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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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“If I really want something in life,” the angel before us begins, “I will never give up to get there.” Hi-end tastes drive her ambition. “Armani, Maison Valantino, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana,” she mentions almost casually as the brands she would love to one day work with. This says a lot about our current angel and how much she values what she has to offer. “There is only one Jimena Paola Vasquez in this whole world and I’m very special.” Her words, her declaration begs a certain explanation. “I’m a cusp of Pisces and Aries,” she says. “I’m not afraid to be unusual or different and willing to stand up for my beliefs. It’s vital that I have a spiritual or soulful connection in life. A mundane existence will sap my energy and spirit. It’s important for me to continue to believe and never let cynicism or negative feelings interfere with story telling and my gift for communication.”


A grand combination of Spanish and French; her mother comes from Spain and her father from France, she embodies these two seemingly opposite cultures seamlessly. “I currently live in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles,” says the Laredo, Texas born model. “As a child I was always part of modeling in runways at the mall in Laredo, Texas and started to act in television commercials. My half sisters were models for hair salons and clothing so I always look up to my beautiful big sisters.” Living in Austin, Texas has it perks. “Austin is all about health and [its] the capital [of] Texas state,” she with a delightful impediment. “I love Austin because it’s similar to Los Angeles and feels like I’m right at home.”



“I was always with my father fishing, hunting, riding my bike,” Jimena says about her childhood. “And we owned a business [in] downtown Laredo, so I would always help out at his work.” Work isn’t alien to her in fact she has a love-hate relationship with it. “I love work but sometimes I overwork myself.”


An angel to those who deserve it most, Jimena’s purpose in life becomes evident in the choices she makes both personally and professionally. “I’ve always loved to spend time with the children that have no mothers and fathers,” she says, “so for a while I got a job at a refugee camp and I was a translator for the children and then from there on I was very inspired help. Being a nurse and a police officer is what I look forward to pursuing or a counselor.” She has set simple but ambitious goals for herself like “buying a house and having an awesome career.” Because she looks to live her life balanced between personal and professional; Jimena has taken up special training… sort of. “Over the years I’ve trained myself to accept any kind of change so I take both of those as a challenge and motivate my feelings and thoughts by hiking and listening to music or a big glass of wine.”



“I work out to keep a healthy, stress-free life and [a] positive state of mind,” says our angel. If you are the one unfortunate enough to be the cause of stress in her life and wish to make amends; flowers, wine and chocolate will initiate the forgiveness sequence. “Being a strong role model and taking challenges very well,” she mentions as what appeals most about her to those lucky enough to be in her life. “Roll with the punches.”



Jimena has experienced many facets of working in the industry. “I live a life of all kinds of talent besides modeling,” she says. “For example acting is one of my passions! Bon Appetite was one of my first movies, and working as an actress for Telemundo in the show Caso Cerrado! MMA Texas fight night is one of my favorite jobs as a ring girl.” Work has been easier to acquire since becoming a model and public figure. “Having exposure can do a lot of great things in my career.”


On a more personal note, Jimena is a pretty girl so dating has to be interesting for her. I asked what was the worst experience she has had while on a date? “That’s a very good one,” she says with a laugh. “Paying for the date we’re asked out on. My father raised me the old fashion way; the man always pay for the date.” Men, she says, aren’t really intimidated by her sexiness. “I have more guy friends than girlfriends,” she admits. “Guys love to hang out.” There is something about being a guy’s object of affection that captures a woman’s heart. “When a man makes you feel that you are the sexiest woman alive,” opines Jimena. “That makes me feel so attracted to a man.”



When she isn’t working on her career or being a positive role model, Jimena has several things she likes to do. “I love going to farmer’s markets and being a tourist when I travel after a show,” she says. “I love to go visit gardens and old cemeteries and watching scary movies or meet up with my friends that have yachts and drive them.” The sight of adorable puppies brings her to joy and laughter, this and watching a funny show. She deserves to do more of what she loves, for her wish for the world is lots more of it. “You know we all forget how to love one another sometimes,” she affirms, “the world needs more love.”