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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Irony... Wintry weather confronts me as I head to my favorite Starbucks to escape people and join the world of words and wonder. Irony... A photographer becomes a model. "I'm a photographer by trade and whenever I'd spend time with my mentors or at workshops they'd always ask me why I didn't model and would ask me to pose for them and try new ideas," says Marissa Martin, my companion for this phonetic exercise. "In time," she continues, "I fell in love with modeling. I blame my love for what I do on my dear friend Gary [from] TK Productions out of Charleston, SC, who taught me what I know today."



When we think of models, we rarely think 'substance' which is ironic because I have come across more substance than not within these angels I am so blessed to interview and learn from. Behind our current angel's beauty lay the heart of an... angel. "My inner drive to help others and how loyal I am to those I love," is what Marissa's knows people would be most surprised at. "I'm selfless and I'm more about helping others then helping myself," she says. "I know in the end it will make me successful. I believe in good karma." Starting out as a photographer, then transitioning into modeling has only increased her drive. "My consciousness to continue to strive to be a good role model for all ages," she says, capturing her spirit in one sentence.



"I own a freelance photography business, which I am currently working on a project I wish to publish into a portrait book to sell for donation to therapy groups," says Marissa. "With this money, I plan to open a studio and launch 2 nonprofit organizations out of in the future. I'm naturally an entrepreneur and believe in the 'self-made, self-paid' lifestyle. I'll never be rich, but the experiences, the people I've met and helped and what I know my future holds for me makes me the richest woman alive." The beauty in what she does comes from the fact that she loves it so deeply. "When you find a job you love," she says, "you'll never work a day in your life."



Articulately positioned, her words are thoughtful, purposeful. It is the people that doubted her that motivate Marissa more than anything; compounding her sense of purpose. "Accomplishing things people say I can't or shouldn't do," she admits she's become quite clever at. As a Scorpio, her "stubbornness" and "sly way" to get what she needs out of life are most befitting of her. "I keep my friends close and my enemies closer."



Choosing words to describe her idea of 'heaven on earth', she says, "A world where people love and never die."  Graphic and sincere, she speaks of a world that doesn't seem possible but the point she makes is commendable. It would be great to live to love and fights were infrequent but somehow genuine; like between good friends. If she and I should one day consider one another good friends and we had a disagreement where unpleasantries were exchanged, I would eventually seek her forgiveness. "One single handpicked flower," she demands as restitution, which I'd gladly concede.



Defining beauty, she states, "To be natural and rock his/her own unique look." Marissa herself possesses a distinct beauty. Her Italian heritage gives both beauty and passion, each of which she manages a significant amount. To some this can be intimidating; off-putting even. "I wish they wouldn't be," she says. "I'm so much more than just a pretty face." Beyond the pretty face, a spirit exists that wishes so much for the world we live in. "For war to end and for the LGBT community to be able to love and marry without judgement."



Marissa is from Cleveland, Ohio. She currently lives in the area but is hesitant to divulge an exact location which in todays social climate is understandable. "I haven't had the chance to venture out much," she says. "I'm born and raised in the sticks and I don't think you can take the country out of this girl."  Of Italian decent, she appreciates her hometown for, "The people and that at any time I need something I know my town has my back." If she had a choice of destinations for a free vacation, a gift of leisure, she gets a little excited at the thought of her answer. "Bora, Bora," she responds. "My dream destination."



In the gym six days a week, Marissa spends two to three hours per visit. The former tomboy has the perfect lifestyle to maintain her finely tuned physique; her commitment to a healthy regime is quite evident. Strength and determination characterizes her, colors her formidable and gives her what she needs reach heights some say she can't reach. This makes her a perfect fit to one day work with top fitness brands. Other companies such as Monster Energy, Harley Davidson, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, GQ and Victoria's Secret are on her list to work with in the future. "Really," she says about companies she wants to work with, "anything that's willing to represent me as much as I would for them."



Photos By: Mike Behlke of MLB Photography

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