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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid Bless Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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While immensely enjoying a peanut butter and jelly crepe, my thoughts head in the direction of contrast. Seemingly unfitting components coming together was creating something new. I have with me Kitty D. Kitty is an old interview, but her story still deserves to be told. And why not. I won't be the first to say great things about this angel, I'm sure she has received compliments her entire life. "Sometimes," she says about guys who seem intimidated by the tatted beauty. "They tend to stare and give me lots of compliments." I try to imagine the compliment that resonates the most with her up to now. "Probably that I am a great person and a great friend," Kitty recalls. "The best compliment is knowing that I am here for the people I love and that appreciate it."


Let's get to know Kitty a little more. "I like to go by Kayleigh or 'Kitty' Danielle," says our tatted angel, "and I am originally from the East Coast city of Baltimore, Maryland. I've lived in and around Columbus, Ohio since I was 11 and proudly represent the scarlet and gray!" Since Angels Playpen loves the beauty of culture and heritage. "My family has been in America for several generations, but most of my roots can be traced back to Northern Europe," she says, "mainly Germany and Scandinavian. This explains my inability to tan and my naturally strawberry blonde hair!"

As a young lady, she admits to three things. "I was a tomboy, a daddy's girl and a total nerd," says the tattooed angel. "I loved to play in the mud, shoot guns, play my video games and didn't have a care in the world about clothes, makeup or hair! I'm still very much the same, except for the clothes, makeup and hair part." Even becoming a model did nothing to significantly change the person she has always been. "I'm a little more confident and get a little more attention from my guy friends, but other than that I am still the same person I was and that will never change."

Living in the Columbus, Ohio area, Kitty loves the people there. "There are so many different and amazing people who live there," she emphasizes. "I meet tons of new characters every time I go downtown and have made some of the coolest friends." Maybe one day I could even be her friend, except I'm sure my occasional self-centeredness would cause her to get mad at me. Of course I would wish to do nothing but make amends, usually with gift in hand. "A stuffed animal," she demands. "I absolutely adore them and have a huge collection! They're something that has always made me happy ever since I was a little girl."

"I'm really a bad girl trapped inside a good girl's body," Kitty explains. "I'm very sweet, innocent and shy, but there's a darker side to me that most people don't see unless they get to know me. I'm one girl you wouldn't want to mess with!" I feel like we are getting somewhere now, learning the inner-workings of a tattooed model. "I love to read and draw," she continues. "I'm a fairly good artist and would love to take some classes to help improve my skills. I also love to do tons of outdoor activities like hiking, biking or even just taking a walk downtown."

One of the more noticeable things about Kitty are her eyes. "I love their color," she says, "but I hate how I am blind as a bat without contacts or glasses!" Blind she may be, still with those eyes she can be quite seductive. "The key to a good seduction is to feel it deep in your soul," Kitty laments. "If you're trying to seduce someone in a photo or in person and your heart isn't in it.... it won't be as powerful and commanding as you need it to be. Eyes say everything... and you must be confident to pull it off!" Still, there is much more to admire about our angel. "The fact that despite all the attention I've been getting, I'm still a good person. I'm not a snob and I don't ever look down on people," she offers. "Whether you're a nerd or a football player, I treat everyone as if they were my friend."

"I am a Pisces," declares Kitty, "and everything about it fits me perfectly. "There is not a single characteristic that I don't have. I like to daydream, [I] expect the best of people and things and I'm extremely loving and artistic."

Of course, being the hopeless romantic that I am, unforgettable moments of love deserve recognition and praise. "Those moments when you are tucked into the arms of the one you care about the most in the world, looking into their eyes and seeing how much they truly love you, while blinking back tears of happiness... are unforgettable and will be memories you cherish your entire life," Kitty tells with the thoughtfulness and all the appeal of a poem. She gets to genuinely laugh everyday, which is rare for so many of us. "When you have someone in your life that knows exactly how to make you smile, laughter becomes a common thing in your life," she offers thoughtfully.

"This may come as a surprise, but my boyfriend was the one who actually got me into modeling," she says with a measure of excitement. "He's been my biggest supporter throughout my career and I could not have come as far as I have without him. He's always willing to help out during my shoots and even did one with me." As far as influences go, Kitty has very few. "For the most part," she says, "I like my modeling to express how I am as a person, but there are two people that I look up to right now. One is Tiffany Habib, who has accomplished so much in her career so quickly and is one of my favorite glamour models. The other is Taylor-Brynne, who I adore because of her unique photos and amazing ink."

Motivation is key, being driven by something outside ourselves is the pervasive element to success and happiness. "My love of creating beautiful images, not only in front of but also behind the camera. It was my initial love of taking photos that lead me to try modeling. It also means that I tend to be very picky with my images." Still motivation is not all there is, one must seek balance between life and career. "Sometimes it's hard to schedule shoots or events with things I'd like to do in my free time, but for the most part I manage to spend the time I need with family and friends as well as get my job done."

Kitty is the life of the party, a fun-loving beauty who admits she's quite the character. "I love to have fun," she says. "My personality and my appearance both are my best examples that I am very spunky and upbeat and it shows in my photos! I have a very alternative look and refuse to change that for anyone. I am who I am and I'm proud to be me." Being the character she is, Kitty is addicted to hair color it seems. "I'm a natural strawberry blonde, but I always grow bored with hair," she confesses. "Whether it's a touch up or total change, hair dye is a necessity!" Not only is her hair naturally strawberry blonde, but apparently to be as sexy as she is, no maintenance is required, she's 100% natural. "I have recently thought about working out in order to tone-up more and reach the point where I want to be. I definitely don't need to lose any weight, just gain some muscle."

Regardless of what she does, Kitty will always be beautiful. "Beauty," she says, "is something that is both inside and out. Even if you have a gorgeous exterior, if you're rotten to the core you aren't a beautiful person. You don't have to be pretty to be beautiful, you just have to have a good heart and good intentions." Feeling somewhat seduced, I wonder if she has a secret. "The key to a good seduction," she explains, "is to feel it deep in your soul. If you're trying to seduce someone in a photo or in person and your heart isn't in it... it won't be as powerful and commanding as you need it to be. Eyes say everything," she says with a pause. "And you must be confident to pull it off."