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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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She claims Morgantown, West Virginia, as her hometown. She does this mostly out of a sense of nostalgia. “I’ve lived there the longest and it has my heart,” Cara Parrish says. “I spent my youth jumping from tiny country town to tiny country town throughout West Virginia. I don’t live anywhere in particular right now. I lead a gypsy life.” Acting whenever possible, participating in various photo shoots, traveling and hosting events are pretty much all she does. “The best thing about the town I claim is that Morgantown is a completely unique place. It’s a college town but not in the way most places are college towns. Morgantown is completely consumed by its university and students which are predominantly from other states. Being a ‘townie’ makes you a rare commodity of sorts.”



“I was such a dork,” Cara says of her childhood years. “I had braces and glasses. I read comic books and listened to Dropkick Murphys.” Laughing as she says this she continues, “I was far from being the cool kid. I have an ‘ugly duckling’ type life story.” Today she is a model and people treat her differently because of it. “I think what I’ve noticed the most is the way people approach me when they first meet me,” she says. “Most people approach me very professionally and with a serious tone.” She admits she isn’t that serious unless her career is concerned. “Most people quickly pick up on the fact that I’m a down to earth party kid who just wants to do a shot of whiskey with them and sing ‘Wheel Wagon’ on top of a bar.”



While attending a wedding, Cara says she was approached by the photographer present to shoot with him for his portfolio. “I shot with him a couple times, my pictures spread around and offers to model started pouring in,” she says. “I haven’t looked back since.” Some girls model for fortune and fame, their goals lined up like students. “I don’t make career plans. I think that’s bogus. Life takes you where it wants you to go. Trying to plan your life is like trying to make a river stop flowing. You might succeed at it but you’ll have killed all the beauty in it.” Though she refuses to make plans, she nevertheless knows how to succeed. “Shameless self-promotion,” she offers. “Any girl who has worked freelance modeling can admit to this. You have to be able to promote yourself and you can’t be shy about it.”



“One time I showed up to an art shoot not knowing exactly what we were shooting,” recalls the beauty. “The photographer asked me to shoot in a bathtub full of watery mud. It seemed crazy at first but the shots were mesmerizing and so unique.” This is one of the better memories in her modeling adventures. As for brands she’d love to work with, “Two In The Shirt, Jack Daniels,” she proudly states. Jokingly she adds, “I’m bad at this. I just want to yell out things I love.” Working with brands she adore isn’t what she loves most about modeling. “I love the creative drive behind modeling,” she admits. “I love twisting myself into poses I didn’t know I was capable of. I love the demand of creating original concepts, wardrobe, etc.”



After a long day of work, Cara has a unique way of relaxing. “My favorite way to relax and blow off steam is to hit a local bar, try a few new beers then grab a cab home and bake cupcake in the middle of the night,” she says. Knowing it’s a bit weird, this ritual of hers, she admits it’s a combination of her favorite ways to fun. Her idea of heaven on earth is “falling asleep on a warm beach beside a bonfire after hanging out with awesome new friends.” A dork growing up, a nerd now. “I love comic books, mostly Marvel and independent labels. I do read some DC because Vertigo has churned out some awesome characters. I’m also a big supporter of local music and any artists who are trying to come up. I identify with the struggle. I think networking across mediums really helps us promote one another as brands.”



Local bands and networking aside, Cara finds herself most passionate about experiences. “I collect experiences,” she explains. “I’m passionate about living life as fulfilled as possible. I never want to miss an experience.” This lust for experience goes hand in hand with a concern of hers. “I wish I had more self-control. I’m an impulsive person. I do what I want and say what I want as soon as I get the urge for it. I am missing that filter in my brain that says, ‘Are you sure this is a good idea?’” Her guilty pleasures in life are “cupcakes and booze.” “They’re two of my favorite things,” she says, “Backstreet Boys albums should be in there too.” But it’s the love of her siblings that bring her the most joy. “I am the oldest of seven kids! My youngest siblings leave me voicemails when I’m on the road and it turns my entire week around.”



No matter where she goes she never leaves home without “baby wipes,” she says with a laugh. “Hear me out. As a model it’s important for me to have clean skin. Since I travel constantly and I’m always caked in makeup for shoots or event I need a way to get all that off my skin pronto and let it breathe.” Dressed like a “cross between a punk-rock homeless person and an eighties hooker” you may catch her in a pair of studded boots. “I love leather, studs, spikes, the color red, old lady sweater, army jackets, and high heels” but her favorite are boots. She shops at thrift stores or over the internet. “My style isn’t what I can easily find in the mall unfortunately.”



With a style all to herself, Cara’s travels take her to her favorite city. “Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Philadelphia,” emphatically she states. “I love Philly something crazy.” Because she lives on the road mostly, crashing on friends couches or staying at indiscriminate hotels, her favorite room in any house is a shower. “When I finish a long drive I usually just want a nice hot shower.” When the time comes to finally settle down, something even I hope to do one day, Cara chooses the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ “If I ever actually sign a lease or heaven forbid own a home without wheels on it again it will be Philly.” I wonder if she knows this is my hometown.



“I’m Irish, Native American and somehow a strand of Bavarian Gypsy snuck its way into my family history.” Cara’s cultural identity ties directly to her unique beauty. “It’s sort of an odd mixture but almost everyone from West Virginia is either Irish or Scottish.” Still, beauty of any nature has real-world consequences. “I think being beautiful gets you judged,” she says thoughtfully. “I know I’ve had a lot of girls and guys assume I’m promiscuous because I’m a lingerie model. That isn’t true and actually makes no sense. Just because I can be sexy on front of a camera doesn't mean I want to be sexy for everyone in the world in a personal way. Outside of the camera, I’m still a very intimate person.”


Unfair to judge anyone for their appearance, Cara shows us that there is more than meets the eye with her. “I’m a poet,” she confesses what I consider the most attractive thing about her. “I’ve been published multiple times.” She’d began writing at such an early age, her mother to this day has some of her earlier samples. A self-described workout fiend, I being an enthusiast agree with why she exercises. “It’s a form of stress relief for me,” she says. “Boxing is a particular favorite workout of mine.” I too love. Thankfully she barely if ever shops at a mall, those places are usually full of what scares her most in life. “Oh my goodness,” our angel exclaims. This is going to sound absurd but I am terrified of escalators! I always think I’ll get stuck in one and it will eat one of my legs right off.” Wow, she’s right that is scary. Here’s to our newest angel settling down and conquering her fears.