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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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She has managed to stay the same since she was a little girl; there is no difference in her now than when she was growing up. It's as if she grew up in Never-Never Land. She is all Canadian, English and Scottish being her family origins, but Canada raised her. Seated in her family room, our angel Jacqui Childs watches her two cats and her bulldog Rudy as she takes in the interview questions. Her pets, she admits, are the joy of everyday, helping to erase the negativity we all must endure.



At the expense of her modeling career some things have changed though she hasn’t. “Some of my time,” she says, “has become somebody else’s… downtime is limited and very unpredictable.” She began modeling at fourteen when her mother signed her up for a Miss Teen Burlington contest, she learned that there was something about modeling that she absolutely loved. “Being able to play dress-up every day,” she admits conspiratorially. “I am very girly.”



There are of course a few brands in the industry that she would love to lend her beauty and charm to including the legendary Playboy and iconic Victoria’s Secret. But where will ultimately like to end up? “I don’t want to jinx it,” she says. “I like where it is heading.” Regardless, she knows what it takes to get there. “A look, be dedicated, stay focused and never accept no,” affirms our angel. One of her proudest moments in modeling came when she had the opportunity to work with David Mecey for Venus Swimsuit, she will never forget.



After a long day of photo shoots and public appearances, hard work that it is, there is are only two things Jacqui needs to relax. “A cold drink and a warm blanket,” she exclaims. “Sorry boys… all flannels!” When she needs a little dose of ‘heaven on earth’ the cold drink once again appears, but you would need to combine this with a little hot sun and the beach.



Other than modeling, Jacqui loves to travel and her pets, of course are her heart. Her guilty pleasures are great wine, good chocolate and the drama of Reality TV. The antics of Reality TV keep her talking and gossiping for hours, she is a true fan. She describes her style as “classy and sexy” with her favorite fashion accessory being faux fur.



For the blonde model, Toronto is her home and one of her favorite cities in which to party, dine and shop. She also enjoys New Orleans and New York City. Wherever she goes, she is sure to never leave without her trusty lip-gloss and lashes and when she is home there is a good chance she is in her favorite room of the house; the bedroom. It’s no surprise being that Jacqui’s most passionate about love and sex.



“Running out of time,” she responds when asked what her biggest fear in life is. I guess many of us share similar fears. As beautiful as she is, she knows she isn’t perfect though she also confesses that there are advantages to being beautiful. “… And beautiful can mean many things,” she adds. One of the things she would like to improve about herself is her dancing; she feels it could stand a little upgrading. Though she may not be a great dancer, she has a gift when it comes to the outdoors. “I am a great fisherman!” There is one thing that makes her distinct and will leave an impression on many. “The laugh!” Guess you guys will have to wait to hear, but for now enjoy her beauty and adorable charm.