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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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It’s been a long day. Looking for a little peace of mind, I settle in front of my laptop, the cacophony of reality spills from the television as a popular supposed non-scripted program airs. That’s not reality. My reality revolves a constant search for all that is beautiful. True beauty. Our angel, the beauty that we focus on now, Danielle McConnell her own idea about what beauty means to her. “Someone who has beauty on the inside and out,” she tells me and I am inclined to agree. Now we move to discover the beauty that she herself is.



Native American and Irish, her roots point to a distinct American history, one that is unique to us Americans, but has played out in cultures around the world; the arrival of the new becoming one with the old. Danielle is from Ogden, Utah, a town north of Salt Lake City. “I have lived in the same city my whole life,” she admits rather proudly. “Most people would say it's ‘ghetto’ but to me it's home.” Ghetto to me means… relaxed; ordinary. “I absolutely love going to Olive Garden,” she admits hinting at how down to earth she is. “Italian food is my favorite!”



Danielle loves driving around without an apparent destination and settling in the outdoors for a little camping. “I’m fresh, eighteen, have no tattoos and I’m blonde,” she says of qualities that allow her to stand out from the crowd. She believes most people that get to know her admire her for her open-mindedness and outlook on life. Her outlook on life seems to be one with her idea of love, true love. “Anything different,” Danielle says about experiencing true love, “nothing like the storybook fairytales that sound so cheesy.”



Like me, Danielle has a true love, hate relationship with people. “They can be the best or worst thing ever,” she agrees. Still, I try. We both have developed a keen eye, which I believe helps us weed out the good people from the bad. “Understanding people,” she says about her most clever gift. “I love watching the way that people work and act in different ways.” Being as we are both very leery of ‘others’, I imagine that the blonde angel and I could one day actually be friends but I must admit to be insensitive sometimes and can be inadvertently offensive. If this should occur between us after becoming close friends I would certainly seek her forgiveness, being a kindred spirit, I find our friendship worth salvaging. “Coffee,” Danielle demands as a gift of reconciliation. “It’s the only thing to make me happy sometimes,” she admits.



We all have things about ourselves that have little to do with the outside world. “I’m a total Dr. Who nerd,” she says with apparent abandon. “I can tell you more about anything Dr. Who related than you’d ever expect.” As an adolescent, Danielle was an introvert. “Shy,” she emphasizes, “tried to keep to myself and was very timid.” And now that she is model and public figure, she says she is still pretty much the same. “I have tried not to let it affect my life on a personal aspect.” I find this hard to believe, but there is an obvious strength hidden behind all that cuteness.



With beauty comes attention which usually precedes compliments and comments. “All compliments are equally great,” she says, “it’s someone taking the time to let you know something is appreciated.” If she wanted to seduce you, she would. “Knowing what the person wants and desires,” she confesses the key to a successful seduction.”



“Knowing that I could possibly be something, someday,” states our angel as she ponders what motivates her. Danielle is not the type of girl to let her career choice affect her personal life. “There is a time for work and a time for play,” she says confidently. Sometime work feels more like play, garnering laughter and smiles as she lends her visage to some worthy cause. “At the Salt Lake City, Utah Comic-Con,” says our angel about the last time she genuinely laughed. “There are some funny people that go there.” Her open-mindedness even prevails in her ambitions. “I am leaving my options open,” she says when asked which companies she’d love to work with some day. “Honestly,” she adds, “I just love the self-expression that can be done with modeling. I’ve been really inspired by the girls who come with new and bold ideas every time.”



Beyond the modeling, her ideals are approachable and relative. However, there is one thing she would love to see happen in this world… “For our communities to communicate again,” she utters. Even when out on a date, there are lines she feels shouldn’t be crossed no matter how benign or seemingly harmless. “Calling our waitress hot,” she says almost as a distant memory. “It has happened to me before.” She doesn’t work out; staying fit and sexy is just a natural state of affairs. “My working out is not eating Del Taco every Tuesday,” she states ironically, noting that men are usually intimidated by how sexy she is until… “You find the overly confident guy.”



An angel, visually appealing and emotionally taunting, is unique however Danielle suggests something a little more substantial. “A person who thinks of others just as much or more than themselves,” opines the beauty. Heaven on earth, she says, involves mountains. “Going for a drive up the canyons is always bliss to me.” Her ideal destination for a weekend getaway, sponsored by none other than myself, my offer, would be Germany. “I would fall in love at the candy store and probably never come back!” Regardless of where she goes, our angel will remain open-minded and receptive to the things that make her… comfortable. “My phone is my security blanket!” Danielle declares. She goes nowhere without it; there is a certainty in this claim exists that only a Virgo can have. “Virgos are picky and know exactly what is right… for them.” One thing is for sure, she is exactly right for Angels Playpen.