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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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A new year. A pretty girl sits alone at her computer. Toronto snow has settled just outside her window. She patiently answers a series of questions about her life and her passion for modeling. A story unfolds through her responses, a story of ambition and desire, hope and transition. We learn of a young girl, a tomboy who grew up living with her brother and father. Because of this, she carried concerns other than makeup and the popular regards of little girls. “All I wanted to do was play sports and have fun outside,” our angel recalls. The tomboy then transitions into a beautiful young woman, becoming a sexy model, her lady-parts more visible than any tomboy would regularly allow and pretty-girl charm proving irresistibly seductive.



The Italian Canadian beauty began modeling at the behest of a close friend. “What pushed me to model [was] my buddy Paul,” she says drawing on memory, “he promotes for a living in Hollywood. He seen a picture of me and told me I should really start modeling.” To this day, Paul is still supportive of her modeling, urging her to continue. “I’m glad he pushed me to go down this path.” Her love of modeling stems from the experiences she has. “Modeling shoots are like a surprise. You never know what type of shoot you will be doing next or who you will be shooting for. I’m always eager for my next shoot.”



Trisha is well aware of her lack of control over her career heights; she has decided to ride it out to its end regardless of the final destination. “If it just ends up staying a hobby, that is fine by me. If it goes further, that would be even better.” Nonetheless she knows just what it takes to make it in the industry. “You have to be confident, take criticism well and have “the look” that certain people are looking for at the time.” One memorable photo shoot, the “Sunshine Girl Shoot” stands as the best shoot she has had since modeling. Modeling has made her generally more confident but never more than in front the camera. “I never regret any shoots I do,” she admits proudly. “They are all a great learning experience.”



For the most part, Trisha hasn’t changed since becoming a model. I assume she is still a closet tomboy only now she has a growing modeling career. She looks to drink less coffee and workout more. With plans to turn a room in her house into a personal gym, working out more shouldn’t be a problem. “Once completed,” she offers with notable excitement, “that will be my favorite room!” Her ‘hidden treasure’ is that she has been playing the trumpet since she was twelve. Hating at first, “I used to think it was just an instrument with three buttons”, eventually she learned all the ways to play the trumpet, tested herself and set herself some goals. “Eventually I was blowing notes higher than I ever thought I could,” she remembers. “I was playing music pieces I once thought were impossible.” Erotic baked goods are another specialty. “If I had time I could decorate cakes all day. I love making erotic cakes, they are so much fun!”

In Toronto, when she isn’t taking advantage of the many modeling opportunities that come, there is much to do in close proximity. “There is so much variety of things to do there.” Occasionally she can be found in a club enjoying herself or out shopping at anyplace that looks reputable. “If I see something I like I just get it.” Her guilty pleasure is pizza so don’t be surprised to find her in a pizzeria indulging once a week or more. “I know I shouldn’t eat it so often but I like it too much,” she laughs. “As long as I work it off, I find it isn’t so bad.” Still being Italian, it’s where the Calitri side of her family originates; she would like to visit Italy. “Growing up with a large Italian family it would be nice to meet some long distance relatives one day.” Roots aside, California is another place Trisha plans to visit. “Warm weather makes me happy. I love the heat, swimming and relaxing on the beach. It looks like a perfect place for me.”



When it comes to men to whom she’s attracted, “his personality and interests are most important to me. Physical appearance means nothing over all,” Trisha declares. “I love a man who is romantic towards his woman.” I wanted to see if should thought it was okay for her man to cry. “I think it is ok for anyone to cry. Men are human beings too. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to cry? I think a few tears every now and then from guy are a good thing. It shows they actually feel emotion.”



With the New Year a new idea has come to her courtesy of Angels Playpen; ‘Heaven on Earth’. Until this interview, she’d “never thought about the idea of ‘heaven on earth’. I believe,” she adds, “it refers to people who want everything to be ideal and perfect. They want happiness, complete harmony, fulfillment, no violence, no negativity, great health, etc… unfortunately this could never be a reality on earth due to many reasons.” With this in mind she considers a less complex idea of ‘Heaven on Earth’. “To some,” she says, “maybe it could be the man/woman they are with. Their kiss, smile, personality, the things they do are just perfect to them. They see nothing but ‘Heaven on Earth’ when they look at their partner.” Yea… this is more along the lines Angels Playpen views ‘Heaven on Earth’ to be.



Intrigued by her idea of ‘Heaven on Earth’, I move on to her definition of beauty. “My definition isn’t created by appearance, makeup or accessories. The beauty I look for is the most important feature or a person; their inner beauty. Maybe at first it is the physical things that attract someone, but in the end that person has nothing if all they have is a good look but a crap personality.” Does she believe physical beauty gives unfair advantage to people in the real world? “Being beautiful can have its advantages to an extent,” Trisha explains. “Being beautiful isn’t everything though. It’s important to have a good personality and have a good mindset.” She goes on to suggest that one should never rely on their looks to get them far in life. “One day when you get older you won’t have your looks to get you where you need to be.”



Visibly beautiful, there also is a quiet depth that slowly reveals itself through her answers. Life is Trisha’s passion which for her includes family, laughter, happiness and being one’s true self.  “My biggest fear in life would have to be losing the people closest to me,” she says. “I don’t know what I would do without my family.” Her words echo my sentiments, except I’ve already had to deal with the lost of people who were very close to me. Now I’ve sort of distanced myself from those few I love more than I should. Maybe this depth I perceive has something to do with what makes her so special. “We are all unique in one way or another,” she states. “No one is alike.” Figuring this a good point to end our interview I let her finish telling me what makes her… her. “Some ways I am unique is by my choice of style, the goals I set, my beliefs, my thoughts, my voice, the attitude I have, my experience, my ethnicity, my habits and many other things that makes us all individuals.” Well said angel.