, I spoke with one of my favorite angels about two movies ago and the night looks like it will end well. Ashley is from San Diego, however she currently calls Atlanta home. Her images represent what Angels Playpen has come to stand for: Uncompromisingly sensual, unforgiving in its art and provocative by design.



As courageous as Ashley’s shoots are she is surprisingly reserved. “I’m very quiet and shy the first few times you meet me,” she says, “and I don’t like crowds.” If I had to judge by her photos alone I would never have expected this declaration. “I was a party girl when I went to high school [but] before that I was pretty shy and conservative.” These characteristics come with being a Cancer. “The quiet until I get to know someone fits real well,” she says about her sign. “I'm very reserved until I figure out people and their motives.”



Regardless of the motives of others Ashley’s motives are pretty straight forward. “I grew up in a household where everyone always had me strive to be the best and a house full of workaholics. I'm sure that is my main motivator, my drive to be the best.” I understand this all too well. Influenced initially by the girls of Victoria’s Secret, she decided to become a model after acting and then moving to the east coast. “As I learned about model mayhem,” she says of later influences, “I started liking Betcee May, Danielle Trixie, Tiana Hunter, and such other nude models.” Makes sense as Ashley’s portfolio contains quite a few explicit images. Be warned.



Ashley’s idea of beauty is not centered on looks or physique; she says it’s more about confidence. “I have girl crushes on tons of different looking girls, but the main factor seems to be confidence, so to be pretty I'd say you have to be a confident.” She herself has a great body that she maintains seasonally. “I go through spurts of working out,” she tells me. Right now I’m trying or should I say struggling to do P90X.” This makes me laugh. A picture of her struggling to get through one of the rigorous sessions suddenly pops in mind.



As my night progresses, the realization that sleep is close dawns yet I have more to tell about Ashley. She is part Danish, Swedish, and Mexican. She admits that she can’t live without her phone. “I’d die of boredom,” she says. She’d one day love a hoverboard, and her ideal destination at any given moment is the beach. “Oh, I love the beach,” confesses the sexy girl who tries to genuinely laugh once a day.



Love is an important topic for me and I wanted to know her opinion. “I’ve only been in love twice,” Ashley tries to describe an unforgettable moment of love. “I don’t really know. As of now; probably the fact that I have someone who doesn’t celebrate holidays or birthdays to take me to swim with dolphins for my birthday.” I guess simple is sometimes so much better for us.


She quickly admits she has no clue of what an angel would look like. “Victoria Secret angels?” Ashley asks jokingly. I ask this question to probe the childlike dreams in us all. But apparently Ashley is well grounded in reality. Heaven on earth for the reality restricted sex symbol is “the beach at sunset,” she proclaims. And for me sunrise or sunset on the beach is a taste of heaven.



My bed is calling me yet I’m with Ashley now. Ever so reluctant to let her go but I must. I like her as do so many others I imagine. “I guess for guys because as a model, I’m a fantasy,” she does her best to explain what I or anyone may admire about her. “For girls,” she says, “probably because I’m sweet and normal and down to earth.”  Deep down she has been the same reserved girl, nothing changing since become a model. “Not too much really,” she agrees. “I work a lot more and am more responsible and have a lot more life experience but that’s about it.” Well from Angels Playpen and HTM we hope she never changes.