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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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My smartphone rang its classic tone but I didn’t recognize the number. I answered and remained quiet as I listened to the tiny female voice utter, “Hello”. The caller hung up after I didn’t respond. My phone rang again and again I answered, repeating the silent treatment. The adorable voice uttered “hello” once again, however this time a little more firmly. Still I remained silent. Something about the voice stuck with me, there was a certain innocence to its caliber that begged me to find out who the caller was…



A beauty named Tarra Thompson soon introduced herself to me, but Tarra wouldn’t remain with us too long. Some divine plan seemed to be at play that would transform the mocha-skinned angel into a newer more improved version that would still adhere to all that she is. “I would like to improve on my self-discipline and my temperament,” she eventually tells me. “I mean they’re both pretty good already but we evolve every day. My biggest challenge is to keep everything in my life balanced and my self-discipline and temperament are the most commonly used tools that I use to keep everything together.”



Articulate; her answers to my questions paint portraits as vivid as the late John Hoyland; bold and fearless. So fearless she actually laughed when I asked what her biggest fear in life was. “I guess you’ve got me stumped,” she says, sarcasm punctuating her words. “Nah, I don’t really acknowledge things like that. I’m certain that it’ll never come into existence. Everyone has something that they could list but it’s not real until you make it.” What does become real is Mecca Eve, her new moniker and identity we decide as we talk like old friends though introductions were made only recently.



Through our multi-tiered introduction, I learned Mecca is a Detroit bred model. However, Detroit isn’t the only city to hold secrets to Mecca’s evolution. “I spent most of my teenage years and adult life in the gorgeous New Orleans, Louisiana,” she relays. “It’s so awesome there. Both cities have their own style but I have been forever charmed by the great city of New Orleans.” With a personality as broad as hers, it’s no question there is more to her origins than mere Detroit and New Orleans. “I haven’t had a genome search done but everything physical about me whispers softly in your ear, ‘Africa,’" says our angel. “My family descends from West Africa, most likely Gabon, Zaire, or the Congo. Definitely someplace lush, preferably by a steamy waterfall. Before that, Ancient Nubia. I guess I’m an original Eve, more specifically a prototype.”



The actual images produced as a result of her modeling are what Mecca loves most about her chosen career. “They capture an image in a moment in time,” she says reminiscent of my own sentiments. “Each photo is unique to itself. It can never be recreated, recaptured or replaced. Every photo is a work of art and each is an original.” Each shoot, she says, is admittedly memorable, never failing to surpass the one before it. “If I had to narrow down an especially magical one, it was with Cadet Bright,” she insists. “We’ve always been good friends and she gets me and knows how to capture a vulnerable yet beautiful side of me. Some of our shots are poetry.”



I find myself falling for the intricate minded, verbally dexterous beauty. I have always valued communication, with a strong emphasis on intelligence and thoughtfulness, two things Mecca seems blessed with. “I try not to mix my academic accolades with my modeling but I’m pretty educated,” she says, “and I like to flex.” She admits to me that she likes conversing on “The Social Sciences: history, philosophy, political theory, anthropology, law, order and the dominion of man”, all ironically frequented topics by myself and my Nordic friend Anders. “Conveniently,” she points out what she sees as she sits in a library’s social sciences section answering questions I sent to her via email, “I see a book called ‘Simple Justice’, ‘American Political Trials,’ [and] ‘The Prosecution Responds.’”


“Justice is my true amore,” Mecca explains her interest outside of modeling. “Everything about it enthralls me. It’s aligned with truth, nobility and if anything, is a reflection of the divinity that binds those that recognize that we are all one people and that’s a beautiful thing. If not justice, then what else is there worthwhile standing for?” A stellar question indeed. Me, I stand for love and beauty, justice requires entitlement which always ends up being biased, opening up room for injustice and prejudice. Love is the great equalizer. Beauty is pleasure for all. Mecca fittingly defines beauty as “pride, kindness, forgiveness, love, and accountability” and sees beauty as a definite advantage in everyday life. “I wouldn’t say that it gets me special treatment,” she says, “but beauty is a highly coveted asset and it can be pretty persuasive. And while it can be pretty powerful, it’s also pretty humbling. Never try to intimidate others or put others down because just as pretty as you are, there’s always someone that’s more beautiful than you.”



I began to picture a smaller-size Mecca, a tiny Tarra, bright mind and infectious smile included. “Growing up I was definitely objective,” recounts the current subject of my attention, although the film “In Our Nature” plays in the background, a testament to my love of dialogue. The “smart one” who “played with the boys” about whom you knew would be a “handful” hasn’t changed much since becoming the model we see here. “I’m still super sweet,” she says confirming what I’ve already come to know and love. “I still love sunsets, pretty skies and every color rose.” An ephemeral image of Alice in Wonderland pops up in my head, her descriptive words conjuring it like a slight-handed trick.


“My idea of heaven on Earth,” begins Mecca imparting her vision for us, “would be pink and purple skies, in some remote lagoon, terrestrial but very Atlantis. I would have my own personal thermal ravine, and invite all my beautiful friends over so we could lie around and drink coconut milk, put on fresh pressed oils and perfumes, and comb each other’s hair. After bathing and oiling all day, we would go back to our campfire and watch the guys dance while they cooked our dinner. I would wear a brown woven bikini and whichever headpiece the guys had made for me that day. I’d sit on rose petals and beneath my feet would be fine sand with rounded gemstones and flickers of seashells and micas,” she says as a finale; “My paradise.”


Healthy habits arise from healthy thinking, and with our ability to conceive considered god-like in nature; together is quite formidable in creating one’s own destiny. You can literally become whatever you want. Wanting to become a model, Mecca was simply inspired by her life, proud to represent her brand of beauty and enthusiastically looks to take it “to infinity and beyond.” Her “sleek, sexy and demure” style is still bold enough to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes; she has certainly left one here. She even plays the violin, a treasure that further impresses me. “I’m more of a fan than an artist,” she mentions off-handedly. Mecca wants nothing more than to advance, and advancement on a daily basis brings her joy and becoming Mecca Eve is just another step in her evolution.