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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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I’m smoking hookah; a Corona sits to my right, a slice of lime adorns my bottle like a flag.  My Fire N Ice family is here with me or more like I’m with my Fire N Ice family at our little lounge and nightclub nestled in Fords, Nj. HTM is always present wherever I should happen to be and lately South Florida has been calling me. Brittani Dee is one of the reasons I can’t wait to invade the Floridian peninsula. She is from Ft. Lauderdale; a city that sees 10 million visitors a year; none more relevant than myself as I expect to make quite an impression following HTM’s invasion. With the help of beautiful girls like Brittani… the world will become Angels Playpen.



Brittani insists that, “not all ‘hot’ girls are dumb and only focused on looks.” This something I already know due to my time spent interrogating these ‘hot’ girls. “I am actually a very intellectual person,” Brittani tells me. “I am always learning new things.” Cool, I think to myself… cause I have a few lessons to give. “I am an Aries,” she says. “Everything about that sign pertains to me; Natural born leader, outgoing, spontaneous and impatient.”

Of Northern Italian decent, she nevertheless embodies Ft. Lauderdale as much as the forts the area is so known for.  She even goes so far as to say, “Everything I could possibly want to buy and party in is Miami.” And the best thing about the city she lives in? “The Beach,” she answers. When asked to describe her idea of heaven on earth, she thoughtfully replied, “Fiji” adding “Tropical, mountainous, clear blue skies and ocean” before finally letting me know that “Fiji then Egypt if I have time.” Hmmm… I think we can make time for angel to enjoy herself.

Not a girl to sit around in the dumps she confesses to laughing a lot believing that “laughter is very important.” I too believe this to be true. Maybe someday one of my jokes will offend my new found friend: Brittani Dee. If so, I’d say a gift would be in order; I would want her forgiveness. “Something sweet,” she says is the perfect remorse gift. “[Something] pertaining to our friendship would mean a lot.”





She is certainly a beautiful girl so I’m sure she has tons of admirers. “I think guys like my ass most,” she admits and I see why. “I do lots of yoga and work out 2 – 4 times a week,” she says of her regime for staying fit and sexy. However “sometimes” guys are intimidated by her.  Certainly she has female admirers as well.  “I’d hope girls would admire my drive for success,” Brittani states wishfully. She hates a date that “smells bad” and says the key to a good seduction is “Appearance and movements.”


Her definition of beauty is “Clean and Confident” with “Sweet and Glamorous” being her idea of an angel.  The best compliment she ever received was, “That I have great energy and presence.”  A love/hate relationship with Facebook is a bit of a problem for the South Florida beauty. “I hate it but love the connections you can make,” she tells me.


Brittani became a model at the urging of some friends and “my love for Glitz and Glam,” she valiantly points out. “My influences include the Victoria Secret Models as well as Marissa Miller, and Kim Kardashian.” She would love to work with “Guess, Chanel, Betsy Johnson, Juicy Couture, or China Dolls.”


As a model, some things have changed for her. “Physically, I am defiantly more girly. I like to dress up and always look good. Personality wise not much,” she says with a laugh. “I had a ‘I don’t give a Fuck about anything attitude’ growing up,” Brittani explains.  “And [I] was very ‘tomboyish’, now I still do what I want to do, that makes me happy but I am more feminine than ever before.”






Motivated by “ultimate success,” she has no problem balancing her career with her personal life. “I love staying active,” Brittani says of her activities outside of modeling. She enjoys yoga, working out, swimming, tanning and dancing. Her ambition can take her many places and cause her to give up many things but there is one thing she can’t live without. “My doggy, Rawly.” Damn, I was hoping she’d say HTM.


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