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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller Rat Bastards   
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If there is one thing known about me, it’s that I can be incredibly loyal. I say can be because in general, I am simply loyal but when tested I can become incredibly loyal. So often, history has taught me that this loyalty has been ill-fated and misplaced. Like our current angel, I am only loyal to those in my life whom I love and to those of whom I know respect me for the person I am. And these sometimes related but completely different lessons have saved me from gargantuan acts of futility. I believe loyalty should, in essence not totality and definitely not immediate, reap a positive benefit in a person’s life. When that fails to happen, I suggest reconsidering…  your loyalty may be misplaced.



Our sense of loyalty connects us, this beautiful angel and I, but there are two other things that both connect and separate us as well. A perfectionist she calls herself and I too have a compulsion to seek perfection and literally feel ill when this is not accomplished, however, as of late, I have learned to embrace a balance with imperfection. We are both generous, though I suspect my generosity is a bit more selective; I have learned that too many people take kindness for weakness thus I have developed an armor of cynicism. Aside from these three choice descriptions, let’s take in a little bit more of her story.



“I am,” says our current angel, “a true West Ender from Vancouver. Although I spent half of my childhood in Czech Republic and Slovakia, I have been back in Vancouver for almost ten years now.” Lucy’s father is from the Czech Republic while her mother is from Slovakia, making Lucy her family’s first Canadian. The best thing about the city she lives in is “The fresh air,” she says. “I love the smell of the clean air every time I arrive back at YVR.” Her wonder years granted her a chance to explore contrasting sides to her personality. “I was definitely a big trouble maker, an instigator and a tomboy,” recalls the lithe beauty. “I even shaved my head when I was four. Everyone thought I was a boy for about a year or so… Moving to Europe I was a total farm-forest child… spending the second half of my childhood in a village in Czech was a totally different experience.”



Modeling began when our angel got involved at the age of thirteen. She continued to model until she sixteen, when she decided to stop. When makeup artist and friend Candy Wai called to collaborate a few years ago, modeling became a part of her life once again. “Since then I have been very passionate about the industry,” she says. “You need a tough skin. You need to know what you want and follow it. Don’t be discouraged by letdowns.” Her words reflect the lessons she learned from the industry, lessons I‘m sure carried over into everyday life, a life where she admits her beauty often affords her special treatment. “Although I don’t believe that it is fair, yes, society has trained us to obsess over appearance and base a lot on it.”



Beauty may be an advantage in the everyday world, still in the modeling industry, it’s sometimes not enough and this is the reason why we expose the beauty hidden within the beauty. Lucy’s treasure is that she’s an Epicure, a person that relishes in the pleasures of fine dining and amazing wines. Some say it’s a form of Hedonism, and we here in Angels Playpen are indeed about pleasure first. And so it would seem we have come emulously close to a heavenly accord. Our angel's everyday world, when not modeling finds her enjoying yoga, running, biking, swimming and of eating. Sleep is also sought regularly, a demand of the industry.



In pursuit of her goals, Lucy knowingly sacrificed two specific things. “I have had to cut a lot of negative people out of my life…,” she says. “I have also sacrificed my love for cigarettes. Never been better.” Fueling this pursuit, two other things provide ample motivation she says. “Sunshine and women that are more fit than me.” With a list too long to mention, the companies she wishes to work with lie both close and a great distance away. Motivation and sacrifice, pursuit engaged, she shall suffer no regret. “I sometimes carry guilt but never regret,” she says, short phrase packed with simple yet powerful words.



I like her clear and direct responses to my questions, our angel's uniqueness is defined by her extreme culinary passion and outspokenness. She admits to shopping cheap and eating authentic. Excitement is around every new corner, found in meeting new people, traveling to new places and partying outside Vancouver. A sponsored trip to a  choice place of paradise would take her somewhere she’d rightfully choose. “Well I would take full advantage of it being free,” she says, “I would choose the Four Seasons in Bora Bora.”  Her choice signifies the Epicure in her. Refined taste confirmed.



Lucy’s refined tastes show when she talks of what turns her on in another person. “Biggest turn-ons are when someone is confident, funny, positive and honest,” she relays. “Belligerence and arrogance are the biggest turn-offs.” For the most part guys have to learn what makes her smile, blush or heart melt, she isn’t just going to readily divulge that information. “That’s for them to figure out.” hopefully any guy in her presence would take the time to find out what makes her blush, it’s a matter of chemistry, the key to any great seduction she says.



Heaven on earth differs from individual to individual. For the lovely angel, “as long as there is sun, a beach, delicious food and drinks and my loved ones I’m in heaven.” I feel predominately the same, the main accord being my loved ones. Home alone, nothing to watch on television, Lucy would gladly put on some Anime or a classic Disney movie. “They never get old,” she says of her choice of movies. Me, I usually choose some cerebral cinema, something to make me think so she probably wouldn’t watch anything with me.



The best compliment she‘s ever received, she says, was that she is always great company, and this alone makes me want to spend some down time with her. Whenever you get time off from work, the company you keep usually dictates the level of escape. I have a ton of female friends, however she doesn’t see too many genuine friendships between man and woman… I would like to change that for her. If we were to get close, forming a true friendship, any clash of identities that lead to discourse between us would be remedied with a gift and earnest apology. At first this seemed like a novel idea to her. “It would have to be something really good,” she says stretching the word really. “No,” she then says with a laugh. “I don’t believe you can buy forgiveness. You would have to earn it.” Damn…



To the beautiful angel we have with us, beauty, whether “effortless or achieved with hard work,” she explains, “is what makes you look and think, ‘wow’.” A ‘wow’ is certainly extracted each time I look at her, so beauty is her name. I enjoyed getting to know Lucy, who wishes she’d invented Instagram and would love to see the world’s oceans 100% clean. “I would love for all of the waste to disappear.” Clean oceans in a world where the sun always shines, surrounded by loyal loved ones and good food and spirits, her constructive world sounds like heaven to me. Thank you for putting loyalty and pleasure first. Angels Playpen.



Photography: Anna Bell