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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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In London, fresh off vacation an angel answers questions posed by an inquiring mind; a mind focused on the beauty of the world. With this mindset, the inquirer sees a worthy subject in her. “Beauty,” she says, “cannot exist without harmony and happiness. Being happy makes you the most beautiful you can be.” This is something beautiful people say, and why wouldn’t they? Angels like Aouxe are blessed with a natural beauty that gives them sort of an advantage over us mere mortals. “I think beauty attracts people,” she admits, “but it depends on how you use it. It can be a blessing or a curse. Lucky are those who are able to use beauty in their favor and do great things in the world.”



“I am really interested in acting,” the current model projects. “I went to a drama school in London and I would love to get acting jobs in films and TV.” Acting has always been a natural step for any model. It makes sense that Aouxe would pursue the more inclusive camera work. “I Love cinema and everything about it.” She just recently finished her drama foundation course and it’s only a matter of time till we see her beauty grace television and movie screens. She loves cinema so much it regularly pops up in conversation, sometimes consuming hours to follow. “I can talk about acting and movies for hours and it never gets boring.”



Aouxe can vividly remember the first time she ever had a photo shoot. “I was very impressed,” she denotes. The shoot took place in Miami Beach. “It was my first time there, she recalls. It is a reminder about what it takes to succeed in the modeling industry. “I think it’s all about being confident and positive,” she says, “not being afraid to take risks and try new things, being flexible and open-minded helps as well.” The best is always meeting new people and visiting new places. “Modeling always gives you an opportunity to meet lots of amazing, interesting people.”


Admitting one’s faults is a sure sign of sincere self-examination and awareness. “I would like to not be so hard on myself sometimes,” Aouxe confesses.  Though she may be hard on herself at times, she still finds the time to treat herself to some of her favorite clothes and accessories.  “I love my brand new Miss Dior bag,” she says with a hint of palpable excitement. Her favorite place to shop is Harrods of London, the city she calls home.  Living in London means she rarely leaves home without an umbrella, nevertheless she loves her home.  “What I love about London is that it’s international; there are people from every country in the world.” Finding a good club is never a problem. “London is full of amazing places to party,” she says.



Whenever Aouxe is out and about her style adapts to the climate. “During the day I’m very casual,” she offers, “jeans, flats, T-shirts. In the evening I love dresses especially long, heels, something feminine.” She loves to travel, and does so in tremendous style. In fact she’s very passionate about traversing the globe.  “I’m passionate about modeling, acting and traveling,” she exclaims. “Couldn’t imagine my life without it.” Living a life of boredom scares our angel more that anything else. Beside she is driven by her crazy ideas and adventures. “I’ve got lots of them,” she admits somewhat proudly.


As you can tell by her exotic name, the beauty that currently has our attention hails a far off region of the world. “My name is Aouxe,” she says, emphasizing her name’s original pronunciation. “I was born in Vilnius Lithuania, I’ve spent five years in Italy but now I live in London,” she explains.  “My dad is from Lithuania and my mom is half Russian and half Ukrainian.” As a child, “I was very active,” she recalls thoughtfully. “[I} had different interests such as acting, dancing, painting and writing.”  Eventually her interests lead her to where she is now. “I went to a modeling agency casting in my hometown Vilnius when I was eighteen years old. Just in a few months,” she says with slightly broken English, “I went to Algiers for my first job for [an] automobile show.”




It’s so simple; Aouxe finds joy in that which is common to her. “People I love, my friends and family,” mentions our angel when it comes to battling the world’s negativity. “My job,” she adds, “and traveling, of course.” Heaven on earth to this angel is a simple combination of “Close friends, amazing restaurant, good food, lots of laughs,” she says. The first tattoo she ever received denotes a code she lives by. “I’ve got a phrase in Latin ‘Alis grave nil’ which means nothing is heavy for those who have wings,” she says as she thinks back to why she got it. “It reminds me that if you believe in yourself and your dreams, you can do anything.”  Working on your dreams can be tiring, after a long day a simple routine always remedies the stress. “I love [the] spa and massages,” Aouxe grants. “But reading a good book in my bedroom is great as well.”