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Angels - Playpen
Written by Bless Theangels | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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With so much to consider, I search for inspiration and direction. Placing myself in the presence of beauty automatically opens me up to the more  pleasant things about life. It could be the beauty of a person, beauty spread across an amazing natural landscape, or beauty in brilliant and creative design of any discipline; regardless I am positively affected. This evening, as I listen to Ro James ask for 'Permission' and enjoy a tumbler of whiskey, I allow my thoughts to be free as I work on an interview with an angel. Her name is Hannah Nicole, an all natural model from Southport which is in the Northwest UK.



"I am British Caucasian," says Hannah, "half my family originate from Southport and my other half of the family live in Livepool." Culture and lineage are important in Angels Playpen. "Quiet and peaceful," she says describing where she grew up. "[It] was really nice where I grew up." Today she admits that not a lot of her childhood friends are around. Hannah further admits that her mother has always been her inspiration. Though she has lost friends and associates due to her decision to be a model,  through it all her mother has been her "Rock." Hannah's message to those friends who weren't very supportive; "Take me or leave me," are her stern words, "I am who I am."



Hannah's foray into modeling started rather by chance. She was approached by a model scout who saw something in the 5'8 dark haired angel who offered to shoot her and then proceeded to show her how to successfully launch a modeling career. "This is what I'm passionate about," she tells me. "I will continue to fulfill my dreams, live my life and be happy." After a long day of work as a model, it's only right that she end it with a flic for her fans. "I usually take a sexy snap, upload it, then hit the lights," Hannah informs. "I do like my beauty sleep."



"My ideal destination would definitely be Amsterdam," Hannah says of where she would gladly take a sponsored vacation. "I love the city, it's so beautiful. I love to eat, shop and party in Amsterdam as it's awesome for all these things. A stunning city with so much life," she says excitedly. Hannah tells me she isn' too fussy, she just love her food and to party. "I never like to take life too serously," confesses the eighteen year old model.



Hannah is a Libra which means she is "easy and sociable," she says. "I am super friendly and easy to get along with." Though she already knows this about herself, she is constantly learning about herself. "I have recenlty discovered in myself confidence and self-belief anything is possible if you put your mind to it."



I couldn't imagine Hannah walking through a room an not receiving a compliment. "I love being complemented on the color of my eyes as they are pretty different," she confesses. She is indeed sexy with a slight girl-next-door vibe. But when does she feel sexiest? Saturday night in a tight dress or Sunday morning in an oversized tee and comfy slippers sipping coffee? "I definitely feel at my sexiest when I am going out on a Saturday all dressed up and feeling fab opposed to the day after feeling rough, definitely," she says. "Who wouldn't right?"



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