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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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It’s another beautiful morning. I am in Williamsburg at New York Muffins enjoying my green tea with raw sugar and a little honey as I people watch. I feel well rested, mind is alert though some things still slip through the cracks, my fallacy is my broad vision, amazingly I see the world clearly as a whole; it’s the little subsets that I am naïve to. With us this heavenly beginning of the day is angel Jennifer Barnes, who happens to live in a place where a morning like this, sun remarkable, sky unblemished, can be consummately enjoyed. “The best thing about my city,” Jennifer offers about the Syracuse where she now lives, “is the beauty of nature and its soft winding roads.”



Jennifer is originally from Melbourne Beach, Florida but as we have learned she now represents Syracuse, New York. “I am laying on my couch,” she says, “and I see the art of movement in front of me; the passion and grace of Circus de Solei.”  Jennifer is one of those people, like myself, who can see the ‘art’ in many things. “My hidden treasure is my love of someone’s life story being portrayed in art in the form of tattoos,” she denotes. “My definition of beauty,” she says, “is one’s peacefulness about who they are and not [being] afraid to conquer it.”



She prefers to be called Jenni, and since she became a model a thing or two has changed. “What has changed for me is that I know now who I am and you don’t have to conform to another’s mold to be you. I have more confidence and passion. I do not judge; everyone is beautiful.” She has always been told she should model, “because I can portray a story through my eyes.” Telling a story, through her eyes and body language is in fact one of the things she loves most about modeling. “I can be me,” she says, “and send messages of hope to others.”



Jenni could talk your head off about music. It’s the one subject that she could discuss anytime, anywhere. “I am most passionate about spreading the word about being yourself and who you are and it doesn’t mean you are a bad person when others see you as that.”



“Growing up,” says our angel, “I was lost at times trying to find who I was. I always seemed to resort to rebellion to find me.” Her tattoo is a testament to her past. “I decided that I would get my life story tattooed on my back. It shows what I was, what I fought through in sickness and who I am today.” Jenni’s mother is from Puerto Rico and therefore instilled the values and culture into her daughter. “Culture has always been a huge part of my life,” she recalls. “My mother raised us in values of song, dance and food from her home.”



“My biggest fear in life is leaving this world knowing I didn’t go for it all,” Jenni fearlessly points out. Each day she finds joy in the memories of how she came to be the person she is today and all that she conquered in her life.  It’s the fortitude of her character and personality that carried her not her good looks and sex appeal. She says her beauty had nothing to do with the treatment she receives, “it’s what lies within.” The person she is best described by her beautiful daughter, “the best mom.” But she is also unique because of her smile and passion. She admits to being fun, spunky and edgy with a love of jewelry and cooking; her kitchen happens to be her favorite room in the house.



Outside of home, there is a chance that you will find her in New York or Miami with her beloved jewelry, enjoying a good restaurant or nightclub, having a good time. She keeps close by her makeup and a gluten-free protein sources. American Eagle and Hot Topic are sure destinations for shopping. Leaving home means heading off to work regularly, doing what models do then coming back home to her daughter and a glass of red wine. “I would love to work with anyone,” says Jenni who sees herself as unstoppable. She fully plans on taking her career to the top. “I’m ready to take over the world.”