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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Thanksgiving. Early morning. A pervasive inebriation persists. Last night I may have celebrated too hard but it’s equal to the work I do; it’s so very hard to question beautiful angels like Barbara Desiree Kovach and get the answers needed to tell a very human story. Outward beauty recognized, I hope nothing more than to uncover whatever beauty may lie inward. “Confidence,” my angel of the moment suggests about beauty. “If you think you’re beautiful and can carry yourself with poise,” she says, “you are beautiful. I mean everyone has something beautiful about them.”



Inner beauty can reveal ‘hidden treasures’ buried beneath insecurity and embellishment, hidden behind guarded emotion, thwarted by improper perception. These ‘hidden treasures’ are things people wouldn’t expect from us but are key elements to our unique personality and character. “I’m totally into Andy Warhol,” discloses Barbara. “I have, like, this huge unhealthy obsession…,” she says before pausing, “I guess you could say it’s kind of a sense of insanity, ha. Also I love Star Wars and Harry Potter; most people wouldn’t expect that.” Health is also a large part of being beautiful and maintaining healthy habits is critical. “I drink a lot of water,” she says. That’s definitely a good habit angel.



Barbara is from Cleveland, Ohio where she currently lives. Asking what’s the best thing about living in Cleveland she answers jokingly, “The long cold winters” before admitting she was “just kidding” and getting seriously thoughtful. “Uhmm,” she says, “probably just knowing everyone and being around all of my friends. You know, this is where I grew up so I guess it’s just like a comfort factor.” A self-diagnosed nerdy theater and choir kid, she grew up part of a reclusive quartet. “I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school, you know, just a set of three really good friends.” I too, though popular in high school, stayed with only a select few friends.


From a nerdy girl to a sexy bare-all model, Barbara’s career choice came as a sort of surprise. “Well, when I was little my dad would take a lot of black and whites of me, you know, before there was instant film. I hated it!” recalls the Slovenian, Hungarian and Italian angel. “I would get so mad. Mind you I was like seven and just wanted to watch Snow White and play Barbie but yea I hated it and he had this black room in the basement and he would develop them all and hang them around the house and for years I hated it.” At age nineteen a friend began again to take pictures of her, this time in color, for modeling submissions. “I realized it’s what I always wanted to do. I look back at those pictures my dad used to take of me and am amazed I ever hated it…” Being in front of a camera she absolutely loves however there is another part she loves just as much. “I love building strong relationships with photographers and having fun. Being able to be yourself is key.”



“I would love to work with Guess,” Barbara remarks on brands she’d like endorse. “I love that glamorous look.” Her personal style is “girly” as she describes it, “but I also like a lot of vintage pieces.” Hesitant to call herself a hipster or Boho, instead her style is more “a mix of everything.” Still, there aren’t too many brands she wouldn’t work with; she really isn’t all too particular in this regard. Her goal is to take her career as far as she can go. “Personality, heart and the ability to never give up,” are what she believes will help her succeed. Her favorite places to shop are thrift stores, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret. “I like a lot of modern vintage things,” she says, “I love prints. Also, I try and make everything a little sexy without being too much. I’m notorious for ‘not wearing pants’ meaning I usually wear short shorts or dresses. Hey, I love my legs.” Me too angel. Me too. Ha.



Her beauty is obvious, but it’s not always an advantage in a world that places such import on physical appearance. “Some people treat you better, some treat you worse,” Barbara has noticed. “I’ve seen girls be so mean to other girls just because they were pretty. It’s unfair either angle you look at it from.” From this angle, this angel is gorgeous and should be appreciated for the beauty there is to be found both inside and out.


Our ideas of ‘heaven on earth’ are remarkably similar. “Doing anything you love at the moment you want to do it,” Barbara offers unbeknownst that I too feel the same. Being the spoiled guy I am I have grown accustomed to getting what I want and when I don’t, it’s pure hell for me. Thankfully I am given over to pleasure with the little things as I am with the absolute joys of life. As much as I love luxury and living the life of a jet-setting playboy I am equally attracted to simple pleasures. Barbara says in close agreement, “I guess it depends on how I am feeling on what day.” I urge all to indulge your pleasures, both big and small, even the guilty ones of which Barbara says she has “too many to count.”



Like me, love is what she is most passionate about in life. Love permeates all that I choose to do; it motivates my most basic of activities. She clearly loves her dog, citing her beloved canine as her daily joy. “Well I love story-telling,” says Barbara of what she loves to talk the most about. “Funny stories of things that have happened or serious stories about life experiences,” she adds. “Stuff like that.” Her other interests, outside of modeling are music, theatre and the arts. “Like I said previously, I love Andy Warhol,” she illustrates. “Edie Sedgwick is also a model from the 60’s I really look up to and I am very interested in her. As far a music goes, you know, I love David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson; stuff like that. I also love movies. Going out is fun too.”



New York City and Pittsburgh are her favorite cities to visit, party and dine in with New York being her all-time favorite. She never leaves home without “lip gloss, cell phone and this plastic cup with a built in straw that I carry around everywhere. I fill it up with water all day long and basically take it everywhere… people think it’s weird because it’s this like big plastic pink cup with a straw,” she states with a laugh. And after a long day of work, a glass of wine and a good movie is the perfect combination to relax her tired mind and body. Beauty, a passion for love and ambition, so far has proven to be the perfect combination for this angel and Angels Playpen is proud to have her. The girl who likes guys with personality and leather jackets has blessed us with a wonderful interview, granting us a view of what makes her the angel we see and love. Allow us to suggest it’s angels like her that make this world a livable place, offering heaven on earth to the few us who truly appreciate beauty. Thanks for being an angel.



Photography: J Scott

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