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Written by Bless Bey   
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Having recently opened in Paris, the French have once again shown us the way of blending history with ultra-modern. La Gaite Lyrique is a newly renovated historical Parisian theatre which stands in the tradition of the I.M. Pei, by installing instances of modern architecture amidst such a historical setting. The building’s exterior has remained virtually the same since 1862; however the same cannot be said of its interior. Following years of decline, closed were the doors of the theatre only to be later opened as Planete Magique; an indoor amusement park of sorts. After two years the theme park shut down and left the theatre completely gutted.



Architect Manuelle Gautrand made use of the space by further removing the interior to create a “box within a box.” There are theatres within the theatre itself.  A yellow auditorium with 130 seats, 46 flat screens cover the walls of a larger room that seats 750 and finally a small hall designed for 120 people has a height-adjustable base created in steel sections that can be moved around to create different seating arrangements. Peppered throughout the largely windowless structure are colorful mobile booths that move freely around the room, where you can watch a film, work, play a game or just read.










Artistic director Jérôme Delormas says the Center for Digital Art and Contemporary Music, "a tool box", a "place of continual evolution", a "laboratory of cultural motivations". –As told to the Guardian.


"The Gaîté Lyrique took eight years to redevelop. "We had to think first of the sound," says Manuelle Gautrand, architect of the new-look theatre. "There are 120 apartments in the neighbourhood, so we had to build as quietly as possible and to make sure that even when the performances are exciting, the building is completely quiet. So, each of the performance spaces sits inside walls that sit inside walls; it's like a Russian doll."] -As told to The Guardian.


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