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Written by Bless Theangels   
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Sitting in a Prêt A Manger in Times Square, I indulge my inner passions; writing, communicating; not mere talking, but actual communication, pondering ‘heaven on earth’, the search for beauty.  Beauty is no longer hard to find, my eye has become keen, adept at discovering beauty whenever, wherever. However, communicating is never simple though at times is appears easy, miscommunications persist which is why I do these interviews hoping to convey valuable points through the stories these beautiful angels tell.



Today we have Rhoma Lavenza, a model with a plethora of friends all over making travel and work easy to combine. She likes to visit most of the U.S. major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. “As a model,” she says, “I can find work in the cities without actually having to live there.” She lives in the area of Elmira, New York where she moved after living in Sayre, Pennsylvania. Born in Philadelphia, same as I, she admits she’s never lived in the same town or city for more than three years. “It’s Finger Lake country,” says an excited Sarah. “Dozens of wineries, great food, artsy and plenty of festivals, you can find something to do if you look for it.”



Rhoma’s genealogy is as spread out as the places she has called home. She is Irish, German, Dutch and Hungarian, in that order. “A bit of a mutt,” she says, “but mostly Irish.”  Her mixed-beauty got her the type of attention to be the impetus of her modeling career. “I had a local photographer ask me to trade shoots with him because he like my eyes and thought I’d be very photogenic,” recalls our angel. “I ended up working with him for years before stepping out into the modeling world.” Rhoma is actually a photographer and model; the two things she is most passionate about in life. “It’s all I do,” she says rather passionately. “I constantly train aspiring models at no cost, just to break them into the field because it’s such a fun job and everyone should be living their dreams.”



It is our dreams and fears that drive us whether we know it or not. When asked about her biggest fear in life, Rhoma responds, “Doing all of this; making a career, building relationships, networking, honing skills… for nothing. I don’t want to regret following my dreams.” She thinks of herself as “a gaming nerd in the modeling field” and considers this to be weird enough that it is who she is. At the time of this interview, Rhoma sits alone in her room, questions before her like a written inquisition with the sole objective of uncovering the hidden treasures that aren’t always noticed. She is surrounded by “letters and drawings hanging on my wall to my left,” she details, “my TV and Xbox to my right, cocker spaniel puppy sleeping on my lap.”



A self-described weirdo, Rhoma was a different sort of child. “I played video games my entire life,” she admits. “I listened to Marilyn Manson and Chevelle growing up. At age sixteen, I was booking bands for Charity concerts that I would host around my area. All of the money went to Music Foundations such as Save the Music and Guitar Center. Then I did a show for the American Red Cross,” she further recalls. “The musicians ranged from acoustic, jazz, folk and metal. I was on the National Forensics League, which is a fancy way of saying I was a speech geek. I competed in public speaking competitions and qualified for nationals in Humorous Interpretation. At the same time, I was participating in plays and musicals in school and in community theater groups. While all of this was happening, I was honing my skills in modeling; training with a local photographer starting in 2005.”



As a self-confessed weirdo growing up, some of the things that made her so still linger to this day. “I never publicly mentioned this because I’m afraid it may be too dorky, but I own all of the first 151 Pokémon cards in mint condition, some in other languages, almost every holographic [and] even the promos from the movies.” Being that she never lived anywhere for more than three years, it’s no surprise that her current profession as a model is traveling career. “I travel a lot more than I ever used to,” she says. I finally have a job that I’m happy and enjoying myself and everyone I with.”



Rhoma has changed a bit since she began modeling. “I don’t have the time or the interest in partying anymore. I’ve also come to see through people easier than ever. I can tell what people are after much more quickly than I did before I started modeling for a living.” Modeling provides Rhoma with the opportunity to exercise other parts of her personality and charm. “Being different versions of myself,” she says about what she loves most about modeling. “Playing roles that I don’t have to memorize lines for or rehearse for weeks at a time. People turning an average girl into a magazine ad. The photos never really feel like me, but I love them for that reason.”



With a wide range of brands she would love to work with, we can certainly expect to see Rhoma’s face grace many a campaign. Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton,  Gucci, D&G, Christian Dior, Chanel Google on down to Nintendo and Xbox, the companies cross over industries and genres. “I don’t care for fame,” she confesses. “I just want to get enough work that I can afford to live a comfortable life, buy a house one day and never have money be a cause for worry.” She can remember an assignment that left quite a lasting impression on her. “I was participating in a project revealing that High Fructose Corn Syrup is disgusting,” she recalls. “He drenched me in olive oil and this really thick syrup and had me in a barrel that said HFCS-55 on the outside holding a Pepsi.” That project is one of those that mean so much more than the exploitation of beauty; it was the message that left an impression.



In order to succeed in the modeling industry an understanding is arrived at after some time, the tools you need to advance your pursuits. “Confidence,” Rhoma affirms, “and the ability to be available and diverse; having a sweet, agreeable personality is always a plus.” Still with this knowledge she has very humble aspirations compared to other models; remember she isn’t here strictly for the glitz and glamour. She maintains healthy habits as part of her beauty regimen. “I do a lot of yoga,” she details, “I don’t eat red meat or go to fast food restaurants. Most of my diet is organic.”



Rhoma has certainly come to learn the value of beauty, both in modeling and everyday life. Beauty is subjective,” she says. “When I’m behind the lens my goal is to make everyone look like the best version of themselves.” She knows that people are subject to the lure of beauty, finding themselves almost enchanted. “I think it’s the saddest thing in the world because I never used to be that girl. When I go out now people buy me drinks and treat me nicer than I ever was treated when I was the ugly duckling,” recalls our angel. “So when girls who aren’t to their standard go out and try to do the same things they aren’t even looked at and it’s really upsetting. Every woman should know she is beautiful.”



Outside of modeling, Rhoma’s interests are quite disparate. She can be found enjoying yoga or gaming, animals, music and fashion, makeup and government conspiracies. After a hard day of work Rhoma finds release in “laying out some zombies in Black Ops 2” or “having my puppy falling asleep on my lap and a glass of red wine.” None of this is much of a surprise from a girl who describes herself as “weird enough” being “just a gaming nerd in the modeling field.” She also takes time to improve upon herself. “I’m still toning up and growing my hair out,” she says. “I’d also really like to keep studying French and sign-language.” To keep the entire world’s negativity at a distance, she turns off the news, stares lovingly in her puppy’s face or takes her outside to play soccer, reads sweetly written letters and daydreaming about the future.



When one find’s his or hers own peace, heaven on earth is then acquired. For each of us this is achieved in a unique fashion usually within a specified set of circumstances. “A beautiful day out with my fiancé and our dog,” envisions our angel. “The simple things are what matter most.” We just hope one day you find your own. Till next time.



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