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Written by Bless Theangels   
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On one of those days when clouds hang low and the sun peeks through with rays that resemble light sabers; heaven hovers just above these clouds it would seem. The day isn’t quite melancholy, it’s more of a somber tone perfect  for contemplating one’s next move. The balance of grey clouds, blue skies and yellow sun rays invoke a kaleidoscope of emotion. Remembering where one comes from fuel thoughts of where one wants to go and in harmony with this is a new song by our dear angel Adela.



Adela’s “Toast to the Good Life” plays in my earbuds like the soundtrack to motivated pondering. The song’s clean sound and catchy lyrics make it’s way easily to my subconscious mind while speaking directly to surface reflections. A celebration suddenly seems in order, Adela urges us say goodbye to the unworthy past and say hello to a worthy future. Produced by StreetRunner and Vinny Venditto, the song carries Adela’s signature “feel good” vibe, upbeat with dark undertones, this infectious track was made for nightclubs and night riding, to finding love or getting a new job. Whether you’re bubbly in your bungalow spring cleaning or out with friends plotting to conquer the world, take a minute, raise your favorite spirits and toast to the good life.