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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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"Perfect physical beauty would be these features,” begins our newest angel. “Long dark hair, doe eyes that are light in color, plump lips, and perfect brows… and curves. Although, to be truly beautiful one should also have a beautiful heart.” A heart of beauty may not be recognized by most, however physical beauty is held in high regard. “Beauty is,” she continues, “by far, an advantage and beautiful people do get special treatment, as opposed to normal looking people. I have read studies confirming that fact.”



The old adage, ‘Beauty and Brains’ has to apply here as well. “Right now,” she says, “I am modeling and finishing up my degree. I am a rehabilitation science major with a minor in law and I am taking acting and film classes. I am somewhat of a workaholic and always have to be doing something.” Work Hard; Play Hard is another slogan that may befit our angel until we discover what she does after a hard day of work. “A long and hot bubble bath, for sure!” she exclaims.



Perhaps I gauged incorrectly, or assumed inappropriately, but our angel, whose name is Charlee Carlton, is an unusual model. “I am really un-phased by the attention that comes with being a model because I am more focused on making positive changes in the world than being a sex symbol,” she laments. “Although, being thought of as a sex symbol is pretty flattering.” She does love modeling regardless of her other interests. “I love being successful and am honored that I am thought of as beautiful,” she says rather adorably. “I plan on going further in the modeling industry, get more into acting and finishing grad school after I am done attaining my bachelor degree.”



Charlee knows how to get where she wants to be. Certain lessons have been learned along the way that will help propel her to her destination. For one, it’s a model’s very appearance that sets it off and one other surprise ingredient. “Looks that make you stand out from the crowd,” she says, “ and killer wit.” She will never forget the feeling she had when she was first published, no model should. Still, it was special to her and set the pace for her to be where she is now.



After finding out where she comes from, “I am originally from a small town in AR,” I begin to understand how I could have gotten things so wrong. The town she comes from allows one the freedom to indulge in the smaller, more intimate treasures of life. With low crime and gorgeous scenery, a kind of peace of mind is achieved and a person can connect with what’s really important. “Spending time with my son,” she says uplifts her when dealing with the negativity that comes with living in today’s world.  “I am most passionate about being a successful and a good role model for my son,” Charlee asserts.


Always one to improve upon herself, currently Charlee is cleaning up her diet and working on her physique. “I always make sure that I work out at least five days a week. I do a mix of yoga, Pilates and cardio.” She has grown in ways she never expected and we suspect you won’t either. “Hmmm…,” thoughtfully she denotes. “I have an amazing designer handbag collection that I don’t carry too often because my interests have shifted.”



A bargain shopper these days, her humility perseveres in sharp contrast to her career choices. Guess, Coach, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture and Victoria’s Secret are brands that she would love to work with. “I really like ASOS and Arden B.” she says about her unique style. “I always alter the clothes I buy to make sure that I am never wearing the exact same thing as someone else.”


Heaven on Earth for Charlee is rather simple; “Relaxing on a beach at Bora Bora with the love of my life while enjoying Dos Equis.” Bora Bora, Honolulu, and Fiji are her three favorite places to visit in the world. “I love warm weather,” she adds. Coming from Arizona, it is no surprise warm weather has become custom.



A good conversation is always in order. “Fashion, politics, makeup, skincare and health tips,” she says routinely pop up as topics. It is her personality that powers all that she does; makes her hone in on the topics she does in conversation and thought, compels her to make the decisions she does concerning her career. She has many fears as we all do, however, death tops them all, as it should for all of us. So let us live life without the fear of death.



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