Split-Level Houseboat: Half Sits on Surface, Half Underwater PDF Print E-mail
Intelligent Design - Architecture
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Living rooms, kitchens and other common areas benefit from views, demand less by way of privacy and are thus set on the surface. But below the surf sit bathrooms and bedrooms, enclosed by the cool dark water all around.





A wrapping aluminum-clad exterior rounds up into a rooftop deck to create additional outdoor space without compromising the small site footprint, curvilinear form or violating the building rules for height (limiting the above-water portion to just 3 meters tall).



Derived from (and driving) the form is a looping solid that forms the floors, ceiling and short sides of the home (blocking out neighbors, too), but which leaves windows on the important mainland and seaside facades.



This modern-but-site-specific dutch houseboat was designed byPlus31, and even in the packed residential waterways of Amsterdam it will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Article Source: Dornob.com