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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Shy and quiet. She would go about her day, chin-to-chest and eyes down; avoiding eye contact. This was many years ago, before modeling, before the photo shoots, outfits and events. Back then she was less colorful, traveled about dressed in all black. “I just didn’t want to be noticed,” she remembers clearly. We remember defining moments in our individual histories, becoming a model was one of those moments for Andrea. “I got into modeling because I had many people, including direct family members, putting me down and saying mean things.”


Even after Andrea began modeling, she was still somewhat shy. “I started my modeling like page on Facebook to force me to talk to my fans and break out of my introvert shell,” she says. “It’s worked very well and I’m much more confident talking to strangers about business now.” She is motivated by the naysayers and as the hood says; player-haters. “Proving to the world that I’m powerful and motivated,” she says drives her, “and worth something.” One person has been a die-hard supporter. “My husband is a huge motivator for me, he’s always pushing me to follow my dreams,” she professes. “He’s also my main photographer and we’ve grown leaps and bounds working with each other.” Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, Spencer’s, Hot Topic, Veve Swimwear are just a few of the brands and companies Andrea would love to work with.



“I’m very smart,” she answers when asked about surprise qualities; her Hidden Treasures if you will allow. “I took the ACT in 5th grade and scored a 22.” There are a lot of smart models I’ve come to realize, however it’s their experiences that separate them from one another. “I was part of the technical theater for my junior high and high school,” outlines Andrea. “I also did public radio for three years. I’m a technical minded person and I like knowing how things work. I can do a lot more than just stand there and look pretty.” Her evident sex-appeal and good looks can be intimidating to some but Andrea finds that the opposite happens. “Most men find it a reason to talk to me and try to get my attention.”



Standing and looking pretty, Andrea manages to attract her share of creeps but there are also pleasant points and the occasional admirer. “Most women admire my kindness and honesty,” she says. “Guys tend to like the physical things like my body.” She admits that she keeping that which men like in good shape isn’t too hard for her. “I do work out,” she says, “but I don’t have to try too hard right now. I tend to walk about six miles every other day and I do some weight training in between to tone out certain parts of my body.” As far as beauty goes, she likes to see toned bodies on both men and women, proof kof them taking care of themselves. “If they don’t take care of themselves, why would they take care of you?” she reflects. “But happiness seems to make a person glow.”



She doesn’t work out, seems like there is no need and I think I see why when Andrea confesses she is a foodie. “I’m a huge food fan,” she says, “[I] would never give that up for anything.” In the case of a friendship between she and I developing and being strained by something I did to make her upset; food would do as an apology. “Like good sushi,” Andrea laments, “or Thai food.”



When she isn’t modeling, Andrea occupies her time in ways that are refreshing. “Restoring my cars, archery, rock wall climbing, rollerblading, horseback riding,” she says of her favorite activities. Still, even though she is telling us all the things she does outside of modeling, creating costumes and concepts for photo shoots is something she loves to do as well.


“I was born and raised in Central Utah,” she says. “I don’t live in the city I was born in but I don’t represent anywhere either, since I don’t have a stable home.” No stable home, she has no place she considers home but she finds heaven in select locations. “Somewhere warm but not hot, with moving water like a river or ocean. Somewhere I can be comfortable in modern technology but I can still love simply. Somewhere with awesome food.” Morro Bay, a seaside town in California is perfect for good food and a great day out. “So is Park City and Lake Tahoe,” she further declares as great destinations for dining, shopping and perhaps a party or two.



I wanted to know more about her background, where her family was from; her lineage. “My family was always very active in exploring not only our ancestry but the food and cultures of much of the world. We always burned a mini Viking Ship on the solstice and make the foods like Yorkshire pudding on Christmas,” she explains before stating, “We are primarily French and Celtic.”



“I would love to for the lies to stop,” encourages Andrea, her plea to the world. “No more wars being started or sustained because someone is covering up the real reason.” There seems to be a bit of an activist in her, a side I find commendable. “No more taxes raised because some politician wants a fourth summer home.” Thoughtful with a curiously defiant spirit, she is nevertheless an angel. “Someone who is always uplifting no matter what,” her idea of an angel sounds accurate. “Someone who always gives you what you need and helps you attain what you want. Angels are real people,” she continues, “and they always stick by your side.”